15 Best Small Business Ideas in Punjab

Are you are looking for your own business in Punjab? You are at the right place. In this article we will discuss 15 best small business ideas in Punjab.

Punjab is the 20th-largest Indian state by area and 16th largest state by population. There are many business opportunities that you can start in Punjab with low or medium investment.

Here are the top 15 small business ideas in Punjab:

1. Bakery Business

Bakery is the one of the best money-making business in Punjab. Before starting this business, you must create a unique business plan and choose suitable location. There is a high demand of bakery items such as bread, cakes, etc.

if you give your customer branded products then they will be your regular customers. This business needs little investment and there is no need of any technical skills. You can also start this business from home.

2. Blogging

Blogging is another way of making money. If you have informative knowledge about anything and you want to share it with others then you can start blogging. It needs very little investment or even you can create a blog for free.

This is most profitable business ideas in Punjab. You can start this business in an office and as well as home.

3. Garment Manufacturing

There are many garment products that have high demand in Punjab and in all over the world. This business needs medium investment and gives more profit. If you produce good products then you will become famous in short period of time.

4. Toothpaste Production

Toothpaste is the household consumable item. Nowadays there is high demand of toothpaste if you are interested in starting your own small business then you can start production of toothpaste. It is one the best small business ideas in Punjab that you can start from home.

5. Photography

Photography is another simple way of making money. You can start photography if you have DSLR camera and general skills of photography.

In this business you can take video coverage in many functions and  you can also start a photo studio.

For making customers, make your business card and advertise on social media.

6. Manufacturing of Bricks and Blocks

Brick is one of the common items used in the construction. As we all know that the population of Punjab is increasing rapidly and people make houses and buildings and without bricks and blocks, we cannot make houses.

If you start the manufacturing of bricks and blocks you can earn a lot of money ins short period of time.

7. Milk Shop

Opening a milk shop is another lucrative business idea in Punjab. If you are interested in starting your own business then one of the best ideas is to start a milk shop.

In this business there is no need of any technical skill or graduation. You can start this business with little investment. you can also start home delivery of milk.

8. Greeting Card Making

Greeting cards making is a big business. There are many occasions in which people need greeting cards such as birthday, anniversaries, weddings, etc. So, if you are looking for a profitable business then you should consider starting greeting cards business.

You’ll need a computer, color printer, scanner, greeting card or desktop publishing software, to start your business. This is one of best small business ideas in Punjab.

9. Livestock Feed production

Punjab is famous of livestock farming and it plays a vital role in state economy. Some of the most popular livestock feeds are poultry feed, cattle feed, fish feed, dog feed, sheep feed, etc.

farmers must need a livestock feed for their farms. So, this is highly profitable and low competitive business idea. You can start this business with both little or high investment.

10. Candle making business

Electricity is major problems in many areas in Punjab. Most of the people use candle in their houses and there is high demand of candle in Punjab. Today, candles are also used in many festivals or celebration such as birthdays, etc.

This is one of the profitable business ideas that you can start from home if you have the knowledge of making candles.

11. Automobile repairing business

Automobile repairing business is another creative business opportunity in Punjab. Today everyone love automobiles and they take care of their vehicles a lot.

Automobile need modification or touching almost in every week. You can start an automobile repairing store if you are experience in this field.

If you give your customers good service then they will become your regular customers.

12. Repair of Computer and Mobile Phones

Nowadays cell phone become a part of our life almost every person uses it. There is also the massive use of laptops or computers everywhere. So, if you are looking for a business that thrive then you should consider starting repair of computer and mobile phones.

For starting this business, there is no need of higher education you can simply continue with the simple hardware repair course. This is one of the best business ideas in Punjab.

13. Gardening Service

Gardening is a growing fascination for many people, both young and old. Many people are interested to have a garden in their houses. If you are plants lover and looking for a business then you can start gardening.

Gardeners perform many tasks, including watering, trimming, raking, digging, planting, hoeing and leaf-blowing, to keep their customers’ homes and yards looking beautiful. There is no need of any technical skills in this business but you must give time to your service to keep your plants healthy.

14. Tissue Paper Making

Tissue paper manufacturing is one of small-scale business ideas in Punjab. It is a highly consumable item, which is used on daily basis. So, if you are interested in starting your own business then you can start tissue paper making.

You can produce paper towel, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, specialty wipes and wrapping tissue by simple machinery. If you give you customers quality products in reasonable price then you will set your business in short period of time.

15. Taxi Services

Taxi service is another simple and money-making business. You can start this business if you have your own car and another thing is that you need special driving skills.

There is high demand of this business in Punjab. So, this is the best business to start earning money.

Bottom Line

These are the 15 best small business ideas in Punjab that you can start anytime. Hope you liked the article. choose any of these business ideas that suit to you.

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