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400 Catchy Potion Shop Names With Magical Flair

From the smallest to the largest potion shops, potions shops need a great name that can entice customers to visit.

If you are starting a potion shop and looking for a great name to get started then, this article is for you. In this blog post, we’ve suggested hundreds of cool and good potion shop names that you can use right now for your new startup.

When naming your business, make sure to do something that captures people’s attention, something that makes them want to come in, and something that will help you get a return customer.

Let’s dive in to find an outstanding name for your potion shop!

Catchy Potion Shop Names

Here are some catchy potions shop names ideas that you can use for inspiration:

  • Potion’s Wisdom
  • Get Fit Potion
  • Capsule Chamber
  • Antique Potion Shop
  • Alchemic Accessories
  • The Elixir Shop
  • The Hungry Witch
  • Pure Power Potions
  • Potion N’ Drug
  • The Bronze Succubus
  • Hands on Potions
  • The Hungry Toad
  • Lavish Themed
  • The Art of Luck
  • Capsailly’s Keep
  • Lunar Potion
  • Pure Potions Company
  • A Potion-Eater
  • Mystic potion
  • Holly and Ivy Potions
  • Elements Potion
  • Potions & Such
  • Raining Potions
  • The Striped Sprite
  • The Magnet
  • Infinite Potions
  • Vital and Potions
  • Spellunking
  • Gentle Potion
  • Silver Lily Potions
  • The Potion Cellar
  • Alchemy Now!
  • Witchy Brews
  • Aroma Potion
  • Potion Me Up
  • The Hidden Gorgon
  • A Healing Moon
  • A1 Healing Touch
  • Bowl of Wonders
  • Hasty Potions
  • The Healer’s Helper

Cool Potion Shop Names

  • The Little Potioneer
  • Moonlight Potions
  • Potion & Healing
  • Taboos and Voodoos
  • Corrupt Sphere
  • Bubble Potion Shop
  • Titan’s Tongue
  • Frankenstein’s Alchemy Lab
  • Academy of Potions
  • Spirits & Magic
  • Potion Pouch
  • A Potion to Bless
  • The Yellow Potion
  • Potion-aholic
  • Crafted Potions
  • Healing Potions
  • My Cure Potion
  • Lucky Scroll
  • Magic Potion Bar
  • Angels and Demons
  • Magic Yummy
  • Potent Potion
  • The Healing Pearl
  • Potion Arrificus
  • Potionsville
  • The Tall Wendigo
  • The Potion Man
  • Vintage Potion
  • My Heal Potion
  • Alchemy of Health
  • Mask Magic
  • The Eager Elixer
  • Aura of Healing
  • Potions by Nature
  • The Soul Gem
  • Wicked Luck Potion
  • Brewery & Tonic
  • Giant Potion
  • Flowering Potions
  • Failsafe’s Finest

Fantasy Potion Shop Names

  • The Beady Bee
  • The Art of Potions
  • Homewood Potions
  • Deadly Brews from Slytherin
  • The Hungry Rabbit
  • The Herbs of Nature
  • Beef Magic Elixir
  • Thrifty Potion Shop
  • The Elixir Source
  • True Dragon Alchemy
  • The Mad Potion
  • The Blind Cloak
  • The Treated Soul
  • Bossy Potions
  • The Vault of Goodies
  • Potion Magic Touch
  • The Potion Temple
  • Course Lasting Potion
  • Potions & Bombs
  • Healthy Herbs and Potions
  • The Dew Drop
  • Red and White Haven
  • Kaiju Soul
  • Night Owl Mixology
  • Potions of Legends
  • The Cure For All
  • Runes and Rods
  • Cloak – Concoctions
  • Cauldron of Ideas
  • Potion-2-Go
  • The Peaceful Sleep Potion
  • Wand Shop
  • The Friendly Owl
  • Acid-Bargain Potions
  • The Laughing Satyr
  • House of Poisons
  • The Ring of Life
  • Auburn Potion Store
  • Drink with Me Potion Shop
  • The Mad Griffin

