320 Cute and Funny Goblin Names for Your Fantasy World

Goblins, often portrayed as mischievous creatures in folklore and fantasy literature, are known for their quirky and sometimes humorous personalities. One way to add a touch of fun and character to your goblin character is by giving them a cute and funny name.

From whimsical monikers to clever wordplay, the possibilities for goblin names are endless. In this article, we will explore some of the best goblin names that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Whether you’re creating a goblin character for a role-playing game or looking for inspiration for a story, these names will help you add a touch of charm and whimsy to your goblin world.

So, let’s dive into the world of goblin names and discover the perfect moniker for your mischievous friend.

Goblin Names (With Meanings)

  • Skrix – Clever pickpocket.
  • Nibnub – Quick-fingered thief.
  • Grex – A snappy strategist.
  • Vexnip – Swift and sneaky.
  • Blika – Master of shadows.
  • Kratch – The sly scavenger.
  • Snivel – The inveterate sneaker.
  • Grizzle – Grumpy old trickster.
  • Fizzlebang – Prone to explosive mishaps.
  • Wartnose – Iconic for a goblin with a wart.
  • Nackle – Expert in locks and traps.
  • Zigzag – Erratic and unpredictable.
  • Skab – A goblin of the gutters.
  • Twixt – A creature of mischief.
  • Snoop – Keen eyes and ears.
  • Pox – Plagued by bad luck.
  • Squig – The unpredictable one.
  • Grub – Finder of rare trash.
  • Murkfoot – Dweller of dark swamps.
  • Slunk – A silent stalker.
  • Gnash – The biter.
  • Boblin – The oddly friendly one.
  • Skratch – The finder of itches.
  • Tingly – The touch-sensitive goblin.
  • Blip – Appears and disappears.
  • Toadwart – Swamp dweller.
  • Snarkle – A goblin with a toothy grin.
  • Fawd – Dim but lucky.
  • Chiselgrin – Sly and conniving.
  • Pestix – A bothersome creature.
  • Gribble – A hide-and-seek champion.
  • Zank – Quick with a blade.
  • Scamp – The eternal prankster.
  • Clink – Lover of coins.
  • Flub – A bumbling fool.
  • Skrillix – Enjoys making strange noises.
  • Briskit – A goblin that can’t sit still.
  • Waggletooth – A goblin with a ridiculous laugh.
  • Pidget – Small, even for a goblin.
  • Prickle – Spiky personality.
  • Foggle – A goblin with big eyes.
  • Whim – Flighty and whimsical.
  • Nickleplenty – Rich in junk.
  • Glum – Perpetually dour.
  • Fizt – Always bursting with energy.
  • Sneer – The contemptuous goblin.
  • Dragnip – Known for stealing dragon toenails.
  • Squib – A tad explosive.
  • Blunder – The gaffe-prone goblin.
  • Creep – Eerily good at stalking.
  • Cudgel – Not so bright.
  • Zarp – Lightning fast.
  • Thunk – The goblin with heavy footsteps.
  • Gleeful – A rare, happy goblin.
  • Grift – A con artist.
  • Titter – One who laughs at danger.
  • Muck – Always dirty.
  • Riffraff – Disreputable sort.
  • Grubbel – A forager.
  • Dreg – Lowest of the low.
  • Gob – Talkative and bossy.
  • Pinker – Has a pinkish hue.
  • Whiffle – Moves like the wind.
  • Prittle – Fond of nonsense talk.
  • Scuttle – Moves in bursts.
  • Straggle – Always last.
  • Flipflop – Very indecisive.
  • Mingle – Oddly social.
  • Crackle – Loves fire.

