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350 Creative Proofreading Business Names and Ideas

Proofreading is a very important step in any writing project. However, coming up with a catchy title for your proofreading business can be challenging. To help you choose the perfect name for your proofreading business, we have listed hundreds of creative and clever proofreading business names.

Also, you’ll find some tips and steps for choosing a good name for your proofreading business. Let’s dive in, to find a fantastic name for you!

Catchy Proofreading Business Names

Here are some catchy proofreading business name ideas you can use to get started your business:

  • Corrections Corrected
  • The Proofread Experts
  • Top Notch Proofreading
  • Proofreading Bears
  • Copy Correct Me
  • Always Correct Proofs
  • Spelling Troubleshoot
  • The Punctuation Guru
  • Proofreading Kings
  • Proofreadology
  • My Proofreader
  • Owl Proofreading
  • International Edits
  • Final Editorials Place
  • Proof Reading Help
  • Accurate Proofreading Services
  • A+ Wordsmithing
  • Ready to Digest
  • Align and Proofread
  • GoProofread
  • MVP Proofreading
  • Proofreader’s Plus
  • Proofreader Training
  • Memoir Edits
  • My Standard Copy
  • A Plus Proofreading
  • Proofread Bytes
  • Write & Corrections
  • Wrote It on Demand
  • Hustle Proofreading
  • AQProofreading
  • The Profify Certified
  • A-Stuff-Proofreading
  • Wildly Worded
  • Proffy Proofreaders
  • Proofreading My Love
  • Perfect Proofreading
  • Proof to Publication
  • Proofreading’ It Well
  • Proofreader’s Corner
  • EZ Correction Express
  • Proofreader Dash
  • Proofreader For You
  • Hope Full Proofing
  • The Editing Edge
  • Queen Of Editors
  • Proofread-it-Right
  • A Perfect Copy
  • Meticulous Spell Checkers
  • Proofreader’s Haven
  • The Lit Proofreader
  • Elegant Proofreading
  • Proofread Itself
  • Correction Heaven
  • Proof It Already
  • Proofreading Heaven
  • Level Up Edits
  • Proofreader’s Cafe
  • Perfect Grammar & Co
  • A+ Proofreading

Clever Proofreading Business Names

These are some clever proofreading business names that are so amazing and interesting:

  • The Writing Edit
  • Proof-Rite
  • Intensive Reads
  • Proofreaders2Us
  • Accuracy Experts
  • Accurate Consulters
  • Sprint Experts
  • Crystal Proofreading
  • Proofreader Depot
  • Hounds Proof Edits
  • Copy Edit Cove
  • AlloProofreading
  • Proofread – Mesa
  • Slush Pile Pleasers
  • Proofreading Dad
  • Dot Proofreading
  • Premier Proofing
  • EchoProofreading
  • Spelling Bee
  • The Proofreader Room
  • Proofread For You
  • Look Perfect Edits
  • Proofreading Guides
  • ProofCheck Solutions
  • Proof Reading Vegas
  • The Word Proofreader
  • Proofreading Cartel
  • Houstan’s Word Perfections
  • Just Proof Reading
  • Proofread Media
  • Proofreader Prime
  • Corrective Style
  • Checking for Errors
  • Manuscript Mistakes
  • Proofread It, Please
  • Expert Proofread
  • The Grammar School
  • Proofy Tech
  • The Grammar Shop
  • Good Copy Correction
  • Soapstone Editing
  • Narrow Proofs
  • The Proofreading Pen
  • Speedy Editing
  • All Expert Proofings

Creative Names for Proofreading Business

Below is the list of some creative names for proofreading business that you may like:

  • Goof Clean Edits
  • Editorials Check Right
  • Punctuation Pride
  • Proofread Genius
  • Proofread 4 Less
  • Certified Grammar
  • Proof n’ Read
  • Academic Rewrite
  • Proofreader 4 All
  • Erase It Not
  • Writewell Editing
  • Proofreading Scripts
  • Proof to Excellence
  • Secret Agent Edit
  • VIP Proofreading
  • Good Reads
  • Punctuations & More
  • Spelling Suggestions
  • The Correct Crew
  • Master Grammar
  • Precision Copying
  • Proof to Order
  • Coast to Coast Copyediting
  • Posh Proofreading
  • Awesome Word Proof Readers
  • A Lot of Editing
  • Corrective Business Solutions
  • Spell Checker-Edit
  • Another Look
  • The Accurate Punctuals
  • Proofread-it-fast
  • Proofer 4Free
  • Verbal Perfection
  • Spell Bound Editorials
  • Proof Correcterz
  • Proof Reading Magic
  • Tailored Editing
  • Copy Cat
  • Ace It Edits
  • First Class Proofreading
  • Perfection Chapters Reads
  • Aldour Proofreading
  • Good Proofread Solutions
  • Kissed Editing
  • Proofreader Studio

Professional Proofreading Business Names

These are some professional proofreading business names you can consider using right now:

