400 Creative and Catchy Notary Business Names

What are some good notary business name ideas?

If you are starting a notary business, you may be worrying about how to choose a good name.

In this article, I have collected some best notary business names that you can use if you find them interesting. Also, below you will find some guidelines on how to create a unique name.

Let’s get started.

Notary Business Names

Here are some cool, attractive, unique, and catchy notary business names to inspire your ideas:

  • Official Signings
  • Signed at Sea
  • Champion Public Notary
  • National Notarizer
  • Greenfield Notary
  • First-Choice Mobile Notary
  • Desert Documents
  • Appleman Legal
  • Solutions Group
  • The Lil’ Notary
  • Crossroads Notary
  • Translation & Apostille Services
  • Pass Mobile Notary
  • Freemans Solicitors
  • Spring Hill Notary
  • Your Personal Assistant
  • Peach State Notary
  • Right Away Notary
  • Seal of Approval Notary
  • Queens Mobile Notary
  • Blue Notary Services
  • Apostille World
  • Concierge Notary Services
  • Freelance Notary Public
  • Complete Formations
  • All Day Mobile Notary
  • Enterprise Notary
  • Integrated Multi Services
  • White Horse Notary Public
  • Anya’s Mobile Notary Service
  • Wally Notary
  • Diana Notary Public
  • Pro Notary Xpert
  • Barry McAlpin
  • An All Opened
  • Certifier A-1
  • Notary-Anne-Anne
  • Master Notary Public
  • Arizona Authenticate
  • Go-Cure Notaries
  • Attorney at Law Notary
  • Skymark Notary
  • Proof Notary Public
  • The Expert Notary
  • Kiddie Notarial
  • Notarize-Me-Not
  • Certalicious
  • Cash Time Notary
  • Authentize with Joy
  • Preston Notary
  • Boothmark Notary
  • Professional Mobile Notary
  • Analogical Notary
  • Signing By Jason
  • My Paging & Tax
  • Daring Notary Public
  • TLS Notary Public
  • The Attest Expert
  • PJM Authenticate
  • PVP Notary
  • Timely Notary
  • K2 Notary Public
  • Valhalla Notary
  • Alachua City Notary
  • Fastest Notary Around
  • Signing with Pride
  • Tax2NotaryNerd

Creative Notary Business Names

These are the most creative names for notary business you can consider using:

  • Lily Pad Notary Services
  • Sign n’ ID
  • Crown Heights Mobile Notary
  • Victorious Notary
  • Legal Point Lawyers
  • Law Consultancy Services
  • Standard Alliance LLC
  • Law Lane Solicitors
  • Ink Witnesses
  • Financial Services Lawyer
  • Signing Services
  • Free Range Notary
  • Identity Indeed
  • Vertical Business Notary Services
  • Mark Legister Notary Public
  • Certified Translation Services
  • Immigration Services & Notary
  • Angel Mobile Notary & Services
  • All Time Notary Services
  • Heights Financial Services
  • Rapid Notary and Signing Agent
  • The Attest Expert
  • Good 2 Go Mobile Notary
  • Scrivener Notaries
  • The Approval Stamp
  • AJ’s Notary Public
  • Paper-Tip Notary
  • TPC Vault
  • A Good Signing Service Inc
  • Zebra Notary Public
  • Absolute Mobile Notary
  • CPSA En Nederland
  • EZ Notary Nevada
  • Royal Signing Center
  • United Notary Public
  • MeDoc IT Services
  • Alter A Notary
  • Pipeline Notary
  • Crest My New-Notary
  • D.P.Notary
  • Signing By Choice
  • Nc Notary Of Phoenix
  • Porter Town East LLP
  • My Signature Love
  • Kiss My Phoenix Sign

Mobile Notary Business Names

Below is the list of best mobile notary business names for your inspiration:

  • Stone Notary Public
  • Noble Mobile Notary Public Signing
  • Xpress Mobile Notary
  • Painless Process Mobile Notary
  • Avision Business Solutions
  • Four Corners Notary Services
  • Fast Insurance Titles & Notary Public
  • Known Notary
  • American Association Notaries
  • Hillside Legal
  • Coastal Closings
  • Be There Soon Notary
  • Global Link
  • Spearhead Notary
  • Signing Off Notary
  • Milestone Solicitors
  • Preceding Point
  • Notary of Note
  • Universal Translation Services
  • Global Multiservices
  • Long Island Notary Company
  • Validated n’ Verified
  • The Signature Stop
  • Breakthrough Notary
  • Become a Notary
  • Red Seal Notary
  • Entity Business Services LLC
  • Express Professional Services

Notary Public Business Names

These are the catchy notary public business names for you:

  • Notarizexpert
  • Girl on the run – Notary
  • Notary Income Tax
  • Multi-Services
  • Seed Legal
  • Route to Official
  • Legalize Line
  • Elite Image Tax and Notary Service
  • Devine Notary
  • Queens County Clerk
  • Source One Notaries
  • City Notaries
  • Document Authentication
  • 24 Hr. Mobile Notary
  • Towers Legal
  • Mayfair Notary
  • Notary Public London
  • Trusted Mobile Notary
  • Neat n’ Notarized
  • Alliance Risk Group
  • Key Partners Solicitors
  • Premium Insurance
  • Parcel Plus
  • Notary on Wheels
  • Fishers Notary

Notary Business Names

How to Name Your Notary Business

Below are a few suggestions for creating unique notary business names:

1. Brainstorm some notary business name ideas

First of all, you have to decide on the type of name you want to create for your notary business. Such as funny name, clever, creative, or simple name.

For example, let’s say you need a funny name. Start thinking about related words and funny phrases that can be used in your business name.

If you don’t have any ideas, don’t worry there are two easy ways of brainstorming name ideas.

  • Sit with your friends and ask them for some funny notary business name ideas.
  • Use online notary business name generators, they will help you come up with a list of good ideas.

2. Select your favorites

After brainstorming, keep these qualities of a good business name in mind and shortlist some of the best names from your list.

  • Choose a name that is easy to remember.
  • It should easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Don’t choose a name that can limit your business growth.
  • Avoid using wrong spellings.
  • Don’t copy your competitor.
  • Choose a name that conveys something about your business.

3. Keep your name short and simple

If you look at the famous brand names in the world, you will find simplicity in common. For example, Coca Cola, Samsung, Nike, Adidas, Apple, Software, etc.

So, never go for a complicated and boring name that can bring customers away from you.

4. Research for the existing notary business names

Simply search for the existing names in your area and get ideas from their names. Such as if you love this name “24Horurs Notary Services” but it’s already taken.

What to do? You can turn this name to many other unique names such as All Day Notary Services, Day and Night Notary Services, Whole Day Notary, etc.

Don’t choose a name that is used by another company, because it can cause legal difficulties.

5. Check the domain name and trademark database

Before making a final decision, don’t forget to check these two important things:

Domain name: For advertising and marketing your business on the web, you will need a matching domain name. So, check it on Domain.com.

Also, check the other social media profiles on Namecheckr.com

Trademark database: You can’t trademark a business name if it’s already registered by someone else. Therefore visit Trademarkia.com to make sure you can trademark your selected name.

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