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Auction Company Names: 500 Catchy Auction House Names

If you’re starting an auction company or house and looking for some catchy auction names to choose a good name for your company, then you are in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ve listed hundreds of cool, funny, and catchy auction company names that you can use for any type of auction business. (Such as auction house, auction gallery, online auction company, etc.)

Let’s dive in!

Catchy Auction Company Names

Here are some catchy auction company names you can use for your new startup:

  • The Big Red Bid
  • Titan Auction House
  • General Auction Company
  • Luxury Bidders Inc.
  • Antiques In Stock
  • Baytown Collection
  • The bidding Gallery
  • The Auction Nation
  • Styles Auction
  • Haggle Master
  • UBidRapid
  • Appraisal for All
  • Buyinglane
  • Sales Matter
  • Gallery Auctions, Inc.
  • Gadgetz & Gizmoz
  • Standard Auction
  • BanshBid
  • Auctions Unlimited
  • Jewel Auctions
  • Bunte Auction Service
  • Sky Castle
  • Smart Auctions
  • Chasing Bidders Online Auction
  • CheapSetGo
  • Hutter Auction Galleries
  • Time To Bid
  • The Auction Call
  • Playful Auction
  • BidsPeople
  • Clown Your Bid
  • AuctionGarde
  • Auctionsets
  • Fortuna Auctions
  • Front Edge Auction
  • Bid to Win
  • Expertise on Exotics
  • Busy Trades
  • Virtual Bidding Strategy
  • Central Bids
  • Unique Auction Deals
  • Heffel Gallery
  • Swift Auction Co.
  • Cullen Auctions Inc
  • Youth Motive
  • Special Oddities
  • Early American Auction

Cool Auction Company Names

These are some cool auction company names that you may like:

  • Stylish Modern Auctions
  • Direct Auction Galleries
  • Capo Auctions
  • Gallery One Auctions
  • Advance Crew
  • Victory Auctions
  • Auctest
  • The Tragic Auction Bidders
  • Florence Number Nine
  • Auctionets
  • Heritage Auctions
  • Sellers Depot Auction
  • Superb Auction
  • Industrious Auction
  • Whiskysentry
  • Exclusive Auction
  • BidBetween
  • Shapiro Auctions LLC
  • Prime Appraisal
  • Collect It All
  • The Oakville Auction
  • The Bidders Group
  • AuctionWright
  • The Auction Professionals
  • Arader Galleries
  • QuikitMart
  • Surprise Bidding Auction
  • StoneCrowd
  • Bidsmight auctioneers
  • Auctions Sphere
  • Swindle Auctioneers
  • Silent Bidders
  • Cal Auctions
  • Mark Up Your Bids Online
  • Forum Auctions
  • Pint-Sized Auctions
  • Love Wrapped

Best Auction House Names

Below is the list of some best auction house name ideas you can consider using:

  • Palace Fine Property
  • Oakes Auction House
  • Epic Auction House
  • Moss Auction House
  • Sangam Antiques
  • Gateway Gallery Auction
  • Negotiator Trades
  • Business Trade Auctions
  • Silencing Bidders
  • Value Valuables
  • Premium Money Auctions
  • Custom Auction
  • Sturdy Auction
  • Skillful Auctions
  • Poundfi
  • Your Virtual Auctions Game
  • Magnolia Gardens Auction House
  • All Out Auctioneers
  • Antiquedome auctions
  • The Museum Pieces
  • Central Mass Auctions
  • Ritchie Brothers Auctions
  • Aucfund
  • Meadows Estate Sale
  • LiveAuction
  • Antique Auctions
  • The Art of Sale
  • One-Shot City
  • Hustle And Trade
  • Auctoric
  • Vote on Value
  • Auction Excellence
  • Success Electric Auction
  • House of Pitching
  • Fine Antique Mall
  • FirstBrothers
  • C-E Auction House
  • The Bargains List
  • Adams Amsterdam Auctions
  • Crescent Crew
  • Lucky Auction Houses
  • Dignity Auction
  • Clean Sale Auctions

Unique Auction House Names

Here are some unique auction house names ideas you can use right now:

  • Bid Your Price Auction House
  • Diamond Finds Auction House
  • Kodak Silent Auction House
  • Alexis Fine Antiques
  • Bet Your Bid
  • Captains Auction Warehouse
  • The Proffer House
  • Clarks Auction House
  • Flying Pig Auction House
  • Highest Bid
  • The Auction Guys
  • Redlands Antique Auction
  • Buythebids
  • Lot 14 Auctions
  • Scriptmazing
  • TouchTech Auction
  • Private Auctions
  • Global Surplus Liquidators
  • Follow The Bid
  • Martliner
  • PenceBlink
  • Silent Sellers
  • Red Mark Auctions
  • Central Valley Auction
  • Specialized Auctions
  • The Happy Mark
  • Bet Your Bidder
  • Auctioneda
  • AuctionsRoll
  • On the Block
  • Gallery One Auction
  • Newmark Collection
  • ABC Auction House
  • Doyle New York