D&D Potion Shop Names

  • Potion N’ Quack
  • Spirits + Treasures
  • Mister Potions
  • Velvet’s Potions
  • Dragon’s Breath Herbs and Oils
  • The Early Angel
  • Aura of Magic
  • The Moonstone Shop
  • Quest Potion
  • The Secret Wand
  • The Soothing Elixir
  • Alchemeonix
  • Blue Moon Elixir
  • Black Lotus Potion
  • Potion of Health
  • The Wished Feather
  • Cactus Moon Potions
  • Beaded Heaven
  • The Secret of Elixir
  • The Heavy Griffin
  • Potion Up
  • Drink Potion
  • The Wishbone
  • Potion of Life
  • Shi Potion
  • The Elixir Chamber
  • A Potions Cafe
  • Potion Magician
  • Potions R Us
  • Magic Potion Online
  • Potion of Plenty
  • A Spell of Health
  • Potionology
  • The Magic Unicorn
  • Witch Honey
  • Bitter Bottles Potions
  • Sugar Me Potions
  • Potion & Peace
  • The Unicorn’s Horn
  • Potions of Magic

Minecraft Potion Shop Names

  • The Happy Elixir
  • A Magic Potion
  • Pharmagician
  • Bottles of Magic
  • Eternal Elixir
  • Forgotten Potions
  • Divine Elixir
  • Lotus Potion
  • Phantasmic Potions & Elixirs
  • Coppermine Potions
  • Genius in a Bottle
  • Divinity Potion
  • Potions and Curses
  • Cringe The Soul
  • Dragon’s Brew Potions
  • The Red Potion
  • Divine Luck Potions
  • Summoned Goods
  • My Secret Store
  • Sunburst Potions
  • Zero Calorie Potion
  • Black Magic Potion
  • Unbound Potions
  • Bright Moon Bottles and Brews
  • Peppermint Potion Shop
  • All Good Spirits
  • Superhero Potion Store
  • The Potion Crafter
  • The Potion Vault
  • Potion Pot
  • Red Star Herbs
  • Advanced Apothecary
  • Fairy Gold
  • Soulless Potion
  • Sunrise Wellness
  • Potion Depot
  • Hearth & Hearthy
  • The Black Bottle Pot
  • Chillout Potions
  • Potions Boutique
  • The Elixir Queen

Potion Shop Name Generator

  • Terrific Blossoms
  • Hell’s Gate
  • The Potion Maker
  • Happy Potion
  • The Majestic Gorgon
  • Phoenix Potion
  • Magic-Themed Life
  • The Fair Boots
  • Aurora Elixir Shop
  • The Elixir Magician
  • Essence of Magic
  • The Lucky Elixir
  • Magical Store
  • Foamy Soul Herbs
  • Potion Gallery
  • The Mirror Image
  • The Sleeping Potion
  • Bitter Brews
  • A Potions Lab
  • New Age Potion
  • Magical Potion
  • A Bottle of Soul
  • Love Potions & Brownies
  • Unbound Power
  • The Potion Gallery
  • The Alchemist Pot
  • Astraea’s Antidotes
  • Magical Misery Boutique
  • House of Spill
  • The Lucky Root
  • Twisted & Brewed
  • Genie’s Lantern
  • Succeed! Potions
  • Clarity Potion
  • Charm Fizz
  • Potions My Way
  • Vampiric Potion
  • Quest Potion Stores
  • The Forgotten Elixir
  • Potion of Wonders
  • The Magic Dart
  • Red Rose Elixirery

Potion Shop Names


What are some good potion shop names?

  • Potions & More
  • The Elixir Kings
  • The White Beard
  • Hearty Potions
  • The Potionery
  • Potions-A-Lot
  • The Rare Quill
  • Mighty Herbs
  • The Chill Potion
  • The Healing Potion
  • Mighty Mending
  • The Potion Store
  • Potion Away
  • Magical Menagerie
  • Melindas Mixings

What are some funny names for a potion shop

  • Crazy Potion
  • Honey Moon Potions
  • Divine Medi-Potions
  • The Witch’s Hut
  • Divine Touch Potions
  • Wild-At-Heart Potions
  • Love Potions to Go
  • Miracle Remedies Inc.
  • Potion of Wisdom
  • The Elixir Corner
  • The Green Potion
  • The Tired Angel
  • The Witch’s Nose
  • The White Dove
  • Aroma Magic Potions
  • A Potions Elixir
  • The Crazy Pixie

What are some unique names for potion shops?