Cute Goblin Names

  • Glimgrack – Shimmers in the dark.
  • Snarfle – Always sniffing around.
  • Blinkle – Disappears in a blink.
  • Fuzzle – Cute but confusing.
  • Whiskrix – Swift and sneaky.
  • Trink – Fascinated by trinkets.
  • Muddle – Perpetually perplexed.
  • Skivver – A slacker at heart.
  • Scrim – Small and scrappy.
  • Moppet – Child-like mischief-maker.
  • Squiggle – Can’t draw a straight line.
  • Gobblet – Eats anything and everything.
  • Creepseed – Sprouts up unnoticed.
  • Piffle – Speaks nonsense adorably.
  • Blork – Always makes a mess.
  • Squidge – Loves to squeeze through gaps.
  • Quirkle – Odd in a cute way.
  • Rimp – Tiny with large ears.
  • Cobblewump – Stomps around clumsily.
  • Fizzgig – Energetic to a fault.
  • Wobble – Can’t stand still.
  • Twigpig – Favors tiny branches.
  • Wispnook – Finds the coziest corners.
  • Gruffle – Grumpy but lovable.
  • Chuffle – Often chuckles softly.
  • Snozzle – Has an oversized nose.
  • Bumblesnort – Prone to snorting laughter.
  • Skiffle – Dances when happy.
  • Snicker – Finds humor everywhere.
  • Plonk – Drops things constantly.
  • Todget – Always fidgeting.
  • Zwinkle – Eyes twinkle with mischief.
  • Niblet – Bites daintily.
  • Frothling – Excitable over bubbles.
  • Twiddle – Plays with fingers when thinking.
  • Chortlepuff – Puffs up when laughing.
  • Whimple – Always bewildered.
  • Pilferpaws – Can’t keep hands to itself.
  • Prattleblast – Talks loud and fast.
  • Snugglebug – Enjoys cozy spaces

Goblin Names

Female Goblin Names

  • Nixi – A skilled swimmer in murky waters.
  • Breeza – Gentle and breezy in demeanor.
  • Ziggi – Always moving in unpredictable patterns.
  • Vexli – Known to cause mischief with hexes.
  • Pixer – Has a penchant for pictures and illusions.
  • Kricket – Chirpy and lively, especially at night.
  • Elphi – Tiny and has a fascination with heights.
  • Quillix – Messy with ink and parchment.
  • Brizzle – Quick-tempered, yet surprisingly warm-hearted.
  • Sparla – Sparkles with a bit of unexpected magic.
  • Greela – Enjoys hiding in green foliage.
  • Moxie – Full of energy and nerve.
  • Twixt – Seems to be caught between worlds.
  • Higgel – Collects oddly shaped sticks.
  • Fenix – Enjoys marshy lands and fens.
  • Wispri – Whispery voice that carries in the wind.
  • Jilfa – Spry and loves climbing.
  • Zephyra – Has a love for windy weather.
  • Vanda – Fascinated by plants and vines.
  • Prinxa – Acts with a touch of royalty.
  • Fipsi – Unbelievably fast and hard to catch.
  • Mizzel – Always caught in a drizzle.
  • Lixie – Enchants trinkets with a lick.
  • Crinna – Known for her elaborate hairdos.
  • Tinzy – Incredibly small, even for a goblin.
  • Drixie – Drinks potions with unknown effects.
  • Flix – Flicks her fingers to cast minor spells.
  • Ruddle – Always covered in red clay stains.
  • Squill – Carries a high-pitched squeal.
  • Glitzy – Adorns herself in shiny objects.
  • Pickle – Has a sour face but a sweet heart.
  • Snaffi – Crafty with locks and gadgets.
  • Gromma – Elderly and wise.
  • Yipper – Communicates in excitable yips.
  • Pootle – Wanders aimlessly with enthusiasm.
  • Thimblet – A collector of thimbles and tiny cups.
  • Bibsi – Has an affinity for bibs and aprons.
  • Jinksa – Cursed (or blessed) with unpredictable luck.
  • Fuddle – Masters the art of confusing foes.
  • Quiggle – Moves in fast, quirky jolts.