Creative Auction Names

These are some most creative auction names you have ever seen before:

  • Mystic Auction
  • Bidders Estate
  • Zip Auctions
  • The Best Bidders
  • I Am In the Deal
  • Castner Auction
  • RealBond Auctions
  • AuctionMatt
  • Bid High
  • Auction Arc
  • Backstage Auctions
  • Attic Auctioneers
  • Merge Mart
  • Main Auction Services
  • GrandSky Auctions
  • AuctionBricks
  • Leonard Auction
  • Books By The Fall
  • Auctionzy
  • Jubilee Bids
  • MerchantBytes
  • DeductionJunction
  • Era of Time
  • Atlas Fine Antiques
  • Zensen Auctions
  • Gaming Bids Online
  • Careful Auctions
  • Technauction
  • Magnolia Crescent Auctions
  • American Antique Auction
  • Bid Fast and Last
  • The Crazy Bidders
  • Merrywood Auctions
  • Crafty Auction
  • Bulldog Liquidators
  • Easy Auctions
  • Auctioneer-In-Chief
  • Keen Eyes Auction

Funny Auction Names

These are some funny auction names that you might find interesting:

  • ScrollBids
  • House of Hooters
  • Auction Junkies
  • Crazy Auction Market
  • Bid For Goods
  • Auction Off My Burden
  • Never Ending Bidding
  • AuctionLux
  • Auctioning off Attitude
  • Appreciated Appraisal
  • Auction Planet
  • Values-Driven Auction
  • Clean Bidders
  • Bunte Auction Services
  • Bidslicious
  • Swap Your Choice
  • Cashills
  • Clearance Auction
  • Appraisal Auction House
  • Bar None Auction
  • Stone Crowd
  • Art In Art Auctions
  • Here to Clear Auctioneers
  • Market House
  • Neat Finds
  • Fair Trade Auction
  • Magnolia Auction House
  • Seller Safari

Clever Auction Names

The following are some clever auction names that will inspire you:

  • AuctionsSphere
  • Valuefare Auctions
  • South Estate Auction Gallery
  • D&G Auctioneers
  • The Fine Antique
  • StarBidz auction
  • The Auction House
  • Pro Silent Bidders
  • Empire Auctioneers
  • Place Your Bid
  • Integrity Public Auction
  • International Auction Gallery
  • BidsBolt
  • Truly Good Antique
  • Red Lines Auction House
  • Name Your Price
  • Bond Auction House
  • Propose Your Price
  • piedras
  • Auctionvy
  • Auction Masters
  • Booth & William
  • Auctinue
  • BidsSprint
  • Proxy Pros
  • Grande Auction
  • Esteem Auctioneers
  • Cowans Auctions
  • The Bonhams
  • Auction Time

Good Online Auction Names

These are some good online auction names for you:

  • Slay Your Online Bid
  • A Rare Collection
  • Hotspot House
  • Complete Auction
  • AuctionLive
  • Auctionatory
  • AuctionRace
  • Winning Auctions
  • Auction R US
  • Exchanging Bets Auctions
  • Expert Auctioneers
  • Auctastic
  • Auction Place
  • WeirdBid
  • The Auctioneers
  • Apt Appraisal
  • BidContra
  • Coldspring Auction Services
  • Ashotatbidding
  • Keep It Quiet Bidding
  • Happy Mark Auctions
  • Cullen Auction Inc
  • WonThere
  • Bid Now Novelties
  • Auction Academy
  • Silent Trade OFF
  • Value Voters
  • All About Bidding
  • Fogg Fine Arms
  • Fairplay Fine Arts

What are some famous auction house names in USA?

  • California Asian Art Auction Gallery
  • Swann Auction Galleries
  • Michaan’s Annex Auction
  • Heritage Auctions
  • Guernsey’s Auction
  • Leighton Galleries
  • Altair Auctions
  • A OK Auction Co LLC
  • Block Auction House
  • Legacy Auction & Realty
  • Sotheby’s New York
  • Clarke Auction Gallery
  • Blackwell Auctions
  • Rachel Davis Fine Arts
  • Andrew Jones Auctions
  • Thomaston Place Auction Galleries
  • Vogt Auction Galleries
  • Christie’s Fine Art Auctioneer
  • Christie’s New York
  • John Moran Auctioneers
  • Manor Auctions & Appraisers
  • March in Montana Auction
  • Heritage Auctions
  • Neal Auction Company
  • Simpson Galleries
  • Cowan’s Auctions
  • Austin Auction Gallery
  • Heritage Auctions
  • Lewis & Maese Auction Co
  • Copley Fine Art Auctions
  • Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers
  • Dane Fine Art
  • Charlton Hall Auctions
  • Linwoods Auction
  • The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction
  • Woodbury Auction LLC
  • Santa Monica Auctions
  • Jackson Hole Art Auction
  • Millea Bros Auctioneers
  • Dallas Auction Gallery
  • RoGallery
  • Poster Auctions International
  • Robert Slawinski Auctioneers
  • Hill Auction Gallery
  • Authentic Art Auction
  • Palm Beach Modern Auctions
  • Great Gatsby’s Auction Gallery
  • Turner Auctions + Appraisals
  • Cottone Auctions
  • Shapiro Auctions
  • Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers
  • Charleston Estate Auctions
  • Los Angeles Modern Auctions
  • New Orleans Auction Galleries
  • Southeastern Trade & Auction Co
  • Basel Auction House
  • Phillips
  • Luther Auctions
  • DuMouchelles
  • Gray’s Auctioneers LLC
  • Bill Hood & Sons Art & Antique Auctions
  • Jackson’s International Auctioneers
  • Heritage Auctions
  • Sarasota Estate Auction
  • Leland Little Auctions
  • Heffel Fine Art Auction House
  • Golden State Auction Gallery
  • Four Seasons Auction Gallery
  • Shannon’s Fine Art Auctioneers
  • Heffel Fine Art Auction House
  • Abell Auction Company
  • Neely Auction
  • Empire Auction House
  • Potomack
  • Litchfield Auctions
  • Oakridge Auction Gallery
  • The Popular Auction, LLC
  • Link Auction Galleries

