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400+ Catchy Candle Slogans and Taglines for Your Brand

In the world of candles, brand loyalty is at an all-time high. Beyond your logo, your branding is what draws consumers in, so it needs to be strong. One way to accomplish this is with a memorable slogan.

A memorable slogan does more than just communicate your brand; it also sends a message, evokes emotion, and captures the spirit of your candle brand. So, if you are looking for some good candle slogans and taglines, then this article is for you.

In this article, we’ve suggested some catchy, funny, and luxury candle company slogans you can use to get started. Also, we’ve covered some tips to keep in mind when creating a slogan for your candle company.

Let’s dive in to find an awesome slogan for your candle brand!

Candle Company Slogans

  • The candle that melts the darkness.
  • Lighting up your home tonight.
  • Create beautiful memories.
  • Selling handmade and personalized candles.
  • We’ve been making candles since 1980.
  • Keep warm in the cold, light your house with candles.
  • The light you shine, shines forever.
  • Our natural soy candles come in 6 different fragrances.
  • The glow of pleasure.
  • Custom candles customized and unique.
  • The world needs wax.
  • It burns clean.
  • A candle lighted at home is never burned out.
  • We’ve got the perfect gift for any occasion.
  • You’ll love this candle because it smells so good!
  • It’s not just a pretty face.
  • Our candles are made with 100% pure beeswax.
  • You deserve a candle that smells amazing.
  • They burn longer than any other candle.
  • Warmth and fragrance – together at last.
  • Every day we use candles to brighten people’s lives.
  • We design candles to bring joy to your life.
  • Candles are a symbol of hope.
  • Beeswax is nature’s finest lubricant.
  • Your favorite scent is waiting.
  • When you buy from us, you get the freshest scents around.
  • We believe that candles are meant to be shared.
  • Candles are the ultimate luxury.
  • We’re here to help you celebrate life.
  • Let us help you create memories that last forever.
  • There’s nothing better than a warm glow.
  • Be inspired by the color of your choice.
  • Candlelight brings romance and warmth to any room.
  • Candles to make you save more.
  • Create a relaxing environment whenever you put lights on.
  • America’s best loved candle.
  • Play safe with beautiful candles.
  • Pure candles at wholesale prices.
  • Because it loses nothing on lighting others.
  • Light good live good.
  • I like my candles. Others like ours too.
  • Smell the candle, love the candle.

Catchy Candle Slogans

  • Our candles light up your soul.
  • Candles for your everyday life.
  • Think Positive – Light up your life!
  • Making your house smell like home.
  • We give the light of your life a glowing personality.
  • Light the way to success.
  • Its high time to enhance your lightning.
  • Notice the brightness.
  • Soft aromas and beautiful designs.
  • Brighten up the nights.
  • Wax to make you relax.
  • The perfect blend of heat and romance.
  • Because it can change your mood.
  • To make the scenes more delightful.
  • From the heart of texas come these hand-crafted luxury candles.
  • You call my name, i light up.
  • The world’s finest candle. With all the mood lighting you could ever need.
  • Let us provide your room with that special ambiance.
  • Light up a better tomorrow for myself and others.
  • Scentsational gifts ideas.
  • Brightness beyond your expectation.
  • Candles which will bring you closer.
  • The most beautiful candles ever.
  • See it. Smell it. Love it.
  • Be sure to check out our full line of products.
  • Candles that everyone will notice.
  • Craft creativity and candles.
  • Awaken your scentsibilities!
  • Fragrance loade.
  • Designs that never fades away.
  • Spread out light and erase darkness.
  • Dedicated to your beautiful homes.

Candle Slogans

Good Slogans for Candles

  • A better solution to lightning.
  • Scented candles: the smell of happiness.
  • We offer premium quality candles in small packages.
  • A light fragrance.
  • Bring the natural aroma.
  • Luxury candle branding 101.
  • Bright solutions for bright evenings.
  • Get the natural scents in your homes.
  • Luscious luxuries from around the globe.
  • Candles that can make you feel scented.
  • Purity in every single candle.
  • Scents which take you away.
  • Payless and light more.
  • For enlightening to others, a candle burns itself.
  • Show your scensitive side.
  • Our candles will make you shine.
  • Relax with wax.
  • We want the world. People want candy!.
  • Let’s brighten our homes together.
  • A good deed shines like a candle.
  • In love with my candle.
  • Candles that will lighten up your senses.
  • Buy candles and light your world up.
  • We make every room feel like christmas.
  • Because you have a bright future.
  • Give me light, i burn.
  • Warm candles for cold nights.
  • Candles that will illuminate your life.
  • Candles that will enlighten you.

