440+ Breton Names With Meanings (Male and Female)

With a rich history and deep cultural significance, Breton names hold a special place in the hearts of many. From the mystical world of Skyrim to the expansive universe of Elder Scrolls, these names evoke a sense of tradition and heritage that resonates with fans across the globe.

Breton names are known for their lyrical sounds and unique spellings, drawing inspiration from the language and folklore of the Breton people. Whether you are a seasoned player of Skyrim or a newcomer to the Elder Scrolls series, the allure of these names is undeniable.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • Male and Female Breton Names.
  • Skyrim Breton Names.
  • ESO Breton Names.

Whether you are looking for a traditional Breton name for your child or characters in The Elder Scrolls, read on for some amazing names that you’ll love.

Male Breton Names (With Meanings)

  • Alan: Harmony or peace.
  • Corentin: Derived from “cor” meaning ‘choir’ or ‘troop’.
  • Erwan: Breton form of “Yves” associated with a Breton saint.
  • Gwenaël: Means ‘blessed and generous’.
  • Herve: Originates from “haer” meaning ‘battle’ and “vi” meaning ‘worthy’.
  • Jord: Derived from ‘Judicael’, meaning ‘generous lord’.
  • Kaour: Breton form of ‘Coeur’ meaning ‘heart’ in French.
  • Loeiz: Breton form of Louis, meaning ‘famous warrior’.
  • Malou: Shortened form of ‘Maël’ combined with ‘lou’ meaning ‘light’.
  • Nouel: Breton form of ‘Noel’ meaning ‘Christmas’.
  • Olier: Breton form of ‘Oliver’, possibly meaning ‘orchard’.
  • Paskal: Referring to ‘Easter’ or ‘Passover’.
  • Riwall: Meaning uncertain, possibly ‘royal valor’.
  • Salaun: Derived from ‘sal’ meaning ‘dignity’ and ‘lun’ meaning ’eminence’.
  • Tangi: Means ‘fire dog’.
  • Urvan: Related to ‘urban’, possibly meaning ‘city dweller’.
  • Vael: A form of ‘Val’, related to ‘valley’.
  • Yann: Breton form of ‘John’, meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  • Ael: Meaning ‘angel’.
  • Brieg: Meaning ‘esteem, valor’.
  • Denez: Breton form of ‘Dennis’, meaning ‘follower of Dionysius’.
  • Ewen: Possibly means ‘born of the yew tree’.
  • Faou: Meaning ‘beech tree’.
  • Goulven: Meaning uncertain, possibly ‘golden friend’.
  • Hoel: Means ‘generous’.
  • Ivon: Breton form of ‘Yves’ which means ‘yew’.
  • Jorand: Variant of ‘Jordan’, associated with the river in the Holy Land.
  • Kerian: Derived from ‘kêr’ meaning ‘city’ and ‘-ian’ which is diminutive.
  • Loig: Breton form of ‘Louis’ meaning ‘famous warrior’.
  • Mazhe: A variant of ‘Matthew’ meaning ‘gift of Yahweh’.
  • Nevil: Meaning ‘from the new town’.
  • Owen: Possibly means ‘youth’ or ‘well-born’.
  • Per: Breton form of ‘Peter’, meaning ‘rock’.
  • Ronan: Means ‘little seal’.
  • Armel: Based on the words “arz” meaning ‘bear’ and “mael” meaning ‘prince’.
  • Bleiz: Means ‘wolf’.
  • Conogan: Possibly derived from “kun” meaning ‘high’ and “gan” meaning ‘born’.
  • Dewi: Breton variant of ‘David’, meaning ‘beloved’.
  • Faolán: Derived from the Irish name meaning ‘little wolf’.
  • Henri: Breton form of ‘Henry’ meaning ‘home ruler’.
  • Izidor: Breton form of ‘Isidore’, meaning ‘gift of Isis’.
  • Jaoua: Meaning uncertain.
  • Konan: Means ‘high’ or ‘wise’.
  • Levenez: Means ‘joy’.
  • Wioc: Old Breton name, meaning uncertain.
  • Yannig: Diminutive of ‘Yann’ meaning ‘little John’.
  • Attila: Although of Hunnic origin, it’s used in Breton and means ‘little father’.
  • Brice: Derived from ‘Bricius’, a Roman name possibly meaning ‘speckled’.
  • Cadoc: Derived from Welsh ‘Cadog’, meaning ‘battle’.
  • Diboan: Means ‘misfortune’ or ‘trouble’.
  • Ezec’hel: Breton form of ‘Ezekiel’, meaning ‘God strengthens’.
  • Fulup: Breton form of ‘Philip’ meaning ‘lover of horses’.
  • Haelog: Meaning ‘generous’.
  • Ilduz: A modern Breton name, possibly meaning ‘star’.
  • Kanaouenn: Derived from the Breton word for ‘song’ or ‘chant’.

