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500 Good & Unique Amazon Store Name Ideas (2022)

Are you thinking of starting an Amazon store, but can’t decide on a name for it? If yes, then this blog post will help you in picking an outstanding name for your store. Below we’ve listed hundreds of cool and catchy amazon store names ideas you can use to get started.

Finding the right name for your Amazon store is no easy task. The name you choose for your business can make or break your business down the road. So, you should choose one carefully.

There are many factors to consider when thinking about naming your Amazon store. Some of the important factors are:

  • Is it easy to spell?
  • Is it memorable and unique?
  • Is it short and simple?
  • Can it work for SEO?
  • Is it something people would search for?

Let’s start exploring amazon business names!

Amazon Store Name Ideas

These are some catchy amazon store name ideas you can use to get started your new amazon store:

  • Deals Man
  • The Creative Buy
  • Buy Again Mart
  • A Vintage Paradise
  • Happi Gallery
  • The Savvy Shopper
  • Billionaire’s Bazaar
  • Fresenius Games
  • Budget Carrefour
  • The Bookie Dealer
  • Bargate Box
  • Ace Outdoor Store
  • My Deals Depot
  • Better Buying
  • Pillowtouch
  • Sure to Shop
  • The Kicks Store
  • The Littlest Penguin
  • Fashion Extra Shop
  • Buddy the Dentist
  • Buyology
  • Cheap Seafood Shops
  • Ambitious Shopper
  • Dollar Tree Depot
  • Target Fios
  • Boutique Consigns
  • Flavorful Figments
  • Hermes Comics
  • Fantasian Classics
  • Exclusive Buy
  • Treasure Chest Goods
  • Alexandria Foods
  • Rizzo Superstores
  • The Best of Beads
  • Gift Shop Online
  • All Things Store
  • Capital Store
  • Beds of Glory
  • Herb’s of Madison
  • The Amazonian Trader
  • Mountain View Mart
  • Fantasy Star Online

Amazon Store Names

Unique Amazon Store Names

Below is the list of some unique amazon store names to inspire you:

  • Best Deals on Outlet
  • ValueBuys
  • Ezra Jewelers
  • Sams World Store
  • Cheflove
  • One-Click Pick
  • Dawn Buys
  • The Store Guys
  • Findline
  • Metro Booksellers
  • Auction Expert
  • OnlineShoppez
  • Find Fortress
  • Gloria’s Beauty Shop
  • Buy the Record
  • Blueman’s Store
  • Ganesh Web Store
  • Stitch It Clothing
  • The Brave
  • Marketplace Maestro
  • Curiosity Click
  • Amazon Salez
  • The Old Blue Shop
  • Vegas Bargain Outlet
  • Vintage & Things
  • Luxx Collectibles
  • Better Book Online
  • Unicorn Wholesalers
  • Minuet’s Closet
  • The Dada Store
  • Certified Shopping
  • Aptoden
  • Empirical Findings
  • Creating Commerce
  • The Penguin Bookshop
  • Ana’s Collections
  • Glorious Scents
  • BuyMore
  • Miles Stores
  • InterwebDealz

Good Amazon Store Names

These are some good amazon store names that are sure to impress you:

  • Miles Ross Stores
  • Bowl of Wonders
  • Analogic Gallery
  • Big Sales
  • Buy Reliable
  • Penny’s Fine Books
  • Spartan Sales
  • Echo Sportswear
  • Kitchen apparels
  • Rights Store
  • Salez on Amazon
  • EZ Buyers Now
  • Indoor Spark
  • B&N Classical Music
  • Treasures Online
  • Sell It All
  • Big Paydee
  • Red Leaf Store
  • RedFlairBonds
  • Kmart Beauty
  • Barnes & Noble Store
  • Booksphere
  • Deluxe Choice Shop
  • Beauty Boutique
  • Truly Yours
  • Best Buy Echo
  • Metro-Gold Mines
  • My Amazon Favorites
  • Black Box Jerseys
  • Buy Bargain Outlet
  • Hobby Lobby Plus
  • DropShop
  • Sell N Such
  • Merch Mart
  • Tata Power Store
  • The ‘Zon
  • Bargain Brain Games

