33 Most Profitable Small Town Business Ideas Ever

If you want to be your own boss and looking for a business in a small town, don’t worry, we are here to give some of the best small town business ideas that every community needs.

As we all know, most of the businesses thrive in big cities, but it doesn’t mean that business don’t thrive in rural areas, there are many businesses that can also give you good money in a small town.

In order to start a business, first of all, you have to research the market in which business in demand and make sure that people need that facility. If you will give that facility to them, they will never go to the next town or market.

So, starting a business in a small town is not difficult but you may face competition in the start but with the passage of time, you will win the competition if you have the will power and business mind.

Small town Business Ideas

Here is the list of small town business ideas that will stick for sure:

1. Open a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is a common entrepreneurial dream. If you are experienced in making different foods and looking for a business in a small town then you can consider a restaurant.

Starting a restaurant is an interesting task but it’s difficult to run at the start, you can be successful if you will make the perfect planning, and choose the location that brings you more traffic.

If you think that you can’t run a restaurant alone, you can hire staff and before dive into it, do some market research that will help you a lot in keeping your business at the top.

2. Ice Cream Shop

The ice cream shop is a lucrative business idea that will give you a good profit. All of us eat ice cream and we spent money on it. So, it’s not a bad idea.

For running an ice cream shop you’ll have to provide various types of flavors because everybody has a different taste. Make your own brand and sell it at reasonable prices to attract more customers.

Choose a suitable place for your shop in your small town and also make a plan to give your competitor a tough time. There are many ways of making customers such as:

  • Sell your brand at a low price according to your competitors.
  • Also, give your customers a mobile ice cream service.
  • Make a comfortable sitting place for your customers.
  • Design different flavors that are in demand.

One sad thing about this business is that more people love to have ice cream in summer season, so you have to struggle more in other seasons.

3. Clothing Boutique

One of the best small town business ideas is to start a clothing boutique business. Mostly, one of the big issues of the small town is the lack of shopping options.

Therefore, people buy clothes online or they go to shopping centers to buy good clothes. So, starting this business not only give you the money but it also solves the problem of many people living in a small town.

You’ll need different varieties of clothes and brands to run your business, it totally depends on the location in your town. If you are experienced in the clothing line, you can easily start this business.

4. Book Store

Many people love to read different books for entertainment and to get some knowledge. Opening a bookstore is a good option for the entrepreneur interesting in starting a business in small town.

In every small town there are many children that in schools or in other educational institutions, they all need syllabus books. So, you have to keep the focus on it.

You can also keep many additional products in your bookstore such as Bags, Gifts, Crafts, etc. This is one of the best business ideas in rural areas where bookstores are in demand.

5. Pharmacy Shop

A pharmacy shop is one of the essential business everywhere. As we all know that “Health is wealth” people don’t compromise on health and they need proper medicine when they are sick.

The pharmacy shop is not easy to start because you will get certified before starting. This business needs a high investment for the proper setup.

If you have experience in this field and have a degree in nursing, you can also start a clinic with your pharmacy shop. There is a huge margin of profit in this field.

6. Real Estate Agency

The real estate business is another highly profitable business in a small town. If you live in a small town and looking for a good business, then you can start a real estate agency.

This business is a long term game and it needs a lot of patience to make your position and to earn a lot of money in a short period of time. You’ll have to do proper market research to make sure your business plan will succeed or not.

In order to start, you’ll need a medium investment and the main thing is, it needs a business mind to invest money. Before diving into this business you’ll have to get a proper license from your state.

7. Gym Center

Fitness is very important and today people give serious attention to it. In rural areas, such facilities are highly in demand and people need such services very badly.

Today almost everyone has a dream to join a gym to make their boy tough and fit especially the young generation. So, this is the best business idea for small towns.

In order to start, there are many things you will do before starting a gym center:

  • You’ll have to buy gym equipment.
  • You will need a suitable location to start.
  • choose a catchy gym name.
  • You can also hire staff for instructions.
  • It needs a lot of investment.

8. Open a Grocery Store

This is a common and competitive business because everyone needs grocery products at home. Opening a grocery store is one of the best small town business ideas that thrive.

There is no need for any technical skills or qualifications in this business either you will have to get ready for the competition. But don’t worry you can beat your competitors if you give your customers good products at reasonable prices.

For making your business more interesting and lucrative you can also give your customers a home delivery service. For this, you’ll have to hire someone trustworthy.

9. Home Painting

In-home painting business you will require some practice and passion to find customers, it will take some time to set your business.

In order to start, it’s easy to get started as you can also start this business part-time with little investment. Once your business is established it will give a good income.

You may face stiff competition at the start, so you will need good market research and planning to make your business professional.

further, you can also contract with the construction company for regular work which gives you more money.

10. Car Wash Center

If there isn’t a car wash center in your town, opening a car wash might be the perfect business option. Almost all cars need a wash once in a week or twice due to dust and muddy places in many areas.

