Gift Shop Names: 500+ Creative Names for Gift Business

In creative businesses like a gift shop, picking a unique name is not less than a challenge because you will find almost all the good gift shop names already taken and registered.

If you are the one who is facing difficulty in choosing a great name for a gift shop then this piece of content will surely impress you.

Here I have collected some creative souvenirs and gift shop names to help you pick a perfect name for your gift business. Let’s get started!

Gift Shop Names

Here are some unique and attractive gift shop names to inspire your ideas:

Creative Names Gift Shops

Below are some creative names for gift shops to inspire you:

Gift Basket Business Names

These are the catchy gift basket business names for you:

Vintage Gift Shop Names

These are the catchy vintage gift shop names for your new startup:

Souvenir Shop Names

These are some best souvenir shop names you can use right away:

Keychain Business Names

These are some best keychain business names for you:

Fancy Store Names

Here is the list of fancy names for gift shop:

How to Name Your Gift Shop Business

Below are a few steps for generating catchy gift shop names:

Your name should convey something about your business.

Your business name should explain that you are a gift shop. It’s common sense that the name you are going to choose should give a message about your business.

Many people do not care about it but it’s one of the important factors that will help you when you start your online sales. A related name has more chances to rank in Google or any other search engine for the specific products.

Here are some related words you can use in your gift store names. Gift, Treasure, Giving, Gracious, Healing, Home, Homeware, Leaf, Basket, etc.

Make it catchy and memorable.

Short and simple names are enough catchy and memorable. But creating a unique short name in that competitive industry can be a little tricky.

The best way you have to create a memorable name is to combine two related words or add an adjective with your business keyword. Such as look at these examples of good gift-related names.

Absolute Gifts, Pearl Farm, Luxury Gifts, Spirit Gallery, Outstanding Gifts, Gift Zone, Wonder Room, etc.

Don’t pick a limiting business name.

Businesses have no limit, but the name you will choose can limit your business growth. So, the important thing to keep in mind is your future goals. Do you have a plan to spread your business in the future?

If so, then coming up with a too narrow or specific name is not a good idea. Pick a long-lasting and descriptive name that would work for both businesses otherwise, you will need to change your business name later.

Avoid clever names that are hard to pronounce and spell

You could be super clever and call your shop “Mistletoe and Memories” or “Gifts of the Heart” or “Grandma’s Attic” or any number of other clever names. But that’s a big mistake.

The real key to naming your shop is to make sure it is easy to spell and easy to remember. That way, you’ll get more customers and more importantly, you’ll attract the kind of customers who can’t spell and have a hard time remembering things.

Keep it unique.

To stand out in any business choosing a unique name is most important. Try to create your own name instead of copying other existing brand names in the industry. It will have negative impressions on your new business.

Use pun and rhymes.

To giving your business a funny touch, you can try puns and rhymes. Puns and rhymes are catchy and funny that will help you attract customers to your shop.

Check the name availability.

Before you decide on one of your favorite names, the important thing is to check its availability. Do online research and make sure your name is not already in someone’s use.

If your name is available for registration, then also check the domain name availability for the online presence of your gift shop.

Check the trademark registration on and domain name availability on

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