500+ Catchy Painting Company Name Ideas You Can Use

If you are expertise in painting, starting your own painting business can be a good idea to earn a decent income. But when starting there are many important decisions you have to make.

Choosing a good name for your painting company is one of the important and first decisions you should make. As it is the face of your business, which tells people what your business is all about.

For your inspiration, in this blog post, we have suggested some catchy, creative, and cool painting company names that you can use for your new painting company.

Let’s get started!

Painting Company Names

Here is the list of catchy painting company names for your new startup:

Good Painting Company Name Ideas

These are some good painting name ideas to inspire you:

Unique Painting Company Names

Below are some unique painting company names for your next painting business:

Cool Painting Company Names

These are some cool painting company names to inspire your ideas:

Funny Painting Company Names

Below are the funny painting company names you can consider using:

Clever Paint Store Names

The following are some clever paint store name ideas you can use right away:

Best Painting Names

These are the best painting names you can find ever:

Creative Names for Painting Competition

These are the most creative names for painting competition you can use:

Paint Gallery Names

Here are some cool paint gallery names for you:

Brand Names for Paint

The following are the best brand names for paint that you may like:

Painting Artist Names

These are some catchy painting artist names for your inspiration:

Tips for Choosing Creative Painting Company Names

Below are a few tips for naming your painting company.

Consider using your own name.

If we look at history, most of the artists used their own names. Also, many entrepreneurs prefer to use their own names. It will be helpful for the customers to easily remember you by your own name.

If your name is common in the industry, consider using another name because for making a brand identity you have to come up with a unique name.

Make it descriptive by using related words.

Come up with a name that tells what you do. You can create descriptive names by using related words to your keyword.

Such as look at these examples, Golden Brushes, Beautiful Walls, Creative Corners, Decoration Painting, etc.

Make it simple and short.

Choosing a short and simple name is an excellent way for you to come up with a catchy business name. You can create short and simple names by using adjectives before your keyword.

For example, Fine Painting, Colorful Painting, Stylish Painters, Dynamic Painting, Quick Paint, etc. These all sound sweet and simple.

Test your name by getting feedback.

Once you come up with your favorite painting name ideas, get some feedback from your target audiences and friends.

Ask them, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name? Also, ask them for new ideas. After their feedback, you will easily choose a great name.

Make sure you can register the name as a trademark.

Thousands of business names register every single day. So, it’s important to check your name is not already trademarked by someone else. Visit the site USPTO.gov to make sure.

Check for domain name availability.

Before making the final decision also check the domain name availability if you want to attract customers online. Check it easily on namecheap.com.

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