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700 Cool Software Company Names for Your Next Project

If you’re thinking of starting up your own software company, then the first thing you need to do is to choose a great name for your company.

We all know that choosing a name for a software company is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The right name can help you stand out from the crowd and build a loyal community, while the wrong name can ruin your chances of finding early customers and making a splash on the Internet.

To help to choose a cool name for your software company, in this article we’ve listed some cool and creative software company names we’ve seen, and we think they’re pretty good!

Let’s get started!

Software Company Names

Here are some new software company name ideas you can use for your new next software project:

  • CompuSolve
  • Globeflick
  • Brainwave TechHub
  • Cache Up Software Solutions
  • TechBunk
  • Teqhy
  • SpySock Software
  • Capital Computer Systems
  • WidgetWhale
  • Move Business
  • Project Posh
  • Human Concepts
  • Digital Dog Software Pros
  • Ring of Fire Software
  • Ramhead Technologies
  • RockFit Software Co.
  • Sage Solutions
  • Software Company Official
  • Xevet
  • Spire Digital
  • Cape Toolworks
  • Blyss Software
  • Zycoder
  • ForkLabs
  • Graphon milles Software
  • Cyber Cloud Software
  • Aquacit Software
  • Peacock Connect
  • InterActive
  • Software Boat
  • BData
  • Analytical Landscape
  • Scope Solutions
  • F3 Software
  • Evolitic
  • CloudCore
  • Kendall Technologies
  • Service Quest
  • Interencrypt
  • BNL Software
  • Mighty Path Software
  • Better Ware
  • Macro obile Solutions
  • Delta Soft
  • Webcommittee
  • Innovator Unlimited
  • CodeUp
  • Alawar Software
  • Augur Corp
  • Sprezzetta Software
  • BubblyTech Innovations
  • Cybolic Systems
  • Carpeting Soft
  • TechLexis
  • Roadside Saas
  • Biswas Software
  • Autobyte Solutions
  • Data Consort Tech
  • The Ruckus Network
  • Nexus Productions
  • Cipherhero
  • Crossencrypt
  • Macro Mobile Solutions
  • CamelTouch
  • Technota
  • MacroTech
  • Cat’s Software

Cool Software Company Names

These are some cool names for software companies that will inspire you to launch your own:

  • FinestBot
  • OnLive Technologies
  • Innovariance Technologies
  • Figure Intelligencia Software
  • SureTrust
  • NovaSpur
  • CompuLink
  • Bluelight Suites Software
  • Semicoder
  • Phoneexpert
  • Artistry Software
  • Yummy IT
  • ThrillingCode
  • FancySoft
  • Digital Millwork
  • Cryptware Tech International
  • OneCore Software
  • Innovative Network Solutions
  • Techosmic
  • Technexy
  • Coding Magik
  • Teknopro
  • Cloud Flux Design
  • Projet Software
  • NovoTech
  • Intellectsoft
  • Riversand Tecnologies
  • I Love the Net
  • Software Company Up
  • LabTechie
  • D3D Graphics
  • Radiant Networking
  • Desktop Driver
  • Bits, Not Bits
  • Dangerous Software
  • WhiteStar Software Technology
  • We Software Company
  • TechLounge
  • Centennial Software Developers
  • DigiBlend Software Co.
  • Sciene Software
  • Oberon Software Ltd
  • Zippy Software Design
  • Techie
  • WizBite Software
  • Defensezen
  • Family Software
  • Alltech Enterprises
  • Alco Software
  • Launchpad Web Developers
  • Crafting Ware
  • SkillQode
  • Touching Links Technology
  • Monumental Software
  • Heyprogrammers
  • Nous Mind Software
  • Techiesuite
  • Orellon
  • Nest Manager
  • Quantum Comp Solutions
  • Software Giant
  • HealthBeat Software
  • Toolbox Systems
  • Arc Tech
  • Debut Infortec
  • Flockup
  • Techonica
  • Software Beta
  • Humble Pie Software
  • ColoCorado Technology