Taglines for Candle Business

  • We’re bringing candles back to life again.
  • Different shades to relax.
  • Lighting up your senses.
  • Our customers say. Wow.
  • Wow! What a bright idea it is.
  • The best smelling candles ever.
  • Just lit up.
  • We sell all types of candles.
  • Winding me in your warming light.
  • For the times you can’t depend on a torch.
  • Find yourself in the fragrant flames.
  • Add style and sophistication.
  • Only best-loved candles.
  • The light that lasts for a longer time.
  • Light is love’ – luxury lamps & candles.
  • The craft of fragrance.
  • Bring something that might enlighten you.
  • Dont curse the darkness.
  • Be like the candle.
  • Warmth of home… Warmth of heart… Warmth of soul.
  • A candle to fade the darkness.
  • Your two scents – and more.
  • Candle wax is the secret ingredient.
  • We create unique fragrance experiences.
  • Relaxing atmosphere with natural scents.
  • Best gift ideas on christmas.
  • Don’t let anyone say candles aren’t cool.
  • The difference is clear as day.
  • Just light up a candle and watch it burn.
  • We deal in quality candles.
  • Because lightning matters.

Slogans for Scented Candle Business

  • A fragrant journey to peace and joyful memories.
  • Homesickness-removing power of a warm glow.
  • The best part about this candle is its scent.
  • Our candle scents smell great, but our wax melts even better!
  • Stunningly beautiful! – Mystic Glow
  • No matter who burns it, the fragrance stays fresh.
  • From sunsets to starlight, these candles bring romance to life.
  • Smells better?
  • Your house smells like heaven.
  • The only scent you need.
  • Use for long.
  • A candle that will light up your world.
  • Best-loved candles for you.
  • The next best thing after scented air fresheners.
  • Candle teach to live in colorful flames.
  • Feel the brightness, play with happiness.
  • Give light to your life.
  • Fresh candles everyday.
  • Appreciate the candle.
  • Fragrant flames to bring happiness.
  • Nothing but the best when it comes to personalized candles.
  • Candles that enhance the interior.
  • Candles that will make delightful scenes.
  • Luxurious candle is our passion.
  • Candles make life worth living.
  • Choose one from every color.
  • Just a brilliant solution for darkness.
  • Just try it once.
  • Never curse the darkness, just light candles.
  • Organize a candlelight dinner.
  • Because it is your birthday.

Slogans for Scented Candle Business

Funny Candle Slogans

  • Candle light is the root of all evil.
  • Burning for you.
  • If your candle doesn’t last long enough you can still enjoy it as a decoration.
  • We love our candles. Because we know you do too.
  • Every candle has a heart.
  • We are not just selling candles – We are selling warmth.
  • You can’t spell warmth without W.
  • Keep calm and light a candle.
  • Be a candle when you burn.
  • The world needs more candles than ever before!
  • You do look good with candlelight…
  • Don’t be afraid of fire!
  • Burning down my house.
  • We burn for you…
  • Light my life, please.
  • I’m burning bright, brighter than ever before.
  • There is no darkness without light.
  • Just put me in a room and shut the door.
  • Burn this candle down.
  • We’re all here for a reason, and that includes candles.
  • If you don’t light, someone else will.
  • Never let a candle die while there’s still a customer waiting.
  • You might not see the flames until after midnight.
  • The best part of having friends is lighting each other’s candles.
  • I’m the candle; you’re the wax.
  • There is nothing like the joy of discovering an unexpected candle.
  • Don’t leave home without your favorite candle.
  • Be yourself, and if everyone else is asleep, then nobody can stop you.
  • Lighting one candle won’t bring your loved ones back, but it could start a fire.
  • When we snuggle together under a warm candle flame, we’ll never be cold again.
  • Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better, along came the candles.
  • It’s hard to choose which smells are best.
  • No matter where i am, candles always seem to lead me home.
  • People always come to me complaining about the candles they bought at another store.

Catchy Wax Melt Slogans

  • There’s no reason to light a fire without our paraffin wax.
  • Not just waxing candles. We’re the best at everything.
  • Wax’s like heaven.
  • Think different, think wax.
  • The joy of wax.
  • Our candles are chiseled from the finest wax possible.
  • The smell of happiness for you.
  • A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
  • Because no one loves darkness.
  • Life without candles is darkness
  • A good teacher is like a candle.
  • Show your every beautiful side.
  • Beautiful gifts from around the world.
  • Let me take care of you better.
  • Scentsible elegance.
  • We only sell what works.
  • To make a night more beautiful.
  • At least once a month.
  • Blow me candle, i am burning.
  • Aroma therapy comes to life.
  • I desire your warmth.
  • There is light after the night.
  • Camellia sweet and spicy candle.
  • Bring brightness to others life just like candles.
  • A way to light your world.
  • Candles that will make your life brighter.
  • Life just got brighter with beautiful candles.
  • A warm and comforting fragrance to surround yourself with.
  • Light smart, save smart.
  • Peace and love candles.

