Pizza Shop Names: 500+ Catchy Pizza Restaurant Name Ideas

So, you have finally decided to run a pizza business and now looking for an unforgettable name for your pizza shop. Great!

In this article, I have listed some best pizza shop names and pizza restaurant names, along with creative ideas on how to pick the right name. Let’s get started!

Pizza Shop Names

Here are some creative pizza shop names to inspire your ideas:

Pizza Restaurant Names

These are the catchy pizza restaurant names ideas for you:

Pizza Shop Names in UK

Below is the list of most famous pizza shop names in UK for your inspiration:

Funny Pizza Shop Names

Following are some crazy and funny pizza name ideas for you:

Unique Pizza Shop Names

These are some unique pizza shop names you can use right away:

Trendy Pizza Names

These are some trendy pizza names you can use for your business:

Pizza Nicknames

Below are the attractive pizza nicknames for your inspiration:

How to Name Your Pizzeria and Pizza Shop

The first thing you have to do is decide how you want your business to be perceived by potential customers.

For example, do you want to operate a family-oriented pizza shop where the kids can play games while the adults enjoy a slice of pizza, or a late-night pizza shop that draws the crowds after a late-night movie?

(This question is more complicated than it sounds! A lot of people like to eat pizza after a movie, but there are also a lot of people who don’t.)

Below are a few important steps for creating unique pizza shop names:

Define your service.

Business names are the backbone of your service or business you are doing. Your name is the first thing people will see before entering your shop. So, the name you will choose for your pizzeria should explain something about your service.

It will help people to easily recognize your specialty and business.

Use puns in your pizza restaurant name.

Puns are very popular and enough catchy to attract the customer’s attention. Also, puns are easy for the customer to remember. Such as look at these examples of catchy pizza shop names with puns.

“Lettuce Celebrate”’, “Soupper Pizzeria”, “Nice to Meat You”, “Let’s Cut to the Cheese”, “It’s Fry-Day”, etc.

Try a one-word name.

Using one-word pizza name can be more powerful and professional. If you search for the popular pizza shop names around the world you will see most of them have used a single word name.

Because too long and complicated names are difficult for potential customers to remember and pronounce. Here are some examples of one-word pizza restaurant names. Bæst, Pizzana, Appiza, Stromboli, etc.

Use location-based names.

Adding a location in your shop name can be a great idea if you want to target a specific area. This could be the entire address or just a portion.

For example, 5 Street Pizzeria, Mountain Hill Pizza Shop, California-Style Pizza, River Side Pizza Restaurant, etc. These types of location-based names can help your customers to find your shop easily.

Use your brand personality.

It depends on you, if you want your own name to be brand, then you should be proud of using your own name. It may be your nickname and the first or last part of your personal name.

One of the most popular examples is “John’s Of Bleecker Street”. It is one of the famous pizza shops around the world located in New York.

Use alliteration and rhymes.

Another great way of adding fun to your business name is the use of alliteration and rhymes. For creating a catchy name you should use rhymes in your name.

Look at these examples, Spice Of Life, Cheese Please, Tomato Cato, Crispy Crème, Pizza Frieza, etc.

Names that include the word ‘pizza’ or ‘pizzeria’.

One of the simplest ways of creating a simple and unique pizza company name is to use the word pizza or Pizzeria in your name. You can combine these keywords with many words and phrases.

Such as, with your nickname: for example, Moon Pizzeria.

With Adjectives: for example, Salty Pizza Shop, Tasty Pizza, Spicy Pizza Restaurant.

Consider Spanish or Italian pizza shop names.

These two languages are popular for pizza shops, you can also give it a try. Some examples are, La Piccola Italia, Paradiso, Italian Kitchen, L’Ultimo Spicchio,

Come up with the original name.

You have to come up with an original name by creating new words and phrases. An easy way to create an original name is to brainstorm the related name ideas with your friends and family members.

Make a list of related words to pizza and then select one favorite word from your list by getting feedback or voting.

Make sure your name is available.

Once you have selected a name for your pizza shop, one of the crucial steps is to check its availability. Visit your state trademark registration office or To make sure your name is not already taken.

Also, check the domain name availability on for the online setup of your pizza business.

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