Male Goblin Names

  • Grinx – Always has a sly grin on his face.
  • Torbin – Known for being tough as old boots.
  • Riffle – Flips through everything curiously.
  • Gank – Skilled at swiping shiny objects.
  • Drogg – A bit slow but incredibly strong.
  • Flintarn – Fascinated with starting fires.
  • Bozzle – Gets into a tizzy over puzzles.
  • Clinkz – Makes jingling sounds with his trinkets.
  • Drub – Loves a good drumming on hollow logs.
  • Fizzix – Obsessed with bubbles and fizzy concoctions.
  • Zucket – Always carrying a bucket of something.
  • Blimp – Tends to bloat after a meal.
  • Jibbet – Likes hanging things up, often in trees.
  • Swack – Favors a swift swat over a conversation.
  • Thunker – Ponders loudly and often.
  • Nizzle – Has a cold nose in all seasons.
  • Kob – Territorial and keeps to his corner.
  • Broggle – A fan of murky swamp water.
  • Pugg – Short and stocky with a pug-like face.
  • Quash – Knocks things over with glee.
  • Skrillix – Lover of discordant music.
  • Creakle – Makes a creaking sound when he moves.
  • Nibkin – Enjoys tasting everything at least once.
  • Oozle – Always oozing with some strange slime.
  • Vargus – Appears rough but is surprisingly gentle.
  • Xank – X-marks the spot; loves treasure maps.
  • Yobble – Talks in rhymes and riddles.
  • Fungar – An aficionado of all types of fungi.
  • Gibber – Speaks rapidly in an incomprehensible way.
  • Hobs – Enjoys fixing and tinkering with locks.
  • Lummox – Clumsy but endearing.
  • Nackle – Fidgets with knots and tangles.
  • Plooper – Drops things in water for the plunk sound.
  • Quidget – Always fiddling with small gadgets.
  • Runtle – The runt but quicker than his kin.
  • Sploot – Enjoys splashing in puddles.
  • Tagnut – Has a weird collection of nuts and bolts.
  • Urchik – Likes hiding and surprising others.
  • Voot – Moves silently but swiftly.

Funny Goblin Names

  • Burpback – Known for loud, unexpected belches.
  • Snotnose – Always sniffling and sniffing.
  • Snicker-Snack – Fond of peculiar snacks.
  • Giggleguts – Laughs at everything, even mishaps.
  • Ziggle – Can’t walk in a straight line.
  • Puddlejump – Loves splashing in unexpected puddles.
  • Guffaw – His laugh echoes through caves.
  • Squirm – Never sits still.
  • Twiddleworts – Always fiddling with something.
  • Wobblestick – Unusually unsteady.
  • Boogle – A master of funny faces.
  • Fumblefoot – Quite clumsy.
  • Wheeze – A goblin with a perpetual cold.
  • Squigglebottom – Terrible handwriting.
  • Boggle-Eye – Surprised by everything.
  • Blotch – Has an unusual amount of stains.
  • Dizzytongue – Gets words mixed up.
  • Grunt – Converses with simple sounds.
  • Wrackspurt – His thoughts seem elsewhere.
  • Yipper – Excitable and yappy.
  • Slop – Never clean, always slimy.
  • Gigglefizz – Finds everything hilarious.
  • Muddle – Always confused.
  • Natterjack – Won’t stop talking.
  • Bogglewart – Surprisingly wart-free.
  • Plop – Can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.
  • Drool – Always a bit slobbery.
  • Clutterbug – Leaves a trail of junk.
  • Lazyears – Pretends not to hear instructions.
  • Fraggle – Slightly more hirsute than your average goblin.
  • Slinkydink – Moves in an exaggerated manner.
  • Goof – Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  • Ramble – Walks and talks without direction.
  • Hiccough – Can’t get rid of his hiccups.
  • Swindlebop – Tries to cheat but always fails.
  • Cobblewobble – Makes very wobbly pottery.
  • Babble – Makes no sense at all.
  • Fidget – Can’t seem to hold still.
  • Skedaddle – Always running away.
  • Clank – Loves banging on metal for fun.
  • Noodleleg – Famous for his wobbly dance moves.
  • Chucklehead – Doesn’t need a joke to laugh.
  • Blinkwink – Tries to be cunning, fails adorably.
  • Flimflam – A trickster with no success.
  • Bumblesnatch – Can’t hold onto anything.
  • Snark – Insists he’s the smartest (he’s not).
  • Splosh – Fascinated by liquid dynamics.
  • Grizzlegrump – Complains about everything, mostly for fun.
  • Tizzywig – His hair stands on end.
  • Prankle – Fond of harmless pranks.
  • Blunderbuss – An explosion waiting to happen.
  • Blinkbat – Can’t see well in daylight.
  • Gurgle – Makes odd noises when he drinks.
  • Squiffy – Off-kilter and eccentric.
  • Tatterhoof – Wears mismatched shoes.
  • Gobbledegook – Speaks absolute nonsense.
  • Jigglemaw – Can’t eat without a mess.
  • Lollygag – Takes forever to get anywhere.
  • Zonk – Knocks himself out often.