Creative Software Company Names

These are some creative software company names that will make you feel creative:

  • Turbis Labs
  • Engineered System Solutions
  • Desert Cloud Games
  • Blink Interactive
  • Vivarium Software
  • Top Notch Software
  • Codey Software
  • Cubic view Technology
  • Blossom Labs
  • GameCrafter
  • Altered Intelligence Software
  • TeamSpeedy Systems
  • Overdrive Ware
  • Axontic
  • I am a software company
  • On Cloud Software Consultants
  • Brimu
  • Cydek
  • The Dude Squad
  • Mystery Solved
  • The Software Logic
  • Pied Piper Software
  • Trannsfer
  • Zax Management
  • Mangadeon
  • Catchycloud
  • Bytegurus
  • GridGo
  • InSource IT
  • Hubizo
  • SonicFonic
  • A1 Motion
  • Jamoti
  • Softwareera
  • Posh Code
  • Coren Labs
  • Cloudmind Technology
  • Modul8or
  • Xotap
  • DoodyGo
  • StudioVentura
  • Coding with Cuts
  • The Software Bench
  • Aventrio
  • Techatar
  • IceHouse Mobile
  • CompuSolution
  • Infuse Software
  • Access Solutions
  • BIS Software
  • Honest Ware
  • Radioactive Applications
  • CodeGravy
  • Strategyfly
  • Talon Network Solutions
  • Contentscheme
  • DZone
  • Calibre Connect Co
  • Kangatec
  • Bluepoint Software
  • Ivorx Software Co.
  • Skype Home Group
  • Techasy
  • Encoders Unlimited
  • IntelliWare
  • Elevva Technology
  • InfoWeb Software
  • Creative Bound
  • WildBunch Software
  • Cleveland Tooling

Unique Software Company Names

The following are some unique software company names for your inspiration:

  • Extra Bits
  • MindBotic
  • Creators Base
  • Intellistrata Software
  • Team Serenity
  • Celica Software
  • TintMate
  • Go Software Company
  • Werkz Studio
  • Bio SAAS
  • MobiSoft
  • Codizen
  • The Hacky Engineers
  • CloneBot
  • Lazarus Software
  • Cult Brain
  • Biz Flex
  • TinyEggs
  • Wacky Code Services
  • Exodus Development Co.
  • Desert Graphics
  • Venture Work
  • XOEH
  • Excelleur
  • Concepts Studio
  • Prodigy Software
  • Element Web Development
  • Eyes on Creativity
  • Bytespecialist
  • Rocket Launchpad Development
  • Nova Web Designers
  • Revelation Applications
  • ServiceWare
  • TriTech International
  • Adept Software
  • Hakone Software
  • AccuRay Software
  • Expressway Ecommerce
  • Subatomic Developers
  • Green Stream Software
  • Planeca
  • ApexTech
  • Move Systems
  • Sparkle Software
  • Corel Studios
  • Marsoft Works
  • Pablo Code
  • Bitbuddy
  • OneDigital
  • SEOpolis
  • Mozart Software
  • Focalware
  • The Good Code
  • The Next Level Tech
  • Syntaxen
  • Go Crazy Code
  • Wired Lab
  • Escape Systems Inc
  • Signalblitz
  • Cloud Gate Studios
  • Software Work
  • Convergecloud
  • Lawson Software
  • Cognitive Tools
  • Sage Soluttion
  • 3rd Wave Systems
  • Hyfic
  • Integrated Web Solutions
  • Logicon Research

Funny Software Company Names

These are some funny software company name ideas that you might find interesting:

  • Craftware Solutions
  • Team Coding
  • Techlio
  • Crazy Code Solutions
  • Viva Software
  • Tidy Systems
  • Software Heroes
  • The Happy Smarter
  • Technoloader
  • Zamuo
  • Drawl
  • Code and Change
  • Techilus
  • DigitalSpark
  • Sketches Creative
  • Vixaro
  • Soft2Go Studios
  • Blue Point Software
  • Whacky Code
  • Techivus
  • Jawz Software
  • DuckDawgXpress
  • Epicdash Software Co.
  • Kicks & Twists
  • Cleveland Software
  • Linked Lessons
  • Bozingit Media
  • AAMCO Megastore
  • LazyBeast Software
  • Paradise Software Co
  • BlueStyle
  • Cyndic
  • Teqso
  • Alphagraphics Games
  • Stitch It Software
  • Logic Corp
  • Priceless Bits
  • Loftlab
  • GrowthByte
  • Blue Printeless
  • Jetruby Agency LTD
  • Jive Software
  • Esensible
  • Data Solidity
  • The Green Beanstix
  • The Code Shack
  • RellitSoftware Tech
  • LuxxBolt
  • Software Company Utopia
  • ByteQode
  • Aspen Networks
  • The Fabricatorium
  • OneMind
  • Ulogic Software
  • Big-Time Code
  • Coding4Cure
  • FootWork

Good Names for Software Development Company

Below is the list of some good names for software development company you can consider using:

  • Incredularity Software
  • TechyWave
  • Code A Wave
  • Core Software Developer
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Sparrowsoft
  • Zuture
  • Zen Byte Software
  • Unicorn Freeze
  • Ems Technology
  • Quick Shape Software
  • Inspiriting Tech
  • Devorium
  • CEO Software Company
  • Humble Indie
  • Uptool
  • Futuriq
  • Skymark Software
  • App Gateway
  • Paintball Now
  • Solutionaria Technology
  • Programmus Software
  • Coders Computer Software
  • CodeBasin
  • Softfork Systems
  • WellInterface Inc
  • Software Ice
  • GamePro Software
  • Steady Dialogix
  • Gigapatrol
  • Integration Solutions
  • YoYo Code
  • Gigoro
  • The Happy Code
  • Cybernetix
  • Ys Designer Tools
  • Thrute
  • ProjectXpress
  • HyperWare Solutions
  • Softwear Rankers
  • DigitalLead
  • The Program Design
  • ComfortCourt
  • Focalpoint Software
  • Mate Craft
  • Pico Software
  • Pivlo
  • Computer Connections
  • Kaos Software
  • Fantastic Studios
  • Daring Developments
  • Horizon PC Professionals
  • domainCardDetail
  • Yummy Code House
  • Terrade Arts
  • BotNexa
  • Nebula Web Delevepment Co.
  • Farley Technology
  • Bonsai Technologies
  • Fifteen Software Engineering
  • Sigma Systems Co
  • Mke Music Pink
  • Turtle Byte Games
  • My Software Company
  • Pine Ridge Labs
  • SuperJesters
  • NinjaCreativity
  • iXpression Software

Software Program Names

These are some best software program name ideas you can use:

  • BuzzWare
  • Parallax Programmers
  • Futuristic Wayside
  • Doting Bug Technologies
  • Fuzzy Code Valley
  • Atomic Computer
  • ActivSoft Software Co.
  • Computer Crusaders
  • Qovaza
  • First Software Solution
  • Stealthtap
  • Beta Byte Techs
  • All Work Fixed
  • M3C Data Structures
  • Fearless Systems
  • Speedystats
  • Dream Team Software
  • Whorl Praxis Software
  • HealWood
  • Intuit Inc.
  • Quicky Brick
  • Quarkten
  • Rainbow Specs
  • InTouch Software
  • Cosmix Software House
  • Coderauthority
  • Quest Web Developers
  • Praevia Software
  • Renaissance Artsware
  • Iron Clad Software
  • Hooked On Software
  • Axis Peak Tech
  • Appoy
  • The Xyz Project
  • Racknfix
  • lack Deck Technology
  • Gono Systems
  • Software Negotiators
  • Clinocare
  • Interstellar Software
  • Unicom
  • Infotrack
  • Software Warriors
  • Building Blocks Software Solutions
  • TechPave
  • ThatWell
  • Hot Wired Web Applications
  • Softhino
  • Zeus Software
  • The Code Red
  • TeamCozy
  • Zyxeo
  • Sara creativeSoftware Solutions