Auction Company Names

How to Choose a Name for Your Auction Company

Once you’ve determined you have enough money to start up an auction house, you’ll have to find a name that fits your business and your goals.

But what makes a great auction company name? A few words can sum up your business, but a great auction house name is one that is catchy and easy to remember. Here are a few steps for choosing a good name for your auction company:

1. Do some research

First of all, you need to do some research about the existing auction company names. And what are the related and trending words that people have used in their company names?

Simply search for the famous existing companies in your area and get some inspiration from their names.

2. Come up with a list of potential names

The next step is to come up with a list of possible name ideas. You can do it by brainstorming auction names with your friends and family members. Or you can use an internet company name generator for creating some unique names.

One of the best ideas to coming with some great auction names is to ask your friends on Facebook or Instagram. They will help you come up with a list of unique names.

3. Make a shortlist of the best possibilities

Once you come up with a list of name ideas, sit with a fresh mind and shortlist some of your favorite auction house names. When shortlisting, keep these important things in mind.

  • Pick a short and simple name.
  • Choose a name that is relevant to your business.
  • Make sure it sounds good.
  • Avoid names with spelling mistakes.

4. Get feedback on your favorite names

Getting feedback is a good idea to decide on a name for your company. After shortlisting your favorites reach out to family, friends, and anyone else you know, to ask them what they think which name is perfect for your new startup.

The more people you ask, the better. You don’t want to pick something that someone else likes better than you, because after all, it’s your business so you should pick something you like.

5. Look at the domain availability to see if you can register your name as a .com

Another important step is to check the availability of the domain name when choosing a name for your auction company or house.

It’s important to get the domain name registered as soon as possible because hundreds of domain names are registered every day. First, check it on to make sure it’s available, and then register it to make it yours.

6. Your name should differentiate your business from others

Name is a powerful marketing tool. If you want customers to know you and your company is different, pick a name that is memorable and different, and that stands out from the rest.

Your company name is the face of your business and it should be different from the other businesses’ faces in your industry. It should be unique, one-of-a-kind, part of the essence of your business, and something you can use to distinguish your product, service, or company from others.

7. It should be not one that can limit your business growth

One of the big mistakes many people make is choosing a too specific name for their company. It’s understandable that people are excited to jump into their first business, but choosing a too specific name can cause them to have difficulty growing their business.

A too specific name can damage your brand and your ability to grow and prosper. A good name on the other hand can help you stand out and gain a competitive advantage and can save you time and money in the long run.

8. Make sure your name is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell

You want your name to be memorable and not too long, but at the same time, you don’t want it to be so generic and forgettable that people start to confuse your company with something else.

Before you choose a name, you’ll need to think about how it will be pronounced and how it will be spelled. A quality name that is memorable and easy to spell and say will help you come off as professional and trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.

9. Make sure your name doesn’t have any negative connotations

Business names can be a reflection of your company and help set the tone for your brand. When deciding on a name take the time to consider the meaning behind your business name, and make sure it doesn’t have any negative connotations.

10. Check if the name is available as a trademark

You can trademark a company name, which means it will be easier to protect your brand name or your business identity. This will help you stop other people from using the same name or an identical version of it. It will also help you prevent other people from using the same name for other types of businesses, confusing the public.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides you with quick and easy ways to find out by simply searching its website. Other nations typically offer similar protection. If you’re not sure if your business is available as a trademark, contact your legal trademark office.


In conclusion, when choosing a name for your auction company, remember that a memorable brand can help you stand out from competitors. Name your company something easy to spell and pronounce. Select a name with a .com domain and make sure that it doesn’t sound like a competitor.

We hope you have got some inspiration from the above lists of best auction company names. Good Luck!

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