  • Vital Potion
  • The Secret Ingredient
  • Potions Plus
  • The Sorcerer’s Source
  • The Blissful Blizzard
  • Moonlit Wish
  • Cacti-Potion
  • Black Orchid Potions
  • The Light Giant
  • Aqua Potion
  • Spooky Potion
  • The Super Potion
  • Chocolate Covered Fruit
  • Magical Potions
  • Potion Stacks

What are some cute potion shop names?

  • Herbs & Potions
  • The Soul of Herbs
  • Love Potion
  • Royal Potion
  • The Little Unicorn
  • The House of Potions
  • Glow Shop
  • Polyjuice Potion
  • Cactus Lily Healing
  • Potion Crafted
  • Fortune Potion
  • Double Trouble Potion Store
  • Mind Over Potions
  • Viva Potions

What are some dark potion store names?

  • The Dark Angel
  • Potions and Beyond
  • The Potion Shop
  • Enchant Potion
  • Crazy About Elixir
  • Potions of the World
  • Magic Finds
  • Divine Wishes
  • Fly High Potion Shop
  • The Healing Elixir
  • Knockout Blossoms Herb Shop
  • The Potion Well
  • Quite Contrary Potions
  • Carnwennan’s Potions
  • Jolly Good Stuff

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Potion Shop

Choosing a name for your potion shop can be a fun and challenging process. There are many options, and finding that perfect name can be challenging. We hope the below tips will help you find the perfect name for your potion shop.

Choose a name that fits your shop

First of all, you should pick a name that fits your shop. If you plan on selling potions, you should probably pick a name that suggests that, because potion shops don’t generally sell regular items. The name should be a brand name, like “Dr. Frost’s Magical Potions”. Or, you can use a name that’s related to potions, like “Alchemy Shop”.

But if your shop sells a specific type of potion, you should pick a name that describes the potion you sell.

Choose a memorable name

The name of your potion shop is the first impression customers have of your business. It should be memorable, catchy, and help draw customers into the shop. A memorable potion shop name will make it easier for new customers to find your store on the internet, which will help in your search engine optimization (SEO).

Research the competition

Researching the competition is another good idea to come up with a name that will make your business stand out. Simply search for the famous potion shop names on google and get some inspiration. Look at the type of words and strategies they have used. It will help you come up with a good name.

It is preferable to have a short and simple name

Today many shop names are far too long and complex. The result of this is that the average customer does not know what the shop sells, or that it is a shop at all.

So, it’s better to choose a short and simple name that clearly gives hints about what you sell. The main reason for choosing a short and simple name is that it will be easier for your customers to remember. Also, it will be easier for people to Google for your store when they are looking for it.

Choose a name that is different from similar shops in the area

You should choose a name for your potion shop that is not yet taken, or a name that is not associated with another business.

Most businesses use their shop name as their name. It makes sense since the shop name becomes the brand name. However, it’s also important to choose a name that is different enough to avoid being confused with other similar stores in your area.

Don’t use negative words

Positive words are powerful. Positive words have the ability to create positive thoughts and experiences. So, stay away from words that have negative meanings. You should also make sure that the name is not offensive or inappropriate to any religion or culture.

Don’t forget to check if the name is already taken

Before finalizing a name for your potion shop, it’s important to check the availability of your selected name as a:

  • Domain: for your business online presence, you’ll need a domain name for your website. Check it on GoDaddy.
  • Social media networks: such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Check it on Namecheckr.
  • Trademark: make sure to visit your state trademark office for checking the trademark database. You can check it online on if you are an American business.


In conclusion, we recommend using words that invoke the sense of magic and enchantment that potion shops provide. Using words that evoke the process of mixing ingredients, the power behind the potions, or the old-world feel of potion shops, can all be good choices for naming your potion shop.

Hopefully, you liked this article and have got some inspiration. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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