Luxury Candle Slogans

  • The secret to our success is our quality ingredients.
  • Candles for special occasions.
  • High quality, and classic candles.
  • The warm glow of comfort.
  • We’re not cheap. We are luxe.
  • We are affordable luxury.
  • We are a luxurious necessity.
  • It takes time to brew a masterpiece.
  • Handmade & hand poured luxury candles.
  • It’s our pleasure, dear customer.
  • Lighting brings people together.
  • Our luxury candles are made with care.
  • To make the evenings more beautiful.
  • Candles to make more memories.
  • Light it up!
  • Life without candles is like life with no love.
  • Everything’s better with a little bit of fire.
  • Love is a burning flame.
  • A new year’s resolution? Try our sparkling candles instead.
  • Whiskers, lips and lobsters.
  • Candles which will take away all your worries.
  • Light up your moment.
  • Bringing light to every corner — one candle at a time.
  • Scents to light up your world!
  • All about the experience.
  • You are the candle to a dark world.
  • I’m making a difference one candle at a time!
  • Peace and happiness can be yours by buying candles.
  • Our scents are carefully blended to perfection.
  • Even one candle can guide you though.
  • Bring warmth to your home with our fine fragrances.
  • Every candle burns beautifully.

Luxury Candle Slogans

More Candle Advertising Slogans

  • Light it up.
  • Be inspired by smell.
  • Express your scensitivity.
  • What else could add to a fireplace?
  • Candles are always a good present.
  • Wax, wick and wonder.
  • Your name is not our label.
  • What a bright idea to burn a candle.
  • Bring the light in your life.
  • Your favorite perfume in a jar.
  • Freshly cured smokey smells.
  • Making delightful scents.
  • It just makes scents.
  • Let’s play some ‘scents’.
  • The perfect candle gifts.
  • The only thing better than one candle is two candles.
  • Do your work with ease.
  • More than just candles – the storyteller.
  • Discover a scent.
  • Scented candles are not for everyone.
  • Consume yourself to light the way for others.
  • Be bold be bright be light.
  • One single candle can brighten the night.
  • Light fragrance and more brightness.
  • Find yourself in the brightness.
  • There’s nothing like candlelight.
  • Burn a candle to give light to others.
  • Made of the ingredients of love.
  • Candles to reflect your bright side.
  • Defy and define the darkness.
  • A bright idea for a bright future.
  • Keep you away from the darkness.
  • Find yourself with more fragrance.
  • An eco-friendly solution.

How to Create a Catchy Slogan for Your Candle Business

Choosing a good slogan for your candle business is an important step in advertising your business. A well-crafted slogan tells customers about your brand, communicates how you want them to feel or look, and highlights what makes your product stand out from others on the market. It helps create loyalty between your business and its target audience.

While some slogans go over their head, some catch on immediately as true statements about your business. This is where creative thinking comes into play. Your slogan should tell a story; something that will inspire your customers as much as they do you.

If you have trouble coming up with an epic idea, don’t worry! Below are some helpful tips to choose a good slogan for your candle company.

Step 1: Identify your target market. Who are you trying to reach? What demographic are they in? How old are they? Where do they live? What are their interests? These questions can help you narrow down who you should be targeting.

Step 2: Brainstorm ideas. Once you have identified your target market, brainstorm as many possible slogans as you can think of. Write them down on paper and then sort them into categories. You may have one category for “funny candle slogans” and another for “catchy candle slogans”. Or maybe you could have a category for “slogans about candles”. Whatever works for you!

Step 3: Choose the right slogan. After sorting through all of your ideas, choose which ones resonate most strongly with you and your target audience. Keep in mind that you want to choose a slogan that is unique to your brand. Make sure that it doesn’t sound like every other candle company’s slogan.

Step 4: Choose words carefully. Words can either express meaning or change it completely. To avoid confusing customers, choose words that reflect your brand and mission without being too wordy or vague. Think about which adjectives and adverbs would help describe a candle brand.

Step 5: Make sure you’re happy with it. While you may be inspired by many of the ideas you come across, only one will be the right fit. Spend some time comparing them side-by-side and pick the most appealing phrase.


Creating a great slogan for your candle business takes both creativity and research. The end result will make or break your brand. So, take your time and enjoy the process. Good Luck!

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