  • Proofread It Up
  • Quiz Quandary
  • Proof Copy & Editing
  • ProofreadLounge
  • Paper Prefectors
  • Proofreading-Go
  • Fast Proofreading
  • Accuracy One
  • Picture Perfect Proofreading
  • Proofread Your Words
  • True Freelance Proofreading
  • Wizard Proofreading
  • Geek’s Editing Hub
  • Proofreaders Group
  • The Document Checker
  • Proofreader’s Edge
  • ExoticProofreading
  • The Edit Minds
  • Proofread with Renee
  • Proofread with Me
  • The Quality Checker
  • Best Read Now
  • Proofreading by Jody
  • Honest Proofreading
  • Proofreadme
  • Money-Saving Proofreading
  • Proofread Canada
  • Quality Pro Proofys
  • Proofreader USA
  • Proofreaders Bay
  • The Style Doc
  • The PDF Proofreader
  • All About Proofreading
  • Citizen Editing
  • Proofread Me Quick
  • Fast-Proof-It
  • Defending Grammar
  • Correction Stars
  • The Grammar Experts
  • Edits in England
  • Signature Writers
  • AllPro Proofreaders
  • Proofread the World
  • Proud Proofreader
  • Pro Proofreaders
  • A+ Editing Solutions
  • Correction Matters
  • Right Hand Proofread
  • WordPerfect Editing
  • Proofread My Essay

Proofreading Business Names

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Name for Your Proofreading Business

The name of your business is an important part of your brand, and perhaps the biggest decision you’ll make. With so many choices, how do you know where to start? Here are some tips to help you choose the right name for your proofreading business.

  • Consider your target audience and the purpose of your business.
  • It’s important to choose a short, simple, and catchy name.
  • The best name for your proofreading business is one that is memorable, easy to remember and spell, and provides a clear business identity.
  • It is important that you choose a name that will help you to stand out from your competitors. Make sure that your name is not already taken by another proofreading business.
  • Your name should have no special characters that some people in some countries have trouble reading.
  • Make sure that your name will not be confusing to your clients.
  • Choose a name that you are proud of and don’t mind being associated with.
  • Choose a name for your proofreading business that sounds friendly, positive, and easy to read.
  • Make sure that the name of your proofreading business is available for domain registration.

Steps for Choosing a Good Name for Your Proofreading Business

Proofreading is a very competitive field, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to stand out from the crowd. The first step in doing so is to come up with a unique proofreading business name. You don’t want to copy someone else’s name because then you won’t be able to differentiate yourself from them. Instead, you want to find a name that represents who you are and what you do.

Here are some simple steps for choosing a good proofreading business name:

Brainstorm some name ideas

The first thing you need to do when trying to come up with a name for your proofreading business is to brainstorm. Think about what words and phrases come to mind when you think about proofreading. Write down every word and phrase that comes to mind. Then, combine those words and phrases together to create unique name ideas. For example, these are some related words you can use, “proofread, proofreader, editor, analyze, check, correct, cut, rearrange, refine, rephrase”, etc.

In this step, your goal should be to come up with a list of some good proofreading business name ideas.

Shortlist your favorite name ideas

Once you’ve created a list of name ideas, do an analysis of each idea. Look for names that are easy to say, spell, remember, and that convey the meaning of your proofreading business.

Get some feedback

Now that you’ve done an initial analysis of your ideas, it’s time to gather feedback. Ask your target audience for feedback. You can also ask your family and friends for feedback. They are more likely than anyone else to give you positive feedback. Instead, ask people who work in the industry. These people know what your target audience needs, and they can tell you whether your ideas are relevant to them.

Check if your business name is available

At this point, it’s good to have at least two great proofreading business names on your list. If one of your names is already taken, and the corresponding domain is registered, you may want to consider registering another name.


What are some fun names for proofreading services?

  • Grammar Police
  • Proofreading Doctors
  • Proofreading Rabbit
  • Proofread Me
  • We’ll be Right Back
  • No More Errors
  • The Proofreading Inn
  • Proofreaders Nook
  • Spellbound Proofreading
  • The Spelling Bee
  • Farther Than You Think
  • Proofreaders’ Helper
  • Careful Proofreading
  • Proof it Twice
  • No Proofreading, No Job

What are some unique proofreading company name ideas?

  • Wondering Proofreader
  • Miss Spelling Bee
  • Proofreading Wizards
  • Proof-In-A-Box
  • Awesome Proofreaders
  • Proofreading Rocks
  • Open Eye Editing
  • The Error Editing
  • Proofs R’ Us
  • SraightEditing
  • Grammar Snob
  • Proofread My Writing
  • Sheet Editors Today
  • Correction Service
  • GoodProofreading
  • Proofreading America
  • Accent Spellings

What are some famous existing proofreading business names to get inspiration from?

  • Papercheck
  • EssayHub
  • EditorWorld
  • EssayEdge
  • EditMyEnglish
  • EliteEditing
  • Wordy
  • Editage
  • TheProofReaders
  • Proofers
  • Kibin
  • Scribendi
  • PaperTrue
  • ProofreadingServices
  • Get Proofed
  • Cambridge Proofreading
  • Proofreading Pal
  • Global English Editing
  • TOPAdmit
  • Prof-Editing
  • Proof Reading
  • Expert-Editing.Org

What are some best names for freelance editing business?

  • Epic Freelance Proofreading
  • Proofreading Frenzy
  • Proofreadit
  • Punctuation Station
  • Read & Correct
  • Sigma Proofreading
  • Reader’s Editors
  • Proofread Express
  • Quick Mix Edits
  • Missed Mistakes
  • Proofreading Matters
  • All Points Reading
  • The Perfect Editing
  • Smart Correction
  • No Mistake Novels
  • Publication Ready


In conclusion, carefully consider what type of business name you want. Take your time to pick a name that will be easy to remember, spell and pronounce. The name of your business is one of the most important components of your brand, so you want to be sure that it is the right fit for you and for what you want to be.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the above lists of proofreading business names and tips. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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