Software Product Names

The follow are some creative software product name ideas to inspire you:

  • Project 2U
  • Yumit Systems
  • Darebin
  • Creative Lightroom
  • Shiny Pixel
  • Envision Workspace
  • Sapphire Systems
  • Tecnivo
  • Black Hat Design
  • Interencryption
  • Gikto
  • MAD Technologies
  • Nomad Technology
  • Keyboardian Software
  • Infomerian Tech Solutions
  • Jerego
  • Cryptical Software
  • MicroTech
  • Cavewomen Technologies
  • Longitudinal Index Technologies
  • XnC Software
  • Ettenex Technologies
  • Elite Engineering
  • Highland Winds
  • Goddard Graphics
  • Codercanvas
  • Tailscape Systems
  • WeaselSoft
  • Brockton Software
  • GraphicCraft
  • ManageSoft
  • Neptune Technologies
  • Manynames Technology
  • AlphaPress App Development
  • Software Seek
  • Kiva Systems
  • Hangdog Studios
  • Techeva
  • Assist Systems
  • TechWizer
  • Innovick
  • Wicked Software
  • Ringer Software Co.
  • iGlobe IT Solutions
  • Xpertech Software
  • ProSoftwarestechnology
  • Sitemap Software
  • Insightably
  • The Red Eye
  • Swipefast
  • SoftCryo

Software Company Names


What are some top software company names?

  • SAS*
  • Microsoft
  • Hitachi
  • EMC
  • HP
  • Cisco
  • Google
  • Apple
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Symantec
  • VMware
  • Fujitsu
  • Intuit
  • Adobe
  • com
  • Autodesk

What are some best software company names in USA?

  • Archer Software
  • Computools
  • 7EDGE
  • Slingshot
  • App Maisters
  • Krify Software Technologies
  • Artelogic
  • Simform
  • The NineHertz
  • Chetu
  • Sunlight Media
  • A3Logics
  • ZealousWeb
  • Orases
  • SumatoSoft
  • Merixstudio
  • Tkxel
  • Webdevium
  • Technostacks Infotech Pvt. Ltd
  • Geomotiv
  • ITRex
  • AgileEngine
  • thoughtbot

What are some best software company names in India?

  • InApp
  • Capital Numbers
  • Flatworld Solutions
  • Spec India
  • Daffodil Software
  • Clarion Technologies
  • Techtic Solutions Inc
  • Simform
  • Net Solutions
  • codes
  • Hestabit Technologies
  • KnackForge Soft Solutions
  • Radixweb
  • Bacancy Technology
  • Chetu, Inc.
  • Kellton Tech Solutions
  • Zibtek
  • Dreamztech Solutions
  • ARKA Softwares
  • RootQuotient
  • Narola Infotech Solutions LLP
  • TatvaSoft
  • Byteridge
  • Experion Technologies
  • Trigent Software
  • People10 Technologies Inc.
  • NMG Technologies
  • Fingent

What are some modern software company name suggestions?

  • Sysoptix
  • The XS Project
  • MobiLion Research
  • Polycount
  • Ticsoft Software
  • Maven Software
  • Mesa Computing
  • Corel Corporation
  • iDiasoft
  • Aspredict
  • JGSoft
  • PIXEL Software
  • Teebo Software
  • Lispsoft Engineering
  • ZektiSoft
  • Projectile Software
  • Visual Coding
  • Amerimetrix
  • Foveon Group
  • Geohome Systems
  • iXsystems
  • Axius Software
  • Funktional Software

How to Choose a Name for Your Software Company

Choosing a name for your software company is a big deal. This is not just a question of whether to choose a name that reflects your company, or whether your name will get you to stand out or get noticed.