Male Breton Names

Female Breton Names (With Meanings)

  • Maelle: Meaning ‘prince’ or ‘chief’.
  • Nolwenn: Possibly ‘holy’ or ‘noble’ from “gwenn”.
  • Enora: Breton form of “Honoré”.
  • Yuna: Meaning ‘lamb’.
  • Aziliz: Breton form of ‘Cecilia’, meaning ‘blind to one’s own beauty’.
  • Bleuenn: Means ‘flower’ or ‘blossom’.
  • Dilwen: Combination of ‘Dilys’ (genuine) and ‘Gwen’ (white, fair, blessed).
  • Elouan: Meaning ‘good light’.
  • Fañch: Shortened form of ‘François’, meaning ‘Frenchman’ or ‘free man’.
  • Gwenola: Meaning ‘holy and generous’.
  • Katell: Breton form of ‘Catherine’, meaning ‘pure’.
  • Loeiza: Feminine form of ‘Loeiz’, meaning ‘famous warrior’.
  • Ninog: Meaning uncertain.
  • Soaz: A form of ‘Françoise’, meaning ‘Frenchwoman’ or ‘free woman’.
  • Tifenn: Derived from ‘Tiffany’, which means ‘manifestation of God’.
  • Aouregan: Meaning ‘face of silver’.
  • Berc’hed: Variant of ‘Brigid’, meaning ‘exalted one’.
  • Divina: Meaning ‘divine’.
  • Elaouen: Feminine form of ‘Elouan’, meaning ‘good light’.
  • Gwenaëlle: Feminine form of ‘Gwenaël’, meaning ‘blessed and generous’.
  • Huela: Meaning uncertain.
  • Josilin: Feminine form of ‘Joscelin’, meaning ‘Gaut’s tribe’.
  • Berc’hed: Variant of ‘Brigid’, often associated with ‘the high one’ or ‘exalted one’.
  • Colleen: Breton form of ‘Colline’, meaning ‘girl’ or ‘maid’.
  • Dael: Means ‘generous’ or ‘fruitful’.
  • Elowen: From Cornish origin, meaning ‘elm tree’.
  • Faustine: Meaning ‘fortunate’ or ‘lucky’.
  • Gaëlle: Feminine form of ‘Gael’, associated with Gaelic culture.
  • Itron: Means ‘lady’ in Breton.
  • Jaffrenn: Meaning uncertain, possibly related to ‘Jeffrey’.
  • Katel: Variant of ‘Catell’ or ‘Katell’, related to ‘Catherine’, meaning ‘pure’.
  • Lilou: A popular modern Breton name; a blend of ‘Lily’ and ‘Lou’.
  • Maelis: Derived from ‘Maël’, meaning ‘prince’, and the suffix ‘is’.
  • Naelle: A variant of ‘Nolwenn’ or a combination of ‘Naël’ and the suffix ‘elle’.
  • Oriane: Derived from ‘gold’ or ‘dawn’.
  • Perinne: Breton form of ‘Perrine’, feminine of ‘Pierre’, meaning ‘stone’.
  • Rozen: Variant of ‘Rozenn’, meaning ‘rose’.
  • Selune: An original name possibly inspired by the name of a river or the moon (lune).
  • Tephaine: A variant of ‘Tifenn’, derived from ‘Tiffany’, which can mean ‘epiphany’.
  • Aelig: Meaning ‘angel’.
  • Bleunienn: Derived from the Breton word for ‘flower’.
  • Clarisse: Meaning ‘clear’, ‘bright’, or ‘famous’.
  • Donatienne: Derived from ‘Donatus’, meaning ‘given by God’.
  • Eurwen: From ‘eur’ meaning ‘gold’ and ‘gwen’ meaning ‘white, fair, blessed’.
  • Fulup: Female version of ‘Philip’, now a gender-neutral Breton name, meaning ‘lover of horses’.
  • Gwennole: Feminine form of ‘Gwenaël’, meaning ‘blessed’ and ‘generous’.
  • Herveline: Feminine form of ‘Hervé’, meaning ‘worthy for battle’.
  • Lucienne: Meaning ‘light’.
  • Katellig: Diminutive form of ‘Katell’, related to ‘Catherine’, meaning ‘pure’.
  • Merven: Meaning uncertain; it may be related to the Breton word for ‘marrow’ or ‘sea’.
  • Neela: Variant of ‘Nolwenn’, possibly meaning ‘holy’ or ‘noble’.
  • Priska: Breton form of ‘Priscilla’, meaning ‘ancient’.
  • Riwanon: Possibly derived from the Welsh ‘Rhiannon’, meaning ‘divine queen’.
  • Steren: Means ‘star’ in Breton.