DnD Goblin Names

  • Stitchgrim – A goblin with a grim face who repairs battle gear.
  • Nobknack – Known for stealing doorknobs and shiny knick-knacks.
  • Scurrytoe – Extremely fast on his feet, scurrying everywhere.
  • Gadgeblast – Loves to tinker, although his inventions often explode.
  • Shamblefoot – Awkwardly moves but surprisingly good at evading capture.
  • Krink – Has a crinkled face and a knack for escaping.
  • Gibsnik – Picks his nose when he thinks no one’s watching.
  • Tricksplit – Can split his attention to perform multiple pranks.
  • Fuddlegrub – Often confused but great at finding food.
  • Rustgauge – Has a rusty armor fetish.
  • Skivehide – Expert at hiding when there’s work to do.
  • Grotmunch – Eats anything from a grotto, no matter how slimy.
  • Janglebeard – Has tiny bells in his beard that jangle as he moves.
  • Pecksniff – Always pecking around and sniffing for loot.
  • Zaggleshank – Moves in a zigzag pattern, impossible to predict.
  • Winkthief – Steals things right under your nose with a wink.
  • Cragjump – Leaps impressively across rocks and crags.
  • Snivelwhine – Whines to get his way, with a surprisingly high success rate.
  • Blastwig – Has hair that looks permanently singed from explosions.
  • Sneakrend – Makes tiny tears in pouches to pilfer coins stealthily.
  • Gobboink – Likes dipping things (and himself) into ink.
  • Gruntscribe – Communicates mostly in grunts but surprisingly literate.
  • Chipshin – A penchant for kicking rocks and chipping his shins.
  • Gloomspook – Loves spreading gloom with his spooky tales.
  • Nottlecrank – Has an obsession with knots and cranks.
  • Pestergloom – Enjoys pestering adventurers with gloomy predictions.
  • Plodhop – Slow on land but can hop surprisingly high.
  • Quashnock – Knocks things over first, asks questions later.
  • Twangledink – Gets tangled in his own plans, often literally.
  • Scragloo – Has a scraggly appearance, covered in sticky substances.
  • Spindleshank – Thin and wiry with equally thin legs.
  • Gleeprank – Finds joy in setting up elaborate pranks.
  • Muddlepaws – Always has muddied paws, leaving a trail behind.
  • Wobblegait – His walk is a wobbly adventure on its own.
  • Scratchsniff – Scratches himself a lot and has a keen sense of smell.
  • Thwackpot – Can’t resist thwacking things with his pot.
  • Bonkwharf – A clumsy goblin who often “bonks” into things near the wharf.
  • Quipple – Quick to quip and flip out of danger.

