700+ Creative Craft Business Names, Ideas, and Suggestions

Naming your craft business is an incredibly important first step when it comes to bringing your handmade products to market.

If you are searching for a unique name for your craft business, don’t worry you are not alone.

With help from a variety of experts in the craft industry, I have created listed hundreds of catchy craft business names ideas to help you find a name that is both memorable and gets your business noticed.

let’s get started!

Craft Business Names

Here are some cool and creative craft business name ideas for your new startup:

Funny Craft Business Names

These are the funny name ideas for your craft business:

Pun Craft Business Names

Below are the best pun craft business name ideas to inspire you:

Handmade Craft Business Names

Following are the unique handmade craft business names for you:

Craft Store Names

These are some creative craft store name ideas you can use right away:

Catchy Craft Store Names

Below is the list of catchy craft store names you can ever find:

Cool Craft Names

These are the coolest craft names ideas for you:

Handmade Business Names

These are the best names for handmade crafty business to inspire you:

Cute Business Names for Crafts

Below are some cute names for craft business for your inspiration:

Cricut Business Names

These are the best cricut business name ideas to inspire you:

Tumbler Business Names

The following are the unique tumbler business names for you:

Craft Page Names

These are some creative and cool craft page names ideas for you:

How to Name your Craft Business

Below are the few steps for generating craft business names:

Define your Niche.

When naming your business the first thing you have to do is to find out your niche. If you want to start a specific type of craft business, then use the words that clearly describe your business or the products you are selling.

But it doesn’t mean that you come up with a too narrow and specific name that can limit your business growth in the future.

Choose a simple and unique name.

Simple and unique names are more powerful than complicated and boring names. If your name will be easy to remember, pronounce, and spell people will easily find you on the web and your name will easily stick in their mind.

Such as, these are some of the best names for a craft business. Creative Craft, Creative Talents, Unique Creativity, Magical Crafts, Craft Concepts, etc.

And, if your name will difficult to understand, it will be confusing for the customers to recognize your business.

And, also you will have to spend a lot of money on making a brand identity in the craft industry. So, the key to creating a unique and catchy name is to keep it simple.

Use puns and rhyming names.

Using puns and rhymes is enough catchy to attract the customer’s attention towards your craft business. It will give your business a funny touch which is good for creative businesses.

Combine related words for creating a catchy name.

Combining related words is another great way of creating a unique and catchy name for your homemade craft company.

Such as you can combine adjectives and nouns with your business keywords or related words. Look at these examples of catchy craft business names for getting inspiration.

Hobby Lobby, Handy Crafts, Better Designs, Creative Bugs, Moving Minds, etc.

There is a list of adjectives that you can use to describe your craft business; relaxing, happy, creative, calm, exciting, fun, joyful, colorful, energising.

Using your own or location name.

How you can use your own or location name? The following are a few ways.

Your name + Specialty: James Designs, James Sewing.

Your name + Product Name: James Handbags, James Fabrics.

Geographic location + Business Type: London Creative Crafts, Berlin Craft Company.

Do competitors analysis.

Checking your competitor’s craft names is important for two reasons. First, you have to make sure the name you are going to choose is unique and different.

Second, you can create more craft business name ideas of your own by getting ideas from your competitors.

Check the trademark database.

Before making a final decision, check the name you are going to finalize is available for trademark registration or not. Check it on USPTO.gov.

If your name is already trademarked by someone else then avoid using it and create another unique name for your business. This will help you avoid future problems.

Make sure you can get a domain name.

One of the important steps when naming your business is to check the domain name availability. It will help you market and advertise your business online on the web.

Check the domain availability on Domain.com.

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