Burger Restaurant Names: 500+ Best Burger Shop Names

Naming your burger restaurant is one of the important branding decisions you will make when starting your business.

If you are having a tough time choosing a good name for your burger restaurant, then you have landed the right place.

In this article, we have listed some catchy, unique, funny, and creative burger restaurant names to help you pick a good name for your burger business.

Let’s get started.

Burger Restaurant Names

Here is the list of best burger restaurant names for your new startup:

Burger Shop Names

These are some cool and catchy burger shop name ideas for your inspiration:

Creative Burger Names

These are the creative names for your burger business:

Spicy Burger Names

Below is the list of spicy burger names for your business:

Funny Burger Names

These are some funny names for burger restaurant business:

Unique Burger Names

The following are the attractive and unique burger names for you:

How to Name Your Burger Restaurant

Below are the few steps for generating burger restaurant names:

Pick a name that reflects your restaurant’s personality.

The first thing your name should reflect is your restaurant personality. Your restaurant personality includes your quality food, your quality service, and ambience.

So, if your name has such qualities, then it’s not difficult to make your burger restaurant successful. For example, look at some famous burger restaurant names in the USA.

Cheeseburger in Paradise, Whataburger, White Castle, Shake Shack, these all names are enough catchy to attract the customer’s attention.

Use a burger restaurant name generator to spark new ideas.

The second step when naming your burger shop is to create some burger names ideas using online tools. Don’t make a quick decision on any name. Do complete research and come up with a list of different name ideas.

Then, choose the best name from your list by getting feedback or by voting.

These are the best name generators you can try, Shopify business name generator, Namelix, and NameMesh.

Use a unique name.

To stand out in the competition you will need a unique name for your burger shop. There are two simple and easy ways of creating a unique name.

(a) Combine two or more related words. For example, Burger Time, Grill Bar, etc.

(b) Use adjectives and nouns with the keywords. For example, Spicy Burgers, Hot Burgers, Buffalo Burgers, etc.

Use alliteration and rhymes.

Alliteration and rhymes are fun and easy for customers to remember and pronounce. These are some examples of names using alliteration and rhymes.

Crispy Cream, Red Robbin, Secret Sandwiches, Salty Sow, etc.

Use location-based burger restaurant names.

Another great idea when naming your business is to use your location name. Such as look at these names to get inspiration.

Castle Rock Burgers, London Burger Restaurant, Brooklyn Burger Point.

Pick a name that you can own.

Before settling on a name, below are some important things to check to make sure you can own the name:

  1. Check for the domain name availability on GoDaddy.com for your online presence.
  2. Is your selected name available for social media profiles? Check it now.
  3. You can’t trademark a name if it is already trademarked by someone else. So, check the trademark database on US Patent and Trademark Office before finalizing your brand name.

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