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570+ Catchy Water Treatment Company Name Ideas (2022)

Are you thinking of launching your own water treatment company? Great news! There are lots of ways to do this. But before jumping right into it, there are many factors you should consider. Some of them include location, service type, and price.

However, the main factor that affects your startup’s success is the name of your business. And, unfortunately, there isn’t much guidance out there for entrepreneurs who want to create their own water treatment company.

This is why the majority of people fail at creating a name for their new businesses. They don’t know how to come up with something truly original or meaningful.

So, instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure out a name for your new business, we’ve suggested hundreds of catchy water treatment company names to help you out. Let’s dive in to spark your creativity.

Catchy Names for Water Treatment Company

Here are some catchy water treatment company name ideas you can use to get started:

  • Purity Water Softener & Filtration
  • Waste Water Treatment Warehouse
  • Smart Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Just Water Treatment
  • Alpine Water Filtration
  • Aqua-Totally Clean
  • Paragon Water
  • Aspira Water Purifier
  • Super Aqua Solutions
  • Clarity Water Technologies
  • Clear Aqua Water
  • Sixty Seconds Packaged Water
  • Typhon Treatment Systems
  • Xtreme Water Co.
  • Blue Spot Water Purification
  • Sci-Tech Water Treatment
  • Puree Solution
  • Quality Filtration Systems
  • Fil-Tribe Water
  • Cool Aquafarm
  • Ultra-Pure Water Technologies
  • Hague Quality Water
  • Aqua Plus Systems
  • Liquidmellow Mineral Water
  • Simple Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • City Water Purification
  • Focusure Water Purifier Co
  • Pinnacle Water Purification
  • Water1clean
  • Quality Water Systems
  • Puretech Water Systems
  • Refreshworld
  • H2o Outfitters
  • Waterbubble Purifier
  • Advanced Water Services
  • Cleantech Water Purifier
  • Ecoaqua Water Filters
  • Texas Water Solutions
  • Pure Water Center
  • Crown Valley Water
  • Sooty Clean
  • Ez Eco Water Treatment
  • Parker Water Purification
  • Dr Water Clean
  • Proshield Water Purifier
  • Triton Water Solutions
  • Aquaqi Flow
  • Honest Water Filter Company
  • Clean Heaven Water Purifier
  • United Waterworks, Llc
  • Clean Water International
  • Infinity Water Treatment
  • Hydro Point Waters
  • Quip N’ Snip
  • River Fresh
  • Distilled Delights
  • Clearflow Water Purifier
  • Tlc Water Systems
  • Purifyxo
  • Ultra-Water Treatment
  • Aquaone Solutions
  • Ameriwater
  • Puronics Water Systems, Inc.
  • Crystal Source
  • Pureflow Flow
  • Clearwater
  • The Purify Master
  • Farista Waters
  • Lake Mead Aqua
  • Desert Sky Water Purifier
  • Suez Water Purification Systems
  • Saltwater Filtration
  • Clear Aquavit
  • Rain Glacia
  • Premier Water Purification
  • Aqua-Tech
  • Rapid Water
  • Clean Purify Az
  • Arizona Filtration
  • Water Treatment & Controls

Catchy Names For Water Treatment Company

Unique Water Treatment Company Names

These are some unique water treatment company names that you may like:

  • Waste Water Solutions
  • Pure Water Zone
  • Water Cleaner Pro
  • Mk Water Flow
  • True Ocean Water
  • X Water Purification
  • Long Island Clean Water Service
  • Perfect Spring Water
  • Pure Hydration
  • Water Purification
  • Capital Water Softener
  • Alphamax Water Purifier
  • True Water Purifier
  • Purific Tap
  • American Water Solutions
  • Midwest Smart Water Solutions
  • The Aqualux Water
  • Quality Water Purifier
  • Neptunewater
  • Crystal Clear Water Purification
  • Aqua World
  • Ez Aqua Systems
  • Ecolab Water Filters
  • Adept Pure Water Ltd
  • Tru-Dry Water
  • Lifefocus Water Purifier
  • Cactus Filters
  • Healthy Sip
  • Hydropower Water Treatment
  • Aquaproactive
  • Nanotech Water Solutions
  • Restored Water Treatment
  • Aqua-X Solutions
  • Desert Aqua Zone
  • Natural H2o
  • All-Rite Water Purification
  • Universal Water Solutions
  • Pure Assure
  • Rainbow Water Depot
  • Golden Star Systems
  • Hydro-Clean Water
  • Waste Water Treatment System Perth
  • Blue Mountains Filtration
  • Manaqua Systems
  • Quick Quack-R-H2o
  • Capital Softeners
  • Water Cleanse Plus
  • Journey Beverages
  • Clear Choice Water Treatment
  • Graver Water Systems
  • Filtration Ready
  • Freshwater Plus
  • Aqua Dance
  • Water
  • Sunstar Water Clean
  • Yen’s Water Treatment
  • Refinishflow
  • Life Springs Water
  • Aquacure Water Treatment
  • The Soft Water Company
  • The Aqua-Cleanse
  • The Aquafix Guys
  • Reliability To Go
  • Superior Water Quality
  • Ultra Aquafina
  • Splash Water Filtration
  • Advanced Water Technologies
  • Canadian Water Treatment Systems
  • All American Purification

Good Names for Water Treatment Company

The following are some good names for water treatment companies you can consider using:

  • Highland Water Supplies
  • Filtration Master
  • King Pure Water
  • Genesis Water Technologies
  • Pure Water Services
  • Water Vision Inc
  • Muddy Water Treatment
  • Soft Water Plus
  • The Town Pump
  • Aquaguard Water Filter Systems
  • Aquapropurify
  • Blue Reef Aqua
  • Northwest Wwtp
  • Fineacqua
  • New World Purifiers
  • Freshwater Systems Filters
  • Pure Aqua
  • Sun Water Systems
  • Ridge Water Filter Systems
  • Water Purification System
  • Proclear Water Solutions
  • Maritime Water
  • Convenient Water Treatment
  • Crest Watering
  • Superlife Water Purifier Co
  • Az Fresh Water
  • Clean Plus Water
  • Zevtech Water
  • Perfect Cs Filters
  • Aqua Pure Solutions
  • Expert Water Systems
  • Thunder Mountain Water
  • Olympia Filtering
  • Clearwater Aquafarms
  • High Water Co.
  • Dry Clean Water
  • Aquatrust
  • Aqua Glow Solution
  • Excel Water Purifier
  • Thompson Waterworks
  • Perfectly Clear Water Filtration
  • Long Life Water Distillers
  • Waterworks Solutions
  • Cleveland City Water
  • East Water Purification Plant
  • Hydronix Water Technology
  • Origin Aqua Purifier
  • Simply Pure Water Treatment Systems
  • Upper Crust Water
  • Growlife Aquafarms
  • Fshs Water Filters
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Safevirgo
  • Albert Soft Water Services Inc
  • Natural Drop
  • Ecophoenix Water Filter
  • Fast & Filtration
  • Reid’s Waterproofing
  • Aqua Fresh System
  • Ebtech Water Cooler Filters
  • Aqua Clear Water Treatment Specialists
  • Crow River Water Treatment
  • Blue Spring Systems
  • The Waterman
  • Rainmaker Aqua-Safe
  • Water Well
  • Accurate Water Treatment
  • Native Water Treatments
  • Reliance Aquatech
  • Solve Water

Cool Water Treatment Business Names

These are some cool water treatment business names ideas for you:

  • Lite-On Water
  • Cap Water Treatment
  • Industrial Water Equipment
  • Bloomfield Water Plant
  • Water-Right
  • Integrity Water Treatment
  • Elevated Water
  • Sunrays Table Water
  • Valley Purify
  • Assured Water Treatment
  • Aquajoi Freshwater
  • Water Filter
  • Smarter Water Solutions
  • Az Aqua-Tech
  • Wellspring Mineral Water
  • Biotech Water Filtration
  • New Life Water Purifier
  • Purify By Design
  • Friendly Water
  • On Tap Water Treatment
  • Tribal North Water
  • Duo-Ki Water
  • Az Natural Water Purifier
  • Professional Pumps & Water Treatment
  • Clean Water Paradise
  • Jk Water Company
  • Maxhive Water Purifier
  • Leon Water Purifier Co
  • Freshclean Plus
  • Clean Solutions
  • Flavor River
  • Desert Water Systems
  • Glacialpure Waters
  • Watermelody
  • Freshly Squeezed
  • Superlife Water Purifier
  • The Aquasupply
  • Aqua Filtration
  • Absolutely Water
  • Advanced Water Treatment
  • Shine Water Services
  • Genus Water Filtration
  • Xo Clean Solutions
  • Lifesiesta Water Purifier
  • Clear Water Filtration
  • Frigidaire Water Filters
  • Fresh Water Services Inc
  • Reef Cleanse
  • Clearwater Waterless
  • Perfect Aquafarm
  • Capital Water Treatment
  • Easy Well Filters
  • Aquaone Scottsdale
  • Drink Deep
  • Whalewater
  • Woodman Point Waste Water Treatment
  • Totally Drained
  • Prospect Water Filtration Plant
  • Water And Planet
  • Integra Water Treatment Solutions
  • Clean Line Nevada
  • Watercolor Management
  • Water Purification Supplies
  • Lifesettle Water Purifier Co
  • Dynamic Water Technologies
  • Front Water
  • Pristine Horizon
  • Desert Water Treatment

Water Purifier Company Names

These are some best water purifier company names to inspire you:

  • Advanced Purifiers
  • Bullet Water Purifier Company
  • Water Quality Solutions
  • Shiney Water
  • Freshly Fresh Water
  • Premier Water Technologies
  • Rainbow Water Purification
  • Zylen Water Purifier
  • The Happy Springs
  • The Purify-A-Zer
  • Dorset Water Softeners
  • Neo Water Treatment
  • Glacier Water
  • Water Wellness
  • Water Essence
  • Soothing Water
  • Torres Water Company
  • Best Water Solutions
  • Sierra Clean Water
  • Aqua-Tots Arizona
  • Running Bubbles
  • Ezywater Systems
  • Northern Water Treatment
  • Aqua Treatment Works
  • Pure Water Calgary
  • Ocean Expanse
  • Next Level Purity
  • Wetzel Pure Water
  • Dreamland Water
  • Aquavitaerotech
  • Aspira Water Purifier Co
  • Rain Scent Aqua Spa
  • Az Eco-Systems
  • Safe Flow Services
  • Water Oasis
  • Liferevive Packaged Water
  • Purified Water Bottles
  • Briliant River
  • Azure Purification
  • Nestle Water Purification

Water Purifier Company Names

New Names for Water Purifier Company

These are some new names for water purifier company that you might find interesting:

  • Water World Purification Systems
  • King’s Premium Water Purifier
  • Xtend Aqua Purifier
  • Aquarom Water
  • Riverside Aqueamics
  • Preventive Purify
  • Clear Water Treatment
  • Neptune Water Treatment
  • Pedi Fresh Water
  • Evolution Water Services Limited
  • Water Watch
  • Allwater Technologies
  • Pure Water Oasis
  • Desert Peak Water
  • Aqua Land
  • Reflection Aquatic
  • Aquatek Pro Water Purification Company
  • Purify-Aqua-Clean
  • Guardian Water Services
  • Victory First Water
  • Water Softener & Water Filtration Systems
  • Pristine Water
  • The Aquarena Factory
  • Desert Sun Aquatsum
  • Water Purification Solutions
  • J&M Water Solutions
  • Nalco Company
  • Cleanwaterpro
  • Az Purify Program
  • Aqua-Chem Inc
  • Frescowater
  • African Water Purification
  • Filtration Masters
  • Happy Clean Water
  • Flowwater
  • True Fresh Water
  • Enviro Clean Water
  • Eagle Water Treatment Systems
  • Star Water Treatment
  • Essuron Water Purifier
  • Wet Well Water Treatment
  • Purification Plus
  • Purify And Shine
  • Clean Water Solutions
  • Sha Water Filtration
  • Saltwater Aquifer

Water Treatment Company Name Generator

Below is the list of some more amazing name ideas for water treatment companies we’ve generated for your inspiration:

  • The Purity Center
  • Clean Poured
  • Aquabliss
  • A.S. Aqua Tech
  • The Filtration Project
  • Clear Water Treatment Specialists
  • Hopestone Water Purifier Co
  • Red Sky Water Purifier
  • Hydrex Technologies
  • Pure Touch Water Filters
  • Elite Water Treatment Services
  • Efficient Clear
  • The Waterprofessionals
  • Goodgrade
  • Watertec Engineering
  • Pure Water America
  • Alpha Water Treatment
  • Aqua One Group
  • Urbanquest Water Purifier Co
  • Aqua America
  • Aquasparkle Bottle Water
  • Green Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Affordable Quality Water
  • Healthy Water Systems
  • Aqua Clear Works
  • Green Aquafarm
  • Waterfest
  • Knot Hot Water
  • Eaton Bag Filters
  • Aqua Pumps Etc.
  • Tristar Water Solutions
  • Clean Flow Water
  • Hydrochem Group
  • H2oxygen Industries
  • Purify & Shine
  • Pure Water Repair
  • Mesa Water Solutions
  • Water Doctors
  • Aztec Water Solutions
  • Affordable Water Treatment
  • Freedom Water Treatment
  • Xpress Pool Care
  • Franke Triflow Water Filters
  • Tropicana Float
  • Big Power Water Treatment
  • Clear Aquatiz.
  • Repower Water
  • Cool N Fresh
  • Watersmash
  • Ecopure
  • H2z Fresh Water
  • Water Analytical Services
  • Ice River Springs

Water Treatment Company Names

Tips for Naming Your Water Purifier and Treatment Company

Selecting a name for your water purification system is an important decision that should be done carefully and thoughtfully, as the name of your business will be used on every sign, website, advertisement, social media page, press release, letterhead, and invoices, etc.

Thus, you want to choose something descriptive but also memorable, which helps people remember your company’s brand and what services they can expect from your company.

Below are some tips to help you choose an outstanding name for your water treatment company:

1. Choose a Name with Potential

It takes time to build up a following of potential clients searching for your services on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. By using a unique name that stands out from other businesses, you could potentially be at the top of their list when it comes time to select a water purifier or treatment, etc.

2. Don’t Choose a Negative Name

While people appreciate being able to connect with others online, there’s absolutely no need to give them any reason to want to avoid your company.

Using a negative term like “Dirty”, “scam” or “fraud” will only make you look bad instead of good. Instead try choosing a word or phrase that shows what kind of experience you have (e.g., “Tired of Poor Water Purifier Services? We’re Better!”)

3. Make Sure It’s Not Too Long

You should try to keep your brand short and simple. While some shorter names may not be as memorable, they’re much easier to type into popular websites where users might stumble across your business.

If possible, try to keep the name under 20 characters. Otherwise, consider creating an acronym if you think it would help.

4. Think About the Target Market

The target market for most water treatments is going to be homeowners who use water filters and softeners. So your branding efforts should revolve around this group. Avoid using terms such as “commercial kitchen”, as these would be irrelevant to the majority of your clientele.

5. Be Clear on What You Are Selling

Make sure you have clear messaging about what you are providing. If you provide water filtration, tell people exactly what types they can expect.

For instance, does it remove chlorine? Does it filter lead, mercury, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, nitrates, radium, etc.? Will it improve the taste, clarity, odor, smell, color, or specific properties of water? How long will it last?

6. Don’t Choose a Limiting Business Name

One of the biggest mistakes people make when naming their new water treatments company business is selecting a limiting business name.

Instead of choosing something like “Water Filtration,” choose words and phrases that aren’t limiting. For example, you could create a business name like “Better Water Treatment Services”.

7. Choose a Name That is Available as A Domain Name

You should choose a name that is available as a domain name so that people can easily find you online when they search for water treatment companies on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

8. Make Sure You Can Get the Trademark Registration

After picking a strong name for your new water treatment business, you’ll need to register it before you start working hard promoting it online. This will ensure that you don’t lose your trademark rights later down the road.


So now you know how to pick a great name for a water treatment company. But how do you go about making sure that the name you chose works well for your brand?

well, you can make sure of this by getting feedback on your favorite name. Ask friends, family members, co-workers, customers, and other business owners, what they think about your company name.

They will give valuable input on how they feel about your chosen name and may even suggest other names you didn’t think of. Good Luck! Let us know if you have any more ideas in the comments below.

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