Opening a car wash business requires a significant investment, good planning, and attention to detail in order to make your business profitable.

Before starting a business give an attention look to location, if you find a perfect location in your town you will succeed in a short period of time.

11. Flower Shop

One of the cool business ideas in a small town is to open a flower shop. It might be looking for a simple business, but every community needs a flower shop.

We need flowers not only for gifts but also for other events such as weddings and some time for kitchen tables.

If you will give all the beautiful variety of flowers in your shop, people will buy from you instead of online. Keep in mind that, people love fresh and cool flowers.

A small amount of investment will require, one other thing you’ll have to learn how to arrange the flowers.

12. Gardening and Landscaping

People are very careful about their gardens and lands, but they don’t give time, due to their jobs or businesses. So, house owners are willing to pay someone to take care of their property.

This is one of the easy business to start, you have to take care of the gardens and lands if you have architecture skills you can easily do the management and preservation of this business.

It just like a cleaning service nothing else. You can start this business from home and little investment will require to make a lot of money through this business.

13. Coffee Shop

Customers of the coffee shop never decrease it always increase because it a basic concept that people take coffee in the coffee shops with their friends or family. Therefore, opening a coffee shop isn’t a bad idea.

How much it cost to open a coffee shop in a small town?

The simple answer, you can start a coffee shop between 10000$ to 15000$ in a small town depending on the size, services, and equipment.

For catching more customers also provide them baked foods such as pastries cakes and other goodies that people prefer with coffee.

14. Open a Bakery

Opening a bakery presents many unique challenges that are different from other types of businesses. In bakeries, you’ll have to produce a higher volume of baked foods and fresh desserts.

The majority of people prefer baked cake or bread at breakfast, and they can’t imagine breakfast without fresh bread. So, it means that opening a bakery is a good idea in a small town.

It’s a highly profitable business idea if your town does not have a bakery and if have don’t worry work hard and provide different varieties of food you will win the competition.

15. Catering Company

If you are the one that makes delicious foods in the home and looking for a business in a small town, you can consider starting a catering company.

In order to start, you will need a few types of equipment and a suitable location for your catering company.

You can cover all the events such as weddings, birthdays and so on. So, you’ll have to make a solid and creative plan for making your business popular and successful.

16. Mobile Phone Repairing

Mobile phone repairing is another business idea in a small town that will thrive. This is a big problem in many rural areas that they don’t have a proper mobile repairing shop.

Nowadays the mobile repair industry is growing rapidly due to the increasing use of Smartphones, that’s why there is also a huge demand for a mobile repairing shop.

First of all, you’ll have to learn the skill from other professional technicians or from any technical school and then you can run your own shop.

You can also sell all mobile accessories to make your business more exciting and profitable.

17. Hair Salon or Barber Shop

The hair cutting industry is booming and men are the major consumers of hair care. Barbershop generally gives haircuts and shaving services.

To become a barber, you will have to complete a training course and then you can start your own dream opening a hair salon. So, making your business professional you can see the following.

These are a few things that will help you to get more traffic:

  • Choosing the right location
  • Design your shop completely
  • Design a beautiful logo and name for your shop
  • Hire employees if needed
  • Give service at a reasonable price

18. Freelance Writing

Nowadays hiring a freelance writer to create content is very popular. There are millions of websites that need a freelance writer for through work.

You don’t need any degree of English or journalism to be a successful freelance writer, but the main thing you need is the ability to write well.

The compulsory elements that will require are laptop, internet connection, flexible work schedule, and necessary software. So, if you have the ability to write well you can start a freelance business in your small town.

The best thing is it’s a home-based business idea, so ladies can also do freelancing in their extra time.

19. Pet Grooming and Walking

Almost 50% of people keep pets in their homes in America. Many pets owners don’t have the ability to groom their pets therefore they simply seek out professionals to do so.

Every species has unique qualities that present challenges when grooming so make sure you’re aware of these.

So, if you love animals and have the patience of pet groomer then you can successfully start a pet grooming business within a short period of time.

20. Cosmetics Shop

The cosmetic industry is growing at a rapid pace and the demand for all types of cosmetic products is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to look good, so they spent a lot of money on cosmetic and beauty products.

In order to start, just like other retail shops cosmetic shops also need a suitable location and planning for the startup.

Make sure that you will face some competition in this business, so you have to get ready for it. Always give your customer quality products at a reasonable price then they will be your regular customers.

21. Photography

We all love to make memories on many occasions so it’s not a bad idea to start a photography business in your small town. If your town doesn’t have a photography business, you can jump on this small town business idea.

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You can cover many events such as a wedding, parties, etc. it will give you a lot of money if you cover a single event. In order to start, you will have to buy all the equipment and cameras.

Unfortunately, if you can’t find customers then you have the opportunity of giving cameras on rent. The camera rental business will give you a good profit and you can take rest in your home.