Female Breton Names

Many of these names are steeped in history and have a deep connection to Breton culture and the Celtic legacy. Breton names often have a poetic and distinctive sound, making them a unique choice for a child’s name.

Skyrim Breton Names (With Meanings)

  • Aldryn– “Old and wise”
  • Brandis– “Sword’s path”
  • Caelia– “Heavenly”
  • Daveth– “Dusk warrior”
  • Eronor– “Sea traveler”
  • Faelar– “Wolf kin”
  • Glorian– “Golden song”
  • Herane– “Hearth and earth”
  • Irien– “Sunrise hue”
  • Jastal– “Just and loyal”
  • Kaelen– “Keeper of the springs”
  • Lyris– “Lyre’s song”
  • Morthal– “Death’s threshold”
  • Nystrom– “Mist wave”
  • Ortheis– “Ancient wisdom”
  • Pharic– “Falcon’s flight”
  • Quintrell– “Fifth star”
  • Relas– “Night’s rest”
  • Seridur– “Star heritage”
  • Thalanil– “Land’s embrace”
  • Voric– “Great bear”
  • Wyndel– “Wandering stream”
  • Xyvion– “Forest guardian”
  • Ylena– “Mirror’s beauty”
  • Zedick– “Sage’s journey”
  • Alenor– “Hall of nobles”
  • Briareth– “Thorny rose”
  • Corinthe– “Majestic pillar”
  • Durcorach– “Stone heart”
  • Elidor– “Star kindler”
  • Falorah– “Crescent moon”
  • Garaner– “Legendary spear”
  • Halnir– “Salt and iron”
  • Ithienne– “Enchanted thread”
  • Julienne– “Youthful spirit”
  • Kerosen– “Ancient fire”
  • Lisienne– “Whispered secret”
  • Maurard– “Dark ship”
  • Norien– “Wise tale”
  • Olvina– “She who wields the bow”
  • Pyrine– “Fiery one”
  • Qaerin– “Bold quest”
  • Ruvyn– “Roaring rapids”
  • Sylvarie– “Silver forest”
  • Terenius– “Tender rain”
  • Varic– “Protecting hand”
  • Welkynd– “Sky jewel”
  • Yric– “Ruler’s advisor”
  • Zenon– “Celestial warrior”
  • Arquen– “Silver arch”
  • Borald– “Bold and brave”

Skyrim Breton Names

Elder Scrolls Breton Names (With Meanings)

  • Alistair– “Defender of the people”
  • Brannon– “Raven’s kin”
  • Cedrica– “War leader”
  • Denara– “Luminous ray”
  • Evon– “Young warrior”
  • Faelen– “Little wolf”
  • Garren– “Guardian of the garden”
  • Halys– “Hallowed isle”
  • Ivoran– “Strong as yew”
  • Jenessa– “Blessed spirit”
  • Kendarr– “Champion’s heart”
  • Lathen– “Maker of lore”
  • Maric– “Like unto the sea”
  • Nasira– “Helper, supporter”
  • Ondolemar– “Artifact of power”
  • Pelagia– “Of the sea”
  • Quillon– “Stronghold’s heart”
  • Rohais– “Horse of the woods”
  • Siorus– “Man of freedom”
  • Talik– “Tale weaver”
  • Voric– “Strong bear”
  • Wynster– “Joyful stone”
  • Xerand– “Golden land”
  • Yrelia– “Elegant truth”
  • Zanik– “Everlasting”
  • Aurelie– “Golden one”
  • Banor– “Tall and fair”
  • Carine– “Pure-hearted”
  • Davin– “Beloved”
  • Elora– “God’s light”
  • Fiora– “Flowering”
  • Galeth– “Tranquil leader”
  • Havard– “High guardian”
  • Iliana– “Radiant”
  • Jurgen– “Youthful strength”
  • Kyrin– “Keeper of keys”
  • Lyrion– “Lyric poet”
  • Melina– “Yellow canary”
  • Nelis– “Sun’s ray”
  • Orel– “Eagle”
  • Phinor– “Bold voyager”
  • Ranelle– “Strong counsel”
  • Seymour– “Moorland’s village”
  • Torin– “Chief”
  • Verence– “True”
  • Walden– “Woodsman”
  • Xenon– ‘Stranger’ or ‘foreigner’
  • Yaric– “Shrewd judgement”
  • Zalyn– “Healthy”
  • Amaline– “Hardworking”
  • Berand– “Bold as a bear”
  • Cynric– “Royal kin”
  • Drelas– “Taken from Drela”
  • Emeric– “Powerful home”
  • Fintan– “White fire”
  • Ghara– “Valor”
  • Hestan– “Steadfast”
  • Ilara– “Joyful”
  • Joran– “To flow down”
  • Kyreth– “Mysterious paths”

ESO Breton Names (With Meanings)

Here are some Breton names for characters in The Elder Scrolls Online, along with fictional meanings:

  • Abelle– “Graceful strength”
  • Broric– “Resilient warrior”
  • Cadelle– “Keeper of keys”
  • Donnel– “Proud chief”
  • Ellison– “Noble’s son”
  • Faine– “Joyous warrior”
  • Giselle– “Bright pledge”
  • Harlen– “Rocky land”
  • Isembard– “Iron bright”
  • Jearim– “Moon’s blessing”
  • Kalen– “Keeper of the crossing”
  • Lorean– “Enchanting dream”
  • Marrec– “Bitter strength”
  • Nevin– “Holy, sacred”
  • Oxenford– “Ford of the oxen”
  • Pheric– “High soaring”
  • Quaric– “Quarry worker”
  • Renalt– “Counselor’s ruler”
  • Soril– “Summer’s bounty”
  • Tendris– “Twist of fate”
  • Varden– “Green knoll”
  • Yoric– “Farmer’s ruler”
  • Zarin– “Golden”
  • Alderic– “Old ruler”
  • Brysien– “Passionate”
  • Caliborn– “Born with song”
  • Dunstan– “Dark stone”
  • Erinne– “Peace from Eirene”
  • Felren– “Cat-like agility”
  • Goswin– “Friend in the goth”
  • Hadwyn– “War friend”
  • Ilaric– “Joyous ruler”
  • Josien– “Fire-spirited”
  • Keric– “Dark-eyed”
  • Lorant– “Laurel-crowned”
  • Millard– “Guardian”
  • Noxen– “Night”
  • Owyn– “Well-born”
  • Perric– “Steadfast as a rock”
  • Quent– “Fifth”
  • Ralston– “Ralph’s town”
  • Selwyn– “Good friend”
  • Tannot– “Gatherer of firewood”
  • Ulric– “Wolf power”
  • Valtor– “Heroic ruler”
  • Wendell– “Traveler; seeker”
  • Xander– “Protector of mankind”
  • Horace– “Timekeeper”
  • Ivron– “Archer’s yew”
  • Jerren– “Spear warrior”
  • Keiric– “Dusky; dark-haired”

ESO Breton Names

Cute Breton Names (With Meanings)

  • Aerith– “Breezy and light”
  • Brynn– “Little drop of water”
  • Caelie– “Bright, clear sky”
  • Devlyn– “Fierce brightness”
  • Elvie– “Elfin warrior”
  • Faylen– “Little wolf fairy”
  • Gwenna– “White wave of bliss”
  • Haelie– “Healthful meadow”
  • Iselle– “Moonlit shimmer”
  • Jorah– “Autumn rain’s joy”
  • Kara– “Beloved heart”
  • Liri– “Musical water”
  • Mabli– “Lovable, dear”
  • Nessa– “Pure, youthful spirit”
  • Olenn– “Divine holly”
  • Pippa– “Lover of horses”
  • Quincy– “Estate of the fifth son”
  • Rilla– “Stream of the small field”
  • Sibby– “Prophetic victory”
  • Tegan– “Beautiful doll”
  • Vaela– “Valiant one”
  • Wynn– “Fair, pure”
  • Xara– “Princess”
  • Yola– “Violet flower”
  • Zoelle– “Life”
  • Archie– “Bold archer”
  • Becca– “Bound with a ring”
  • Cedra– “Kindly and loved”
  • Dilly– “Delicate as a petal”
  • Ettie– “Star-like”
  • Ferris– “Adventurous iron”
  • Gilda– “Gilded, covered with gold”
  • Hetti– “Home ruler”
  • Ivy– “Climbing vine”
  • Jess– “Rich in grace”
  • Kleo– “Glory of the land”
  • Lel– “Laughter”
  • Milly– “Gentle strength”
  • Noxie– “Little night”
  • Ovie– “Egg; symbol of life”
  • Pinny– “Weaver”
  • Quinna– “Quintessence”
  • Rosy– “Beautiful rose”
  • Sully– “Bright eyes”
  • Tammi– “Palm tree”
  • Ully– “Jewel of the sea”
  • Vinnie– “Conquering”
  • Willo– “Willowy, graceful”
  • Xelie– “Protector of the sea”
  • Yessie– “Foresighted”
  • Zedd– “The seeker”
  • Anny– “Prayerful”
  • Borris– “Short, adorable”
  • Curan– “Little hero”
  • Daxie– “Water leader”
  • Echo– “Reverberating sound”
  • Felsi– “Feline grace”
  • Gibbs– “Bright hostage”
  • Haddie– “Estate ruler”
  • Inka– “Hero’s daughter”

Breton Name Generator

These are some Breton names we’ve generated using a Breton names generator to inspire you:

50 Male Breton Names

  • Albertain Duham
  • Bradlius Fortville
  • Carmonor Laford
  • Donrandael Saintcrest
  • Emlorius Debourg
  • Franstanus Levilla
  • Bradstanien Ducrest
  • Carlixaen Laford
  • Alberan Leville
  • Emerius Hamprest
  • Franderaen Fortmont
  • Donmonael Saintville
  • Bradixus Deham
  • Carstanien Laford
  • Alorien Ducrest
  • Emderus Lebourg
  • Frankius Hamville
  • Bertrandean Saintfield
  • Charlisen Duville
  • Derickor Lafort
  • Gemonius Hamford
  • Herbertien Saintville
  • Ionloran Ducrest
  • Juliusder Montford
  • Kendrickael Lavilla
  • Lionelius Deham
  • Marstanus Fortburg
  • Nordanor Leburgh
  • Oslifaen Laford
  • Percivalor Montville
  • Quentinus Duville
  • Ronlixaen Saintcrest
  • Stanimon Leville
  • Tiberien Fortford
  • Ulfderus Hamville
  • Vanceorien Duham
  • Wilbertan Laville
  • Xavderael Fortbourg
  • Yveslienus Montfort
  • Zedderien Leville
  • Alainmon Saintville
  • Branloran Duford
  • Cyrilien Montfort
  • Dorianstan Deburgh
  • Enricus Leville
  • Felixanus Hamcrest
  • Gastonael Fortville
  • Henrius Duford
  • Isidormon Montville
  • Jaimonael Lavilla

50 Female Breton Names

  • Alibelleia Saintcrest
  • Brinettina Duville
  • Clarina Leburgh
  • Donnellie Duville
  • Elsabelle Fortville
  • Frantinet Fostermont
  • Alimarie Saintford
  • Brietteine Laford
  • Clarissea Montfort
  • Donellina Deburgh
  • Ellenina Hamford
  • Francescaelle Leburght
  • Alielie Duham
  • Brigittea Fortford
  • Clarianelle Montcrest
  • Dorena Saintville
  • Esmeina Leburgh
  • Faelia Lafort
  • Gilbettina Hamville
  • Heloisabelle Ducrest
  • Isabeth Saintville
  • Josettine Laford
  • Katerineia Hamford
  • Lisanettia Fortvilla
  • Mireillea Leburgh
  • Nicolettine Ducrest
  • Opheliea Montville
  • Paulineia Saintfort
  • Quellineia Laville
  • Renette Fortcrest
  • Seraphinea Duville
  • Thibellia Saintville
  • Urseline Montfort
  • Violettie Laford
  • Wynafrydea Hamford
  • Xaviettea Leville
  • Ysalineia Ducrest
  • Zoelette Fortville
  • Adelineia Saintburgh
  • Beatriceine Montford
  • Celesbet Fortville
  • Dominicaelle Laford
  • Eloineia Hamville
  • Faustineia Saintcrest
  • Gwendoline Montford
  • Hortenselle Duville
  • Imogineia Fortburgh
  • Julienneia Leville
  • Klarissia Duham
  • Lucianne Montfort

How to Choose a Good Breton Name

Here are some tips with examples:

Tip #1: Understand the Origin and Meaning

Breton names come from Brittany, a cultural region in the northwest of France. These names often have a unique sound and carry meanings from the Celtic language of Breton. When picking a Breton name, it’s cool to look up what the name means. For example, the name “Alan” means “little rock,” and “Mael” means “prince” or “chief.” Knowing the meaning can give a special touch to your name choice and help you feel more connected to it.

Choosing a name with a meaning that resonates with you can be really satisfying. If you enjoy nature, you might like the name “Enora,” which means “honor” or “praise.” Or, if you want a name that sounds mighty, “Briac” means “esteemed” or “respected.” This adds a layer of personality to your name that friends might find super interesting!

Tip #2: Pronunciation Matters

Breton names can sometimes be tricky to pronounce, so think about how the name will be said by others. If you choose a name with a straightforward pronunciation, it will be easier for everyone. For instance, “Loeiz” might stump people, but “Yann” (similar to “John”) is easy. You want a name that feels good to say and doesn’t cause a lot of mix-ups.

Imagine your name being called out in class or at a graduation ceremony – you’d want it to flow smoothly, right? Names like ‘Elouan’ (sounds like “EH-loo-an”) or ‘Kilian’ (pronounced “KEE-lee-an”) are pretty and not too hard to say once you know how. That way, you’ll hear your name pronounced correctly more often, which can be pretty satisfying.

Tip #3: Consider the Popularity

Some Breton names are super popular and others are more unique. Think about whether you want a name that stands out or one that fits in more easily. “Gwen” is a popular Breton name that is short and sweet. It’s a hit because it’s easy to say and sounds like other familiar names. But, if you’re looking for something less common, “Tugdual” is definitely unique!

It might be cool to have a name that’s different from everyone else’s, like “Aziliz” (pronounced “ah-ZEE-lees”). On the other hand, picking a name that’s more recognized, like “Erwan” (the Breton version of “Yves”), can make things simpler. When you introduce yourself, people might catch on quicker if it’s a name they’ve heard before.

Tip #4: Seek Authenticity

Make sure to pick a genuine Breton name to honor the culture it comes from. Some names might seem Breton but aren’t, and you want to keep it real. For example, “Corentin” is a historical Breton name, as it’s the name of one of Brittany’s seven founder saints. It’s legit and has stood the test of time.

Choosing an authentic name can be a way of showing respect for the Breton heritage. Check out reliable sources or even Breton history for inspiration. Names like “Maëlys” (which has become popular in France) or “Gaël” (both a Breton and Gaelic name) have that authentic flair. Steer clear of made-up names that just sound Breton, this way you know your name has a true piece of the region’s identity.

Tip #5: The Gender of the Name

In Breton culture, some names are unisex, while others are specifically for boys or girls. It’s important to choose a name that reflects the gender you feel fits best. “Soazig” is traditionally a girl’s name, while “Ronan” is commonly used for boys. Gender-specific names make it clear and avoid confusion for some