Amazon Business Names

The following are some amazon business name ideas you can consider using:

  • knoxfitness Store
  • Korea Natural Foods
  • BuyonClick
  • Kmart Fashion Outlet
  • Books with Attitude
  • Find Line
  • Bought Again Vintage
  • Eastern Barnes Trading
  • The Thrifty Bazaar
  • Foam Prime
  • Trusted Threads
  • Minute Market
  • Etsy Memories
  • Ware Worldwide
  • Goodman’s Discount
  • SellThatKind
  • Salesforum
  • Giant Tiger Games
  • David’s Candor Store
  • Shop It All
  • AmaSale
  • Buy-2-Run
  • Best Buy Plus
  • Truly Madly Good
  • Raj’s Buys
  • Innovative Arts
  • Better Buys
  • OMG Best Auto Parts
  • Best Buy Amazia
  • Indefit Store
  • Online Outlet
  • DeliveRandom
  • Beall’s HomePlus
  • Orica Book Store
  • Tiny IT Solutions

Amazon Business Names

Creative Business Names for Amazon Sellers

These are some creative business names for selling on amazon you can use:

  • Amps Outlet
  • Craftyfox
  • My Online Prime
  • Galaxy Bargain Store
  • SuperPawn Plus
  • Sell 4 Less
  • Widgets 4 Sale
  • Indium Mall
  • Value Store
  • Mad City Coin
  • EzyStar Technologies
  • Musiclife
  • The Gifted Rabbit
  • Bentley’s Flowers
  • EZ Shop Sell
  • AmazOffers
  • Killer Blokes
  • Toys 4Kids
  • Sure Shop
  • Beantown Marketplace
  • Giant Tiger Comics
  • Carri-Dreams
  • Best Buy Goodyear
  • Arrowhead Mart
  • The ePub Store
  • Karma Food Tours
  • The Bargaining Soul
  • Fitness shed
  • The Good Guys Store
  • Gorgeous Locker
  • Mac Buy
  • RedRock Outlets
  • Alexa Fine Jewelers
  • GameStop Outlet
  • Best Buy Parma

Best Amazon Storefront Name Ideas

These are some best amazon storefront name ideas that you may like:

  • Winder Marketplace
  • Zappos Warehouse
  • Giant Tiger Bargains
  • A1 Jewelry Outlet
  • Pagerush
  • Breeze Bully
  • KosmoMart
  • Kitschy Gallery
  • Prime-Select
  • The Digital Emporium
  • Fruittybliss
  • Super 8 Paradise
  • Honest Sales
  • AmaCompete
  • Bidder’s Supply
  • Saba’s Bazaar
  • Dwell Beauty Supply
  • Lulu’s Beauty Supply
  • Best Buy Peeks
  • Retro Pleasures
  • Dinaco
  • Tekkie Boy
  • True Value Retail
  • The Clickspin
  • My Choice Vintage
  • Best Buy Amherst
  • A Vintage Catch
  • Unlimi Shop
  • EZ Bouncy Castle
  • Truly Best Books
  • Universe Store
  • Clickable
  • Brampton Superstore
  • TopQualGoods

Cool Names for Amazon Stores

These are some cool names for amazon store you can use:

  • My Little Collection
  • A Plus Store
  • Urban City Store
  • My Price Depot
  • Shop the Ditzy
  • Honeybaked Goodies
  • Kmart Supercenter
  • Luxx Pharmacy
  • The Binding Shop
  • Second Look Store
  • Proven Products
  • My Thrifty Dollar
  • Farnsworth Books
  • Tender foam stores
  • Penguins Paints
  • Toy for Joy
  • The Hobbyist’s Store
  • Goodwill Warehouse
  • Purse N Stash
  • Budget Sights
  • A Vintage Find
  • Go Fresh Marketplace
  • Big Time Electronic
  • Bid Voucher
  • Dreambliss stores
  • Family Dollar Store
  • The Best Price Store
  • In-Shape Shoes
  • Apparel Lion Outlet
  • Bargain Bible Market
  • Clair City Store
  • Red Elephant Comics
  • Beads of Wonder
  • Bits N’ Bytes
  • CoupZon

Amazon Company Name Suggestions

These are some awesome amazon company name suggestions that you might find interesting:

  • Boutique Baud
  • Big Sister’s Shop
  • Businice
  • Pablo’s Gallery
  • The Veritable Sony
  • Flavoremis Boutique
  • BetterShop
  • The Thrifty Penguin
  • Best Buy Downtown
  • Borders Fine Apparel
  • Pinnacle Auctions
  • Milki Tea Shop
  • Hottie Deluxe
  • Ollie’s Electronics
  • Blades of Fashion
  • The Apple Trader
  • The Honest Seller
  • Welcome Buyers
  • Naked Tiger Antiques
  • Roses on Broadway
  • Bridal Storm
  • Red Eye Custom
  • Truly Green Grocery
  • Axis Trader
  • Clickporium
  • Roma Bazaar
  • Yellow Walmart
  • The Lava Vault
  • Honest Products
  • Juicy Teeth
  • Buy Basket
  • Estate Sales
  • Computer Checkout
  • Giant Tiger Clothing

Amazon Store Name Generator

Below is the list of more amazon store names we’ve generated from a name generator to inspire you:

  • Tikwid
  • Best Buy Tempe
  • Viva the Slime Shop
  • Empire Books & Toys
  • Posh Vinyl Gallery
  • Value Makers
  • The Borrowed Chair
  • Fashion and Lore
  • Eyes on Beauty
  • Jacked supplements
  • Sprintgears
  • EZ Super Shopper
  • Buy Direct
  • Boulder City Books
  • Best Buy Pampton
  • Alex Best Buy
  • EZ Cloth Apparel
  • B & H Auto Auction
  • All American Antique
  • Truly Impressions
  • Piercing Magazines
  • Karma Beauty Zone
  • Shoppable
  • Amazon Direct Store
  • Dreamtim
  • Naked City Drugs
  • Epic Coin Vault
  • Billion of Books
  • Hometown Pride
  • Clothes4 less

How to Choose a Name for Your Amazon Store

Below are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a name for your amazon store:

  • Choose a name that is unique. This is important to keep your product or business separate from others on the market.
  • Choose a name that is easily pronounceable. No one wants to have a hard time pronouncing their name.
  • Choose a name that is easy to spell. Make sure the name you choose is easy to remember.
  • Choose a name that reflects what your business does and offers. If you are selling dog food online, then use words related to your products.
  • Choose a name that works well for both search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). For instance, if your target audience includes people living overseas, then you want to consider different spelling options so they can find your business more readily. In addition, an internationalized domain name could prove helpful if you plan to expand to new markets.
  • Choose a name that conveys trustworthiness. A good name will help build credibility with people who are considering purchasing goods on amazon.
  • Choose a short and easy-to-type name. Avoid names that contain long strings of characters or special characters.
  • Choose a short name that doesn’t compete with another company’s name. To avoid confusion and ensure that customers know which company they’re dealing with, choose a short name for your business.
  • Choose a name that makes sense. Think about your business goals — what do you hope to achieve? What would your prospective customers think if they heard this name while using google? Does it sound like something your business would be interested in offering? Think carefully about how your chosen name fits into your overall strategy.
  • Choose a name that has positive connotations when it comes to marketing your brand. Use a name that stands out and helps attract interest in your business. When potential customers hear your brand name, they should immediately know they want to learn more about your business and purchase your items.
  • Choose a name that you are comfortable with. There may come a day, as your business grows rapidly when you’ll wish you had been clearer or bolder when choosing your business’ name. It’s not too late to change a bad choice of name!


We hope that we’ve provided you with some good information and helped you make some smart decisions regarding choosing a name for your Amazon Store.

We hope you liked this blog post and found it useful. We are constantly updating our posts; please leave a comment below letting us know if there was anything you’d like added to this list or anything you didn’t understand.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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