700 Catchy Honey Business Names That Will Make a Buzz

If you’re starting your own honey business, coming up with a business name can be one of the most challenging parts. After all, you want a name that is memorable and reflects the type of business you’re offering.

To inspire you, in this blog post we’ve suggested hundreds of catchy honey business names you can use to get started.

Choosing the right name for your small business is no small matter. It’s a representation of your brand, and typically the name will be the first thing people will see when searching online.

So, it’s critical to choose something catchy, yet sophisticated enough to be memorable. Let’s dive in!

Honey Business Names

These are some best honey business name ideas you can use to get started your new business:

  • Honeymoon Hops
  • Honey’s Best Jar
  • Sweetened Honey Shop
  • Happy Honey Hooves
  • Happy & Wild Honey
  • Big Dooty Honey
  • Sandy Honey
  • Honey Bee Town
  • The Sweetest Cafe
  • Gimme That Honey
  • Smoothe Bee Company
  • Honey Sac House
  • Honey Bunch
  • Sweet Magic Honey
  • Honey ‘n Sweet
  • Honey and Cookies
  • Bespoke Honey
  • Crazy Honey Honey
  • Happy Honey Buzz
  • Golden Honey
  • Bee Happy Honey
  • The Serenity Delight
  • Crown Honey Company
  • Humble Bee
  • Fresh & Easy Honey
  • Honey Me Baddie
  • Golden Horse Honey
  • Honey’s Delicious
  • Sugar Factory Honey
  • Hi-Health Honey
  • The Honey Hive
  • Honey Bunch
  • Spring Blossom Honey
  • Honeyed Orchids
  • Happy Moo Delights
  • Sunrise Honey Butter
  • The Honey Hops
  • Honey Bee
  • Honey Baby Studios
  • Lunu Honey
  • Honey’s Honeycomb
  • New West Honey
  • Golden Drops
  • The Honey Bee Zone
  • The Hope Honeycomb
  • Hone Honey
  • Apiary Of Hope
  • Honey’s In The City
  • Honeymoon Nectar
  • Honey Kiss Fever
  • Honey Tree
  • Highland Honey
  • Unforgettable Honey
  • Magic Honeys
  • Promise Manuka
  • Sweet Bees Is
  • Crown The Honey
  • Honeyed Luxury
  • The Honey Nut Couple
  • Sweet Land Honey

Honey Business Names

Catchy Names for Honey Business

These are some catchy names for honey business (that will get you more clients):

  • 100% Purity Honey
  • Bulu Honey
  • Honey’s in Bloom
  • Moonbeam Honey
  • The Honey Affair
  • Honeyed Up
  • Honey B’s Coney
  • Nellis Ballymac
  • Delish Honey Company
  • Lovable Bee Honey
  • The Honey Bee Hut
  • Kool Snobz
  • Angel Bites Honey
  • Honey Bar Honey
  • The Honey Craze
  • Magic Bee Apiaries
  • The Shoney Shop
  • Hive Thrive
  • Nature Honeys
  • Everlasting Honey
  • Warm Blossom
  • The Honey Pot
  • Honey N’ Luck
  • My Wild Heaven
  • Buzzy Biz
  • Honey Hut-Halo
  • Honey Bar
  • Cactus Bee Honey
  • Honeydelicious Crave
  • Empowering Honey
  • Creamy Comb
  • Daring Honey
  • Yup! Honey
  • The Honeymoon Hops
  • Red Mountain Honey
  • Poochies Paints
  • Bottled Dew
  • Sweet Lulu’s Honey
  • Bliss Honey Inn
  • Dough Queen Honey
  • Honey Crib
  • Honey My Sweet
  • Blue Diamond Honey
  • Honey Queen
  • Tropical Honey Farm
  • Honey Baked Bar
  • The Perfect Honey
  • Mamies Honey
  • Honey on the Fly

Good Honey Business Names

The following are some good honey business names that you may like:

  • Honey Town USA
  • Totally Honey
  • Honey ‘n’ Green
  • Happy Honey Baskets
  • MVP Honey
  • A Plus Honey
  • Stinging Honey
  • Good Earth Honey
  • Honey Vine
  • Honey Hutz
  • Fresh & Fancy Honey
  • Frozen Plum Gelato
  • Honey Biter
  • Honey By Cindy
  • Sweet Honey N’ Sugar
  • Honey of London
  • Wild Valley Honey
  • Maltzy Blossoms
  • The Honey Shop Honey
  • Homestake Honey
  • Bee’s Energy
  • Heaven Of Bees
  • Bee Hives 4U
  • Almond Breeze Honey
  • Honey Biltz
  • Happy Honey Apiary
  • Desert Bee Honey
  • Hoo Hoops Honey
  • Sweet Talkers
  • Yours Truly Honey
  • Honeymoon’s Cafe
  • Sweet On The Spot
  • Honey And Aids
  • Honey Me Sugar
  • Honey Bee Lemonade
  • Coconut Bee Honey
  • Honey Hut Honeymoon
  • Sweet Cuts
  • Starr Honey
  • Honey Business Cafe
  • Honeyed Delight
  • Tiffany Honey
  • Honey Place
  • Honey Moon Petal
  • Lavala Honey
  • Friendly Bees
  • Perfection Honey
  • Honey Hill
  • Honeyed Up Delight
  • Leavitt Honey

Good Honey Business Names

Creative Names for Honey Business

These are some creative names for a honey business you can use:

  • Organic
  • Honeganic
  • The Honey Cloud
  • Honey Be Quick
  • The Honeymania
  • Bud’s Honey Shop
  • Honey Village
  • The Honey Queen
  • Uptown Honey
  • Honey House
  • Honey on the Run
  • The Original Mounds
  • Good Times Honey
  • Pure & Sweet Sugar
  • Sandy Bee Honey
  • Honey Binge
  • Jolly Beans N Oils
  • Bee Sting
  • Hive Five
  • Honey Potions Beekeeping
  • Honey Vapours
  • Folie Nettoyeur
  • Happy Trails Honey
  • Old-Time Honey Farm
  • Solo8 Honey Company
  • Meeple’s Honey
  • Bee’s Landing Honey
  • Twice as Good Honey
  • Hot Serenity Honey
  • Honey 2 The Hives
  • Honey N’ Go
  • Stellar Honeybees
  • The Sweetest Hit
  • The Love of Bee
  • Fairy Hill Honey
  • Honey ‘n Berry
  • Honey Me Honey Honey
  • Be My Honey
  • Honey Country
  • The Honey Crafters

Funny Honey Business Names

The following are some funny honey business names that you might find interesting:

  • The Honey Tree
  • Honey Picks
  • Bee Smart
  • Sugar Daddy’s Honey
  • Pure Pure Honey
  • Honeyem Boutique
  • Hi-Fly Honey
  • Honeymoon Honey Cafe
  • The Sweetest Hunt
  • Honey B’s Cafe
  • Blissful Buzz
  • Wild Oats Honey
  • Little Honey Shop
  • Happy’s Honey Cup
  • Organic Nectar
  • The Real Deal Honey
  • Potted Planet
  • Papa John’s Honey
  • Sugar & Honey Farms
  • Honeyckey Honey
  • Honey Bee Keeper
  • Sweet Relief Honey
  • Bubble Bee Honey
  • Purest Comb
  • Honey Do
  • L’oreal Honey
  • Cute As A Bee
  • Honeybee
  • Honeysuckle Floral Delights
  • Sugar Me Honey
  • Grainful Honey
  • Honey & Company USA
  • Little Oreck Honey
  • Heavenly Honey
  • Ethereal Hives
  • Honey & Luv Honey
  • Just For Honey
  • Honeyland
  • The Honey Co
  • Highly Humble Farm
  • Sewing Shop Honey
  • Poppyseeds Sweet Tea

Unique Honey Company Names

Below is the list of some unique honey company names to choose from:

  • The Honey Jar
  • Papaya Honey
  • Honeybee’s Hopps
  • Honey’s Divine
  • Sweet Day Honey
  • B’s N Honey
  • Honeymee Valley
  • Better Honey Farm
  • The Purest Honey
  • Honey by Jody
  • Poppy’s Honey
  • Mesa Honey Company
  • Black Cherry Honey
  • Kw Honey
  • Honey Baked Delights
  • Honey Bee Bites
  • Honeyed Couture
  • Honey Me Nice
  • All Time Wild Honey
  • Honey Moon
  • Red Vite Honey Shop
  • Sweet Suite
  • Honeyed Away
  • Ace Hops
  • Honey’s Dozen
  • Unguard Honey
  • New World Dream Cafe
  • Lovely City Honey
  • Wicked Honey Bar
  • Sweet Jesus Honey
  • Honey Land Cafe
  • Sweet Daddy Honey
  • My Good Honey
  • Happy Honeycomb Farm
  • Southside Raising
  • Eating Honey
  • Wake the Honey
  • Flowery Bee
  • Dana’s Honey
  • Nectar Angel
  • Honey Hill Farm
  • Bliss Honey Bar
  • Dani’s Wild Honey
  • Vital Honey Farm
  • Honey ‘n Bail
  • Bewitched Bee Farm
  • Joyful Jars Honey
  • Honey Box Honey
  • Green Valley Honey
  • Rural Honey Company

Clever Honey Business Names

These are some clever honey business name ideas for you:

  • Honey Valley
  • Hoops N Honey
  • Golden Spooned Honey
  • Honey Nuzzlers
  • Hi Honey
  • Biodynamic Bees
  • Honeyed Heaven
  • Jus Pure Baked Honey
  • Sweet Heavens Honey
  • Honey Me Sweet
  • Honey and Delights
  • Honey Lane
  • N&N Apiaries
  • Gotta Honey
  • Honey Queen Cafe
  • Honey Hut Honey
  • Sunrise Hives
  • Honey Valley Honey
  • Little Sister Honey
  • Honey’s Haunt
  • Beekeeper’s Shop
  • Honey My Delight
  • Honeyy Honey
  • Honey Me Baby
  • Buzzon The Hive
  • Shine City Honey
  • Sweet Tails Honey
  • Red Star Honey
  • Del’s Sweet Delights
  • The Family Honey Farm
  • Crown Honey Co.
  • Honey Lick Studio
  • Tru ‘N’ Sweet
  • Simply Bee
  • Bee Natural
  • Honey’z Jus
  • Sweet Honey Delight
  • Honey’s Sweet House
  • Honeycomb Acre
  • The Honey Honey Club

Honey Brand Name Ideas

These are some honey brand names you can use for your product:

  • Sweet Sugar Delights
  • Leap Masson
  • Honey Bee’s Knees
  • Starbucks Honey
  • Best-Ever Honey
  • Poured Nature
  • Yours Honey
  • Honey Valley Farm
  • Thriving Hive
  • Beehive
  • Bee Happy Company
  • Dazzling Honey
  • Moonlite Honey
  • Mama’s Little Closet
  • Sugarmee Honey Bar
  • Honey Fever Yarn
  • Bee Honey Boutique
  • Black’s Honey Farm
  • Honey King
  • Always Bee Honey
  • The Honey’s Priest
  • Bee Good Honey
  • Soapy Sweetness
  • Royal Honey Inn
  • Westgate Hives
  • Betsy & Bunkle
  • Serenity’s Bee House
  • Pure Honey
  • Oh! Yummy Honey
  • Gone Wild Honey
  • Nature’s Nectar
  • Honey Man
  • Twilight Honey
  • Chapman Products
  • Hot Shot Honey
  • Gourmet Loved Honey
  • Smiling Sweetness
  • Happy-2-Happy Hives
  • Pure & Fresh Honey
  • Parm’s Honey Store
  • Honeychuckle
  • Twelve Moms Honey
  • Honey Me Honey Hives
  • Sweet Escape Honey
  • Nad’s Boutique Honey
  • Heaven’s Sweet Treat
  • The Sweetest Delight

Honey Brand Names

Honey Business Name Generator

Here are some more amazing honey business names we’ve generated for your inspiration:

  • Fresh Honey Cafe
  • Bubbles Boneyard
  • Honey-A-Mania
  • Twin Star Honey
  • Le Pleasure Salon
  • YOoh Honey
  • Little City Honey
  • The Honey Apiary
  • Sweet Home Honey
  • Apex Honey
  • Sally’s Honey
  • Honey Be Do Bo
  • Honey B’s Bait
  • Honeybee’s & More
  • Buzz Bee Honey
  • A Treat To Remember
  • Beekeeping
  • Honey-D-Lite
  • Synergy Honey
  • Honeymoon Honeycomb
  • Honey on the Go
  • Regal Honey
  • The Honey Fairy
  • Honey Please
  • Flower Drops
  • Flowers Hive Organic
  • Honey Baked Delight
  • Melted Honey
  • Honey Me Honey Cafe
  • Red Tulips
  • Mama Hoss’s Boutique
  • Bee Crazy For Honey
  • Golden Days Honey
  • Bee Happy
  • A Fresh Start Honey
  • Summer Sunrise Honey Company
  • Honey’s Sweet Spot
  • Honey Lofts
  • The Honey Nut Grill
  • Perc Honey Bar
  • Goddess Honey Farm
  • Elegant Honey Farm
  • Starlite Honey
  • Royal Honeydewan
  • Honey’s ‘n Hops
  • Sweet Nectar
  • Namo Honey
  • Vitabee
  • HoneyBee’s Heaven
  • Bees N Honey

Honey Business Names

How to Choose a Good Name for Your Honey Business

So how do you go about coming up with excellent honey business names? Below, we have listed 10 key rules that you should follow.

Make sure to incorporate them into your honey business naming strategies.

Rule #1: Use a Simple Name

Your honey business name must be simple and straightforward. Avoid overly complicated terms that may confuse customers. The best honey business names consist of 3-5 words only.

Rule #2: Be Unique

If you plan to sell honey, make sure that your honey business name is unique. You don’t want to copy someone else who already has a popular brand.

Instead, choose something that will stand out from the crowd. You don’t want to risk losing potential clients due to a lack of brand awareness.

Rule #3: Add Special Words

You should also add special keywords that describe the characteristics of your product. These words will help customers understand your offering better and make it easier for others to search for similar products.

For example, if you are selling organic honey, you could add “organic” to your honey business name. This way, people who want organic food will easily be able to locate your website.

Rule #4: Look for Synonyms

Synonyms are words that sound alike and mean the same thing. When selecting honey business names, you should focus on finding synonyms instead of just looking for exact matches.

A great example of this rule is “Organic Honey” and “Natural Honey”. Both these phrases have the same meaning; thus, they are considered synonyms.

Rule #5: Don’t Create Confusion

When choosing your honey business names, don’t pick something too long. Too many words might create confusion amongst your target audience. Instead, stick to only 2 or 3 words.

It is always best to keep things short and simple. However, you can still use descriptive words that give more information about your product.

Rule #6: Choose Something Creative

When creating honey business names, you need to think outside the box. You cannot simply copy another company’s name and expect to succeed. Your honey business name needs to stand out from the rest.

In addition, try thinking of a unique slogan or tagline that describes your product. It is important to come up with catchy statements that relate to your core offerings.

Rule #7: Don’t Use Negative and Unpleasant Terms

Avoid using negative and unpleasant terms when naming your honey business. For instance, you shouldn’t call your product “poison” or “crap”.

This would not only hurt your image but also drive away potential customers. Instead, opt for positive and pleasant terms like “pure”, “delicious”, etc.

Rule #8: Get Feedback Before Finalizing a Name

Before finalizing your honey business name, get feedback from friends, family members, and colleagues. They can provide valuable insights regarding what works and what doesn’t work in your honey business name.

After all, you wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars promoting a name that does not resonate well with your target market.


In conclusion, being strategic about naming your honey business is a good idea. It sets you apart from competitors and helps you connect with customers.

We hope our lists of honey business names and tips have helped you select the perfect honey business name! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. We’ll do our best to answer them as soon as possible.

Good Luck!

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