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300 Cute and Catchy Knitting Business Name Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for a new knitting business name, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to give you some clever and catchy knitting business names to choose from.

Your knitting business can’t survive on originality and creativity alone. You will need a name that stands out, a name people can instantly recognize and remember and a name that will give your business a boost!

Let’s jump into the name ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Catchy Knitting Business Names

Here are some catchy knitting business names you can use for your new startup:

  • Grandma’s Knitting
  • Creative Knits
  • Cozy Kind Knitting
  • Knitting Parties
  • Tinted Thread Co.
  • Fabulous Yarn
  • Knit It Nice!
  • The Knitting Art
  • Purl Bee
  • My Posh Knitting
  • Green Mountain Knitting
  • Sew Knit See
  • Red Heart Knitting
  • Fashion Cutz
  • Weave & Thread
  • Ready Steady Knit
  • Piney Creek Knitting
  • Sister Arts
  • Sweat On Demand
  • Cast on Enduring Yarns
  • Crown Me Royal Print
  • Knitting Overhead
  • My Little Knits
  • Fancy Stitch
  • Knitting on The Spot
  • Grandma Knits
  • Yarn Junction Co
  • Uniquely Yours Knitting & Quilting Center
  • Culture Creations
  • Glitter Goddess
  • Yellow Thread Supply
  • Knitting Nook
  • Little Baby Knitting
  • Love Knits Petals
  • The Perfect Knit
  • Woven Strand Supply
  • Mom’s Knitting
  • My Little Knit Lab
  • Knit and Charm
  • Twist & Purl
  • The Knitter’s Heart
  • Knitted Stuff Plus
  • Knit Together Creations
  • Five Star Knitting
  • Knitting Next Door
  • The Knitted Charm
  • Oh My Yarn
  • Blazing Needles
  • New Rainbow Fabrics
  • The Knitting Dame
  • Hands On Knitting Center
  • Knitting Castle
  • Knit Me Nice
  • Amazing Threads
  • The Yarn Attic
  • Knit2Boom
  • Weaving To Glory
  • Cottage Knitting
  • That Little Wool Shop
  • Mason’s Craft
  • Knitting Things
  • Personal Threads Boutique
  • Laughing Hens
  • Cozy Knitting
  • Yarn Matters
  • Circle of Stitches
  • Needle Tweedle
  • Wooltopia
  • Knit Your Heart Out
  • Fresh Stitches
  • The Knitting Bee

Clever Knitting Business Names

These are some clever knitting business names that you may like:

  • Knitting Connection
  • Knit It Again 2
  • The Modern Knit
  • Bridal Knitwear
  • 4 Less Yarns
  • A Little Snow
  • Hill Country Weavers
  • I Love Knit
  • The Trendy Knitting
  • Crawford Knitting Co
  • Yarn Addiction
  • Mother Knitter
  • Putta Lid On It
  • Purple Heart Yarn
  • Finished Matters
  • Stitchability
  • Yarn’s End
  • All Woven Together
  • The Knitter’s Edge
  • The Lazy Needle
  • Krazy Knitting
  • StitchWorx
  • Knitting Place
  • Maker+Stitch
  • Family Ties Yarn Supply
  • Knitting Therapy
  • Knitting for Dollars
  • Finished Knitting
  • Heart’s Knitting
  • The Knitting Joy
  • Yarn Fixation
  • Dazzle Me Invites
  • The Wool Haven
  • Trendy Knits
  • Knitting Knook
  • Knitting on the Wall
  • Knit Knit
  • Black Sheep Knitting Shop
  • Sharp Works
  • Loveline Knitting
  • Mummy Little Knitter
  • Simply Knitt
  • Tapestry Needle and Threads
  • Bridal Knitting
  • Knit Happens
  • Knit 4 U
  • Colorful Knitting
  • You DesignKnits
  • Darn Knit Anyway
  • Stitch Divas
  • JP Knit & Stitch

Cool Knitting Shop Names

Below is the list of some cool knitting shop name ideas to inspire you:

