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Card Company Names: 400+ Cool Greeting Card Names

What are some best card company names?

Before you start a greeting card business, you need to give it some thought. You need to answer some questions. What would you name your card company? and, How do you choose a good name?

In this article, I have listed some cool greeting card company names and the steps for finding a perfect name for your card business.

Let’s get started!

Card Company Names

Here are some catchy card company names to inspire your ideas:

  • All Occasions Cards
  • Care Cards
  • Splendid Greetings
  • Card My Yard
  • Anniversary Cards
  • Rose’s Hallmark Shop
  • Celebrations Cards
  • Colorful Greetings
  • Road Runner Card
  • Courtney Rose Design
  • Paperpoint
  • Paperboy Cards
  • Sunbury Square
  • Life Is Funny Press
  • Hallmark Cards
  • The Papery
  • Write Impressions
  • Island Cardsmart
  • Uranus Greeting Cards & Gifts
  • Flax Pen to Paper
  • SendOutCards
  • Cinderella Card Shop
  • Bloomington Greeting
  • Gift-a-Green
  • Honest Paper
  • Cards For Us
  • Cardzilla Collectibles
  • Little Light Cards
  • Paperless Post
  • Cards For Less
  • Sweet Paper
  • Simply Beautiful

Greeting Card Names

These are the creative and unique greeting card names you can use right away:

  • The Card Cave
  • Mythical Matters
  • Perfect Greeting Cards
  • Greenwich Letterpress
  • Love Greeting Shop
  • Sentiments Cards & Gifts
  • Arts & Letters
  • Frankly Speaking Greetings
  • Green Field Paper
  • MutualGreeting
  • YardCardGuys
  • Pink Greetings
  • Card Corner
  • Labour of Love
  • Special Greetings Card & Gift Shop
  • Blue Rooster Art
  • Well Drawn
  • The Cumquat Tree
  • Cards4Everyone
  • Paper Source
  • Poppyshop
  • Coast Cards
  • Outer Layer
  • Manor Card Shop
  • House of Cards
  • Lovepop
  • Three Squares Greetings
  • Scribbled Train
  • Making Greeting Cards
  • Merlyn Creations
  • Color Me Happy
  • My Paper Crafting

Cool Greeting Card Company Names

Below is the list of cool greeting card company names for you:

  • Blossom Gift Baskets
  • Giggling Cards
  • Welcome Spot
  • JoyousGreeting
  • UnexpectedGreeting
  • Gracious Goodbyes
  • Feeling Greeting
  • Weeping Greeting
  • GentleGreeting
  • Cheerful Saluting check
  • The Hearty Hello
  • Joyful Day Designs
  • Hello People
  • Cherished Memories
  • Festive Greetings
  • Better Paper Gift
  • Proper Greetings
  • Best Holiday Wishes
  • Special Day Designs
  • Love Paper Crafts
  • Clairemont Sportscards
  • Annelin Creations
  • Column Certificate
  • Exceeding Greeting
  • The Friendly Welcome
  • Glad Goodbyes
  • Perfunctory Welcoming Group
  • Standard Hello
  • InitialGreeting
  • Hearty Welcoming
  • White Valentines

Greeting Card Shop Names

These are the best greeting card shop names for you:

  • Nextra Cards
  • Village Card Shop
  • Greetings Earthlings Card
  • The Paper Empire
  • Send Out Cards
  • Lane Cards & Gift Shops
  • Little Annie’s Card Shop
  • Kasia’s Cards & Gifts
  • Card Nation
  • Urbanic Paper Boutique
  • Card And Gift World
  • Delphinium Home
  • Fine Papers
  • Gold Leaf Stationers
  • The Social Type
  • Fine Flowers
  • Precious Thoughts
  • The Paper Gallery
  • Northern Cards
  • Artistry Cards
  • The Card Shop
  • 8 Ball Cards
  • Cards N Such
  • Giant Invitations
  • Paper Root Studios
  • Perfect Image
  • Gentle Mornings Inc.
  • Jolly Holiday Greetings
  • GreatBliss Creations

Homemade Greeting Card Business Names

The following are some best homemade greeting card business names to inspire you:

  • Delighted Words
  • Happy Times Cards
  • Cards of Riot
  • Jumbo Designs
  • Fruit Cake Designs
  • Cards Galore
  • Warm Welcome
  • Gentle Words and Co.
  • Blue Mountain Arts
  • The Loud Company
  • Lime Doodle Design
  • Howdy Harry Designs
  • Tanquil Cards
  • Surprise Guest
  • SilverShade Designs
  • Shared Hugs
  • Party Up Cards
  • Word Wonderland
  • Cordially Invited
  • Jocular Paper
  • The Gift Spot
  • Artists to Watch
  • Moment Makers
  • Best Years
  • Sign Enthusiasts

 Card Company Names

How to Name Your Greeting Card Company

In the business world, creative naming is just as important as the creative content that follows. The right name can give you the competitive edge you need, while the wrong name can leave your company floundering in obscurity.

Your greeting card business is no different, and there are a number of factors that go into naming a greeting card business.

First of all, you need to answer these important questions:

  • What sets your greeting card business apart from the rest, and what message does your greeting card business send to your customers?
  • What do you want your greeting card business to stand for, and what do you want your greeting card business to symbolize?
  • Is there a historical or cultural reference your greeting card business can be based on?

After answering these, there are some simple steps to keep in mind when choosing a name for your card company:

Your name should tell what your business actually is

It is very important to have a business or brand name that conveys what your business actually is.

For example, if you are a greeting card business that specializes in funny birthday cards, your brand or business name should convey that your business is a funny birthday card business.

In this case, a business name that is a funny birthday card pun or a funny birthday card saying might be appropriate.

Keep it simple, don’t use too many words

To most veteran entrepreneurs and start-up founders, the idea of a name like “Google, Inc.” or “Amazon, Inc.” may seem a little over the top.

However, a lot of new business owners think that the more words in the company name, the better. The truth is, a lot of the time that is not the case.

Your company name should be simple, yet memorable. It should also reflect the purpose of your company. For example, you are a greeting card company, it makes sense to call yourself “All Occasion Cards”.

Make sure the name is easy to spell and pronounce

Your greeting card business name should be easy to spell and pronounce. You don’t want to offend the recipient or have them scratching their heads when they read the card.

Make sure your business name is recognizable and easy to read this goes for your logo as well. And remember, people that shop online may not be able to see your greeting card business name, so make sure it’s also easy to read on a screen.

Research about the existing card company names in your area

One of the best ideas when naming your card company is to search for the existing companies in your area. Look at their names, and pick the related words that can be used in your name.

Make a list of some words, and then combine these words with adjectives or nouns to make a good unique name.

Be careful with the spelling

As you may be aware, misspelled words are a leading cause of errors in communication. This is due to the fact that misspelled words are often difficult to read and are likely to be misunderstood.

This is why it is important that when naming your greeting card business, you avoid using misspelled words, if possible.

It should be unique to make it easier for you to stand out

You should come up with a name that is unique. This is a very important process because your greeting card business name will be the very first impression you will make on your clients.

If they are not impressed with your business name, they will most likely not be impressed with your greeting card designs or your greeting card services.

You don’t want your greeting card business name to be similar to the name of your competitors. You want to make sure that your greeting card business name is unique so that you stand out in the crowd.

You should check if the name is available online

Once you come up with your favorite name, make sure it is available on other platforms.

First, you should check the domain name availability, check it on If you find your domain name available, then next check the social media profiles on to advertise and market your business online.

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