You will want to choose a name that is easy to remember and easy to spell. You would also want to choose a name that is interesting and different, not another one that is too similar to a name currently in use in your industry.

The below are a few steps for choosing a name for your software company.

1. Do some research

First of all, you need to do some research about existing software company names people have already used. And what are the related words that you can use in your company name?

Simply search for the famous existing companies and get some inspiration from their names. But make sure you are not using the same name.

2. Come up with a list of potential names

The next step is to come up with a list of possible name ideas. You can do it by brainstorming software company names with your friends and family members. Or you can use a software company name generator for creating some unique names.

One of the best ideas to coming with some great names is to ask your friends on Facebook or Instagram. They will help you come up with a list of unique names.

3. Make a shortlist of the best possibilities

Once you come up with a list of name ideas, sit with a fresh mind and shortlist some of your favorite names. When shortlisting, keep these important things in mind.

  • Pick a short and simple name.
  • Choose a name that is relevant to your business.
  • Make sure it sounds good.
  • Avoid names with spelling mistakes.

4. Get feedback on your favorite names

Getting feedback is a good idea to decide on a name for your company. After shortlisting your favorites reach out to family, friends, and anyone else you know, to ask them what they think which name is perfect for your new software company.

The more people you ask, the better. You don’t want to pick something that someone else likes better than you, because after all, it’s your company so you should pick something you like.

5. Look at the domain availability to see if you can register your name as a .com

Another important step is to check the availability of domain the name when choosing a name for your company.

At some point, every business owner will need a website. If you are starting a small business, you might not need a website yet. For a larger business, the website is a vital part of your business’s marketing platform.

So, it’s important to get the domain name registered as soon as possible because hundreds of domain names register every day. First, check it on to make sure it’s available, and then register it to make it yours.

6. Your name should differentiate your business from others

Name is a powerful marketing tool. If you want customers to know you and your business is different, pick a name that is memorable and different, and that stands out from the rest.

Your company name is the face of your business and it should be different from the other company’s faces in your industry. It should be unique, one-of-a-kind, part of the essence of your business, and something you can use to distinguish your product, service, or company from others.

7. It should be not one that can limit your business growth

One of the big mistakes many people make is choosing a too specific name for their business. It’s understandable that people are excited to jump into their first business, but choosing a too specific name can cause them to have difficulty growing their business.

A bad name can damage your brand and your ability to grow and prosper. A good name on the other hand can help you stand out and gain a competitive advantage and can save you time and money in the long run.

8. Make sure your name is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell

You want your name to be memorable and not too long, but at the same time, you don’t want it to be so generic and forgettable that people start to confuse your company with something else.

Before you choose a name, you’ll need to think about how it will be pronounced and how it will be spelled. A quality name that is memorable and easy to spell and say will help you come off as professional and trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.

9. Make sure your name doesn’t have any negative connotations

Business names can be a reflection of your company and help set the tone for your brand. When deciding on a name take the time to consider the meaning behind your business name, and make sure it doesn’t have any negative connotations.

10. Check if the name is available as a trademark

You can trademark a company name, which means it will be easier to protect your brand name or your business identity. This will help you stop other people from using the same name or an identical version of it. It will also help you prevent other people from using the same name for other types of businesses, confusing the public.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides you with quick and easy ways to find out by simply searching its website. Other nations typically offer similar protection. If you’re not sure if your business is available as a trademark, contact your legal trademark office.


We hope this article has provided you with guidance on how to choose a name for your software company. Whether you are just starting out or are looking for a new name for your software company, you should now have enough information to choose an excellent name for your software company.

When naming your company, choose a name that is short, memorable, and meaningful to you. Whether you want to convey a certain vibe or be completely literal in naming your company after yourself, think carefully about the name you pick for your software company.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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