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Hair Business Names: 450+ Catchy Hair Extension Names

You have found a great idea of starting your hair extension business. As you decided to jump into the beauty industry, you will need a good name to start with.

In this article, we are going to suggest some catchy and unique hair business names to help you come up with a brand name for your hair business.

Let’s dive in.

Hair Business Names

Here are some creative and catchy hair business names for your new startup:

  • Hair Rebellion
  • The Designer Hair Company
  • Virgin Hair Boutique
  • Capital Hair & Beauty
  • Wig Store
  • The Hair Confidante
  • Russian Lengths
  • The Wonderful Wig
  • Richy Hair
  • Soul Hair
  • Lush Hair Extensions
  • Fabulace Beauty
  • Sharp’s Global
  • Stylish Lace Wigs
  • Darling Hair
  • Hot Hair Pieces
  • Clipinhair Extensions
  • Fascinations Hair
  • Modern Hair & Beauty
  • Style Diva
  • Luxury Hair Suite
  • Angels Hair Salon
  • Human Hair Centre
  • Natural Hair
  • Crowned Hair Company

Hair Extensions Business Name Ideas

These are the catchy hair extension business names you can consider using:

  • Tresses Hair Extensions
  • Temple Hair Wear
  • The HairXchange
  • True Hair
  • Crown and Glory Virgin Hair
  • Fabulous Hair Boutique
  • Pretty Hair Dropship
  • Forever Hair Extensions
  • Beauty Spree Hair Extensions
  • Hair Talk Salon
  • Virgin Hair Lux
  • The Weave Shop
  • True Glory Hair
  • Virgin Hair Fantasy
  • Lace Me Wigs
  • Beauty Beast Virgin Hair
  • Hair Fleek
  • Honey Hair
  • Essence of Braiding & Weaving
  • Method Hair
  • Dry Society Styling Lounge
  • Empire Hair
  • Curly Hair
  • Silk Hair Salon
  • Serenity Wig & Salon

Hair Extensions Brand Names

These are the famous hair extension brand names to help you come up with your own name:

  • Babe
  • Easihair Pro
  • Cinderella
  • Donna Bella
  • Balmain Hair Extensions
  • Great Lengths
  • Hair Dreams
  • Hotheads
  • Vario Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Indique Hair
  • Richy Hair
  • Kinkistry
  • Glam Seamless
  • Cashmere Hair
  • Donna Bella hair extension brand
  • Luxy hair
  • Hair theme
  • Foxy Locks
  • The Hair shop
  • Philocaly’s Hair extension
  • RPZL hair extensions
  • Zala hair extension
  • Easihair Pro
  • Klix Hair extension
  • Hair lingerie

Virgin Hair Company Name Ideas

Below is the list of virgin hair company names to inspire you:

  • Virgin Hair Depot
  • Hair Mission
  • Great Haircuts
  • Black Velvet Hair Company
  • First Class Hair Company
  • Eastern Hair
  • Luster Hair Lounge
  • Natural Hair Care
  • Clean Slate Waxing Lounge
  • Amazing Hair Group
  • Haircare
  • Creative Wigs
  • Organic Hair Care
  • Hair Transplant
  • The Mint Hair Company
  • Virgin Hair Loft
  • She’s Happy Hair
  • Healthy Hair Firm
  • Wholesale Hair Source
  • Magic Hair
  • Fancy Hair Boutique
  • Hair Xpressions Salon
  • Hair Revolution
  • Hair Society Inc
  • New Creation Hair Braiding

Catchy Wig Business Names

These are the catchy wig business names for you:

  • Simply Wigs
  • Stylish Wig Store
  • Innovative Looks
  • Planet Curls
  • True Perfection Salon
  • Tease Color & Style Bar
  • Goody’s Wig Shop
  • Textures Customs Wigs
  • Pyramid Beauty & Wigs
  • Rockstar wigs
  • Royal Beauty Wigs
  • Cure Glam Shop
  • LuxHairBox
  • Love Lace Wig
  • High Quality Human Hair
  • Braided Elegance
  • The Butterfly Effect Hair
  • Beauty Empire
  • Luxe Life Glam
  • Infinity Lace Wigs
  • Golden Trenches
  • Dose Of Hair
  • The Glam Houze
  • Spring Wig Shop
  • Love Crush Hair

Hair Brand Names

These are the brand names for your hair business:

  • Hair Extensions Haven
  • Fair Hair Extensions
  • Instyle Hair
  • Hair Lovers
  • Crisp Styles
  • Hair Room
  • Hair with Fair
  • Galaxy Hair Sparkles
  • Luscious Salon Hair
  • Renown Premium Hair
  • Perfect Locks
  • Cut Loose
  • Lustful Hair
  • Express Weave Bar
  • The Braid Bar
  • Goddess Hair Lounge
  • Perfect Tress Hair
  • Executive Hair Creations
  • Hair Extension Connection
  • HairArt Salons
  • majestic hair extensions
  • Crawford Glam
  • Forever Beauty Hair

Hair Product Name Ideas

The following are some natural hair products names to help you get inspiration:

  • Hask Hair
  • Balloon Dry Volume Spray
  • OUAI Haircare
  • Prêt-à-Powder
  • Pump Haircare
  • Refresh Dry Shampoo Foam
  • Vernon François Hair
  • Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo
  • Oribe
  • Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque
  • Cantu
  • The Double Shot Blow
  • IGK
  • Bain Densifique Shampoo
  • Kérastase
  • Dry Anti-Frizz Cream
  • Miriam Quevedo
  • Moisture Co-Wash
  • Garnier
  • Air-Dry Balm

Hair Instagram Name Ideas

These are some unique hair Instagram name ideas for you:

  • The Hair Lab
  • Endless Beauty
  • Hair Doctor
  • The Hair Babes
  • Hair Trigger
  • Cold Cuts
  • Stylistic Cut
  • The Curly Stop
  • Beauty Mirror
  • Twice Gloss
  • Wonder Beauty
  • The Glam Life
  • Shining Queen
  • Genuine shine
  • Endless Hair
  • Hairplay
  • Hair Player
  • Complete Hair
  • Weaves Specialist
  • Endless Extensions
  • Perfections Hair
  • Hair Luxe
  • The Hair Guys

Hair Business Names

How to Name Your Hair Extension Business

Below are a few steps for generating unique hair business names:

Brainstorm possible hair business name ideas.

When starting a new business, coming up with a unique name is very important to make your own brand identity in the industry. And to come up with a unique name, you have to brainstorm some names by yourself.

Think about the related words to hair and then combine them to create unique name ideas.

You can also try other resources to create more name ideas. Such as, try an online hair business name generator to get some creative ideas.

Your relatives and friends can also help you a lot in naming your business, so don’t forget to get their ideas. After brainstorming, make a list of all the names.

Pick some favorite names from your list.

Once you make a list of best hair business names, give it another look and pick 3 – 5 favorite names.

Below are the things to keep in mind while shortlisting your favorite hair extension names:

Make sure it is memorable.

Keep it meaningful.

Is the name convey a relevant meaning?

Get other opinions.

After shortlisting your favorite names, another best idea is to get some opinions from your target audiences. It will help you let know what they think about your business name.

Do they like your hair business name? You can also get their ideas on naming your business.

Do your competitor’s analysis.

You will find thousands of existing hair brand names, but to stand in the competition choosing a unique name is very important. So, after getting other opinions on your favorite names it’s time to do competitor’s research.

Simply search for all the existing hair brand names in your area and make sure your names are unique and different.

4 Things Your Hair Business Name Should Have

It should be short and simple.

As compared to long and boring names choosing a short and simple name can be a great idea to attract more customers. For example, look at these attractive names to get inspiration.

Angle Hair Extension, Lovely Hair Style, Hair Dreams, Beautiful Cuts, etc.

It should reflect what you do.

Your business name is the face of your business which tells people what’s your services and specialization. So, when choosing a name make sure it conveys something about your business.

Is it available for a domain name?

The demand for hair extension business is increasing at a rapid pace. That’s why people get appointments online to save time.

So, if want an online presence of your hair salon business, check the domain name availability to make sure you can get the matching domain name for your website.

Also, check the other social media profiles on Namecheckr. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Your name should be available for trademark registration.

The last and one of the important things is to trademark your hair business name in your state. So, before settling on your favorite name don’t forget to check if it is available for trademark.

Check it online on US Patent and Trademark Office.

Some famous hair extension business names in USA:

  1. Yummy Virgin Hair Extensions
  2. Private Label Extensions
  3. Canyon Falls Hair Extension Company
  4. Indique Virgin Hair Extensions
  5. Top Secret haircessory
  6. World Hair Extensions
  7. Dynasty Goddess Hair
  8. Hair Fusion Bar
  9. Diamond Hair Company
  10. Her Hair Company
  11. Vision Hair Extensions
  12. Prestigious Hair
  13. Ursula’s Extensions
  14. Hairlocs, Inc.
  15. Indus Hair Extensions USA

Some famous hair extension business names in UK:

  1. Taylor Rose Hair Extensions
  2. House Of Hair UK
  3. Longer Hair Extensions
  4. Secret Hair Extensions
  5. Dream Hair Extensions
  6. Covet Hair Extensions
  7. Hair Rebellion UK
  8. Kapello Hair Extensions
  9. Extension Professional
  10. Cinderella Hair
  11. Vanity Hair Xtensions
  12. Vixen & Blush
  13. Hairs and Graces Extensions
  14. Hairs and Graces Extensions
  15. NuTress Hair Extensions

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