340 Catchy Dollar Store Names to Attract More Customers

Do you have a dollar store in mind for your next business idea? Or maybe you’re thinking about starting a new dollar store business? Well, before you jump into it, make sure you know what kind of name to use.

The name of your dollar store is the most important thing you can do to make it successful. Why? Because it is the first thing customers see when they enter the store, and it is the first thing they will think of when they pass your store on the street.

Also, choosing the right name is important because it tells customers what they are getting when they come in. It says to them, “This is where you get stuff for cheap.”

So, what are some catchy dollar store names that you can use to get started?

In this blog post, we have listed hundreds of best dollar store name ideas to help you choose a perfect name for your dollar store. Let’s get started!

Catchy Dollar Store Names

A catchy name is a business’s most valuable asset. Beyond how it facilitates a more memorable brand identity, a catchy name also serves to inform and inspire consumers. For example, here are a few of the catchiest dollar store names that you can use to attract more customers:

Unique Names for Dollar Stores

There are so many stores out there with very similar names, but having a unique store name has always been an interesting topic. It is better to have a unique store name to stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the most creative and unique dollar store names you have ever seen:

Cool Dollar Store Names

There are many ways you can come up with a cool store name. How about naming your store after a musical instrument, movie character, or beloved pet?

Not only does this make for a better store name, but it can also make for a more memorable customer experience. The below are some cool dollar store names that you may like:

Funny Dollar Store Names

Everyone loves a good pun and if you’re looking for a new dollar store with a funny touch, then here are some special ideas for you. Here we have put together a list of some of the funniest dollar store names that you might find interesting:

Top Dollar Store Names in USA

The following are the top dollar store names in USA to help you get inspiration and come up with your own name:

How to Choose a Name for Your Dollar Store

Choosing a name for your store is the first step towards building a successful business. Not only does it set the tone, but people will tend to interact with products and services based on how it’s branded.

So before you launch your store, it’s important to know your audience and know what they’re looking for. When it comes to choosing a name for your Dollar Store, well, there are several things you should always keep in mind.

You want to pick a name that has meanings, is unique, has at least one cool nickname, has no trademark problems, is easy to pronounce, and is not too long or too short.

With that said, here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing a good name for your Dollar Store.

Choose a name that doesn’t already exist in the same area

It’s no secret that there are a lot of dollar store names in the United States. Some are odd, some are downright inappropriate, and others are just plain confusing.

When choosing a name for your store, you want to be sure that don’t name your business something that already exists in the same area.

This way, you’re not running the risk of having your new business get confused with another dollar store, or worse yet, have people believe that you’re a different store that you’re actually not.

Choose a long term name, avoid a specific name

When selecting a name for your store, you want to think long-term, as you’ll want to have a good one for years to come, and it will be a big part of your business identity. Don’t choose a too specific or limited name that you will need to change after some time.

Choose a name that is not offensive or rude

You must know that if you want to make your dollar store attractive, clean, and cute, you need to choose a name that is not offensive, negative, or rude. It can have a bad impact on your business.

The name should be easy to pronounce and remember

It’s best to go with a name that’s not so long that it’s hard to remember, and not so short that’s hard to pronounce and spell. Choose a name that is clear and simple.

Avoid generic and confusing names

You’ll want to name your dollar store with something that stands out, so it’s easy for customers to find, but without being generic or confusing.

A name that’s generic, or too simple, or too confusing for your business can cause customers to skip over your store, causing customers to think twice about entering your store.

If you have customers coming in to your store looking for your product, but they can’t find it, then the potential loss of the customer is that much greater. If you choose a name that people can easily skip over, that could also lose customers.

You should also have an online presence

For your store’s online presence, you should check the availability of the name as a domain name. A matching domain name is important for your store.

So, before deciding on a name, make sure your selected dollar store name is available as a domain name. Check it on GoDaddy.com.


We hope the above dollar store names and ideas will help you choose a great name for your store. And if you still need some more creative names for dollar stores you can use an online store name generator for more ideas. Good Luck!

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