Such businesses give you more profit because you don’t need a rental shop, you can simply start from home, advertising on Facebook that’s it.

22. Water Refill Station

Drinking water is the main problem especially in a rural area, so giving solution to this problem it might be the best business opportunity to consider in a small town, where it’s difficult to find clean water.

Opening a water refill station in a small town is a pretty good option because many people use bottled water which is expensive than refill station water, so you can easily make them your permanent customers.

23. Cleaning Service

This is another handsome opportunity for the people live in a small town. Many people need employees for their home or office cleaning and sometimes for any other work such as babysitting.

The majority don’t have enough time, or they feel difficulty doing cleaning work, therefore this is not a bad idea to start a cleaning service in your community.

In order to start, you can start this business without investment or with little investment and in return, it will give you a good income.

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24. Tutoring Business

Tutoring is a noble profession for people who don’t find a job after graduation or they want to start a part-time business with their own studies.

You will find many tutoring businesses in every small town because parents are wondering about the future of the students and they want to give them all the facilities in education.

So we think, it might be the perfect part-time and as well as full-time business option for the people interesting in starting a business in their small town.

25. Thrift Store

In rural areas opening a thrift shop can be the best business because some people don’t have the ability to buy new expensive things, in simple words, it’s a less expensive shopping option for them.

Thrift stores or secondhand shops are known as places to get great deals! you can sell your products easily when you will make a great deal.

It might be looking easy and yes, it’s easy to start because a medium investment will require, and no hardworking is needed. So, we think it is one of the best small town business ideas.

26. Veterinary Clinic

In many rural areas, people keep animals for businesses like dairy farming. If you are looking for a starting a veterinary clinic, keep in mind that you will have to choose the location where there are loads of pet owners and animal farms.

In order to start, opening a small veterinary clinic doesn’t need more investment. If you’re a veterinarian and want to start a business in a small town, we think it’s one of the profitable and small business ideas for rural areas.

27. Car Repairs

It’s a common thing that many small towns don’t have a car repair shop and people are compelled to go to the car repair garage in other towns.

Probably, you will have seen that problem, if you are a self-motivated mechanic with basic business knowledge and access to capital, then you can start your own car repair shop in your town.

You will have to rent a shop, you will need all the required equipment and a suitable location for diving into the car repair business. if you also want to start spare parts then it will take high investment.

28. Gas Station

Gas stations are essential in every town because people need gas for their vehicles. The competition is stiff, don’t worry good planning can help you build a successful enterprise.

It is one of the big business so opening and running a successful filling station requires smart planning and a significant investment. You should keep looking for a good location near the highway and main roads, it will help you to get more customers.

You can have hire employees for your business to make your business quicker and best. If you give your customers a quick and best service, they will come daily.

29. Handyman or Contractor

If you have a good knowledge of how to fix things and you want to monetize your skills, you can successfully start a handyman or contractor business.

In this business, you have the opportunity to solve the problems of many homeowners that are in struggle and don’t find a contractor for their homes.

In order to start, you need thorough knowledge and experience in all aspects of home construction, remodeling, maintenance, and repair. The main thing is you have to in good physical condition because it needs hard physical work.

30. Food Truck

The food truck is another profitable and small business idea for the people interested in starting a business in their small town. However, it depends on the demand and good location where outdoor activities happen every day.

If you are good at cooking, then no problem you can easily make your customer within a few days by providing them tasty and delicious food.

You will need a truck on rent, or you can also buy a truck if you afford it. So, we think it’s a money-making business idea that you can consider after good planning.

31. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a wide industry and its demand never decreases. Basically, there are two types of farming broiler and layers. Broilers are chicken that you raise for meat and layers are chicken that you raise for eggs.

There are many other birds that you can also raise in poultry farming if you are interested such as duck, goose, quail, guinea fowl, turkey, pigeon, and peacock.

Poultry farming is a highly profitable business if you can run it properly under acceptable methods and conditions conducive for the birds. This business will give you double money in return.

32. Furniture Making

Creating stylish furniture is the business that really every community needs. Furniture is the basic item that we all need in our homes.

For example, if you want to buy furniture then, what will you do? obviously you will do research for a furniture designer in your area or town if not find anyone then you will go to other options.

So, we totally want to say that opening a furniture-making business is a good business idea for small towns.

If you have the designing skills, you can successfully start this business with medium investment. It’s a highly profitable business.

33. Massage Therapist

Opening your own massage therapy business is a great way to be self-employed while helping others.

People turn to massage therapists for many reasons, including relief from muscles, to reduce stress and anxiety, and relaxation.

Before starting, it’s important to research the requirements for running a massage business in your region. So, if are looking for starting a business in a small town you should consider massage therapy.

The best thing about this business is you can also start this business from home with little investment and planning.

Bottom Line

Hope you liked the above ideas. For opening a successful business, you will have to do proper market research and good planning because without these the business will never run in a way that gives you more profit. All the best!