Yoga Studio Names: 500+ Creative Yoga Class Names

What are some good yoga studio names? How to name your yoga business?

Some people never give a thought to the name of their yoga studio. However, there are a number of benefits to doing so, and being able to create a name for a yoga studio that captures the essence of what the studio is trying to achieve can help with promoting it and attracting new clients.

A yoga studio needs to be more than just a room with mats and blocks. A successful yoga studio needs to be inviting so that potential customers will feel good about spending their hard-earned money on yoga classes.

Your studio name should reflect the ambience of the yoga practice, and help to stress the difference between a yoga studio and a gym.

So, to help you get inspiration, in this article I have listed some best yoga studio names and things to consider when choosing a name for your yoga studio.

Let’s dive in.

Yoga Business Names

Here are the some cool and catchy yoga business names for your new startup:

Yoga Studio Names

Below is the list of creative yoga studio names you can consider using:

Yoga Class Names

These are the best names for yoga classes to inspire you:

Funny Yoga Studio Names

These are some clever and funny yoga studio names you can use:

How to Name your Yoga Studio

Below are the few steps for generating unique yoga studio names:

Focus on your customer’s feelings.

When naming your business, your focus should be on your target audience. Think about the names that can attract more customers.

Such as look at the below examples of cool yoga studio name ideas to get inspiration. Happy Fitness, Timeless Yoga, Refresh Studio, Peaceful Minds, etc.

These all names are enough catchy to attract customer’s attention.

Make a list of catchy yoga business name ideas.

Naming your business is a time taking process and sometimes it takes 2 to 3 days when creating your own unique identity. But the brainstorming process can help you come up with a catchy name in a short time.

There are two simple ways of brainstorming a list of new name ideas. First, sit with your friends, clinic staff, and family members, and get their ideas.

Second, there are many online business name generators you can use for creating name ideas for your yoga class.

Consider your personal brand.

If you search for famous yoga studios in your area or anywhere, you will find fifty percent of them have used their personal name. Therefore, using your own name is not a bad idea.

For example, if your name is Alex, use it with your business keyword. Such as Alex Yoga Fitness, Alex Bodyworks, Yoga With Alex, Alex Yoga Studio, etc.

Play with words.

Using wordplay is another great idea of creating a catchy name. Some examples of wordplay include rhyming and puns.

Such types of names are easy to remember and pronounced for your customers. So, they can easily share your yoga class name with their friends and relatives.

Shortlist some favorite yoga studio names.

Once you come with a list of yoga business names, give it another look and select 2 or 3 favorite names. When shortlisting, keep the below things in mind:

(a) Keep it short and simple.

(b) Make it future proof. Avoid specific words.

(c) Is it easy to remember and pronounce?

(d) Make sure your names are different from your competitors.

Check for legalities.

Deciding on a name without checking the legalities can be a crazy step. So, before finalizing one of your favorite names check to make sure your names are not already trademarked.

To check the trademark database, visit Hope one of your favorite names will available for trademark registration.

Is the domain name available?

If you want to market and advertise your yoga studio business on the web, then also check the domain name availability on

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