  • Holly Knits Shop
  • Baskets & Stitches
  • Pinky Knitting
  • Wool Bask Inn
  • Little Knitters
  • Spindow Knitting Shop
  • Sew n’ knit
  • The Knitting Bee
  • The New Stitch
  • Knitting Time
  • Knit the Runway
  • The Knitting Zone
  • Knits Etc
  • Fingery Knitting
  • The Knitter’s Corner
  • The Knitted Vault
  • Just Knits
  • All about Knitting
  • Sew It Fine Knits
  • Sandy’s Yarn Store
  • Knitted Weave
  • Little White Knits
  • Knit My Lace
  • One Size Knitting
  • The Good Knitter
  • Bodies Knitting
  • Knitted Away
  • Knitting with Joy
  • The Blue Wagon Yarn
  • Sassy Knitting & Sew
  • Knitting Art Studio
  • Knitted Beads
  • Knit N You
  • Little Black Needle
  • LaVida Knitting Shop
  • Sister’s Knitting
  • Knitting Lace Up
  • Little Green Pot
  • Knitting On the Wall
  • Knitting with Love
  • Knitting the Village
  • Knitting Heaven
  • Knitted on Mill
  • Knitting House
  • Knitted Studio
  • Sassy Knitting
  • Crochet City
  • Knitted On 4th
  • Knitting Kutz
  • Hobby Knits Galore

Unique Knitting Business Names

These are some unique knitting business names you can consider using:

  • Knitted N Things
  • Strands and Stitches
  • New Look Knitting
  • Knitter’s Family
  • Your Sister Knits
  • Crocheted Charm
  • Elite Yarn
  • Feel Good Knitting
  • Krispy Knits
  • Knit House on Main
  • Knitting Magic
  • Sweet Home Knitting
  • All About The Yarn
  • The Knitter’s Nook
  • Lucky’s Knitting
  • The Trend Spot
  • The Knitting Tree
  • Unwind Yarn Shop
  • Knitting with Class
  • Knit Me Good
  • Knitty Gritty Yarn Store
  • Find Me Knitting
  • Wool Zone
  • The Art of Knits
  • The Knitting Garden
  • Sparkle’s Yarns
  • Flying Fingers Yarn Shop
  • StitchItKnit
  • Pins and Needles
  • Simple Little Yarns
  • First Front Knitting
  • Knit’n’Stuff
  • KnitWit Yarn Shop
  • Knitting It Again
  • My Crafty knits
  • Knitting Needle Lane
  • Sole Searching Shoes
  • Almighty Knitting
  • Knitted With Purpose
  • Unraveling Yarns
  • Twinning Dreams
  • Mosaic Threads Spot
  • Knit Wit Incorporated
  • Grandpa Knits
  • The Knitted Rabbit
  • Knit Works
  • Knit It Needle
  • Knitting Creations
  • Cream City Knitting

Creative Names for Knitting Business

The following are some creative names for knitting business that will inspire you to get started:

  • Spin The Wool
  • ImagiKnit
  • Knit It Lucky
  • Cast Away Yarn Shop
  • Knitted Threads Co.
  • Blonder Knits
  • Fuzzy Wuzzies Crafts
  • Adventures In Knitting
  • Stitches to Serenity
  • Delta Wool Shop
  • Weavers Studio
  • The Knitting World
  • Social Knitwork
  • Knitting Criations
  • Needlecase Limited
  • Knitting with Style
  • Sweet Jane Knitting
  • Knitting Stitches
  • Mother’s Knitting
  • Bliss Knitting
  • The SweetKnit
  • Little Lace Knitting
  • The Knittery” and The
  • The Village Knitting
  • Red Heart Yarn
  • Snowflakes Winter Shop
  • Knitted Baskets
  • Klassy Knitting
  • Purl Time Boutique
  • Yarn Store Boutique
  • Knit & Pearls
  • The Little Knittery
  • Queen Bee Knitting
  • Classic Knits
  • Knitting Notions
  • Knit To the Drop
  • Looped Yarn Works
  • YarnMongers
  • Knit This Too
  • Stash Central
  • Knitting with Cakes
  • Knit a Bit
  • Your Knitter’s Paradise
  • Twisted Knits
  • No Frills Knitting
  • Stitch Style
  • Shamrock Knit
  • Knitting on the Move
  • Knitted Up Grandmas

Cute Names for Knitting Groups

These are some cute names for knitting groups that you might find interesting:

  • Meet The Knitters
  • Paradise Knitters
  • Knitting at home
  • Dream Girls Crochet
  • Sewing Bees Craft
  • Maternity Knits
  • Twirl You Some Yarn!
  • Craft Owls
  • Stitched Together
  • The Yarn Boutique
  • Knit it Fashion
  • Darn & Mend It
  • Sew Custom
  • The Knitting Place
  • Close Knit
  • New York Knitting
  • Once Upon Yarn
  • The Artful Yarn
  • The Needle & Thread
  • Tiny Stitches
  • Second Story Knits
  • Little Knits
  • Knit Knook
  • Threading My Way
  • Whitknits
  • My Favorite Knitting
  • Woolly Thought
  • Mad Knitter’s Yarn
  • Knitted Charm
  • Needle Stories

Knitting Business Names

How to Name Your Knitting Business

The name of your business is a big deal. It is the first thing that people see, the thing that is on your business cards, the thing that you and your customers see every day—and maybe the thing that you are the most proud of. So, how do you choose the right name for your knitting business?

Here are some tips for choosing a name for your knitting business:

1. Do some research

First of all, you need to do some research about existing knitting business names people have already used. And what are the related and trending words that you can use in your company name?

Simply search for the famous existing knitting businesses in your area and get some inspiration from their names. But make sure you are not using the same name.

2. Come up with a list of potential names

The next step is to come up with a list of possible name ideas. You can do it by brainstorming knitting names with your friends and family members. Or you can use a knitting business name generator for creating some unique names.

One of the best ideas to coming with some great names is to ask your friends on Facebook or Instagram. They will help you come up with a list of unique names.

3. Make a shortlist of the best possibilities

Once you come up with a list of name ideas, sit with a fresh mind and shortlist some of your favorite names. When shortlisting, keep these important things in mind.

  • Pick a short and simple name.
  • Choose a name that is relevant to your business.
  • Make sure it sounds good.
  • Avoid names with spelling mistakes.

4. Get feedback on your favorite names

Getting feedback is a good idea to decide on a name for your business. After shortlisting your favorites reach out to family, friends, and anyone else you know, to ask them what they think which name is perfect for your new startup.

The more people you ask, the better. You don’t want to pick something that someone else likes better than you, because after all, it’s your business so you should pick something you like.

5. Look at the domain availability to see if you can register your name as a .com

Another important step is to check the availability of the domain name when choosing a name for your business.

At some point, every business owner will need a website. If you are starting a small business, you might not need a website yet. For a larger business, the website is a vital part of your business’s marketing platform.

So, it’s important to get the domain name registered as soon as possible because hundreds of domain names register every day. First, check it on to make sure it’s available, and then register it to make it yours.

6. Your name should differentiate your business from others

Name is a powerful marketing tool. If you want customers to know you and your business is different, pick a name that is memorable and different, and that stands out from the rest.

Your business name is the face of your business and it should be different from the other businesses’ faces in your industry. It should be unique, one-of-a-kind, part of the essence of your business, and something you can use to distinguish your product, service, or company from others.

7. It should be not one that can limit your business growth

One of the big mistakes people make is choosing a too specific name for their business. It’s understandable that people are excited to jump into their first business, but choosing a too specific name can cause them to have difficulty growing their business.

A too specific name can damage your brand and your ability to grow and prosper. A good name on the other hand can help you stand out and gain a competitive advantage and can save you time and money in the long run.

8. Make sure your name is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell

You want your name to be memorable and not too long, but at the same time, you don’t want it to be so generic and forgettable that people start to confuse your company with something else.

Before you choose a name, you’ll need to think about how it will be pronounced and how it will be spelled. A quality name that is memorable and easy to spell and say will help you come off as professional and trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.

9. Make sure your name doesn’t have any negative connotations

Business names can be a reflection of your company and help set the tone for your brand. When deciding on a name take the time to consider the meaning behind your business name, and make sure it doesn’t have any negative connotations.

10. Check if the name is available as a trademark

You can trademark a business name, which means it will be easier to protect your brand name or your business identity. This will help you stop other people from using the same name or an identical version of it. It will also help you prevent other people from using the same name for other types of businesses, confusing the public.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides you with quick and easy ways to find out by simply searching its website. Other nations typically offer similar protection. If you’re not sure if your business is available as a trademark, contact your legal trademark office.


In conclusion, when choosing a name for your knitting business, I recommend you choose something with the word “Knit” or “Knitting” in there. If you want to add a word to make it more creative and original, consider adding the word “Designer” or “Fiber.” We hope the above lists of knitting business names have given you the inspiration you need to name your knitting business.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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