Famous Goblin Names

  • Vexheart – Known for breaking hearts with his cruel pranks.
  • Goldsniff – Has an uncanny ability to find gold.
  • Patchsneak – Wears patchy clothes and sneaks around.
  • Rattlebone – Makes music with bones and rattles.
  • Scuttleclaw – Scuttles around with unusually large claws.
  • Grudgemiser – Holds grudges and hoards trinkets.
  • Groanbard – Tells stories with moans and groans.
  • Creepwhisk – Moves silently and has whiskers like a cat.
  • Slingmud – Insults others by slinging clever words and mud.
  • Griftsprite – Lively and known for petty theft.
  • Mirthling – Spreads laughter wherever he goes.
  • Shadownip – Expert at nipping things from the shadows.
  • Quaffslurp – Drinks potions with loud, satisfying slurps.
  • Barbknack – Has a talent for crafting barbed tools.
  • Chattertooth – Teeth chatter when nervous, giving him away.
  • Brackish – Dwells in brackish waters, surprisingly clean.
  • Grimebeard – His beard is a nest of dirt and grime.
  • Pilfersprite – A tiny thief with a big personality.
  • Sparkspew – Spews insults with sparky wit.
  • Stumpthumb – Has a thumb as thick as a tree stump.
  • Hogglewits – Esteemed for his unusual, yet effective, ideas.

Goblin Names

How We Can Choose a Goblin Name

Here are some tips with examples:

1. Go for Guttural Sounds

Goblin names often have harsh, guttural sounds that are fun to say and hear. Think of sounds that come from the back of your throat, like “g,” “k,” or “r.” These sounds give the name a rough edge that suits the mischievous and tough nature of goblins. For example, a name like “Grakk” or “Korg” has a gritty feel, perfect for a creature that’s from the wild and untamed parts of a fantasy world.

So if your goblin is the kind who loves to cause a little trouble and can handle themselves in a scrappy fight, a name like “Ruggtug” or “Grommash” would be really fitting. It’s just rough enough to make someone think twice before picking a fight with them.

2. Mix and Match Syllables

Try combining different syllables to create a unique goblin name. Short, sharp syllables work best for goblin names, as they sound catchy and are easy to remember. Names like “Nibnub” or “Zekzik” are playful and lighthearted, which can be great for a more comedic goblin character.

For instance, if your goblin is the sneaky type, a name with a quick sound like “Fiztik” or “Poxbox” gives off that cunning vibe. The mixed syllables here help to portray the goblin’s personality and imply that they’re quick, both in their movements and their thinking.

3. Use Humorous Elements

Goblins are often seen as comical creatures in stories and games, so don’t be afraid to give them amusing names that play on their whimsical nature. Names like “Snotwizzle” or “Burglebub” can be fun and reflect the goblin’s quirky side. The humor in these names makes them memorable and endearing in their own mischievous way.

If your goblin is the type to pull pranks or get into funny mishaps, choosing a name like “Boogle” or “Snickerwhack” would suit their humorous personality. It sets the tone for the character and lets readers know they’re in for some laughs.

4. Keep it Short

Goblins aren’t grand creatures like dragons or elves, so their names are often short and snappy. One or two syllable names are the best length—they’re quick to say and easy to remember. A goblin named “Bok” or “Nirt” has a simple charm that fits well for these small but fierce beings.

For example, if your goblin is a little warrior with a lot of bravery, something strong and brief like “Tak” or “Grex” could be the perfect fit—it’s a name that’s as quick and punchy as the goblin themselves.

5. Consider the Goblin’s Environment

Think about where your goblin lives. If they’re from a swamp, a name like “Mudd” or “Bogwhump” might suit them well. These names have a natural, earthy sound to them, which links the goblin to their home in the sludgy marshlands.

For a goblin from a mountain or cave-dwelling clan, you might want to reflect the hard, stony surroundings in their name. “Flintsmash” or “Cragfoot” tells you straight away that this goblin is tough and used to clambering over rocks and mountains.

6. Reflect their Role in Goblin Society

Depending on what your goblin does within their community, their name can give a nod to their role or status. A goblin that’s a leader might have a name like “Kinggob” or “Warlord Snazz.” These names imply authority and maybe a bit of self-importance, which could be just right for a goblin with big ambitions.

If your goblin is a crafty inventor or a sneaky thief, you might pick a name that hints at their skill. “Geargrinder” or “Shadowpick” would be great choices—they sound like goblins that have a specific talent and are known for it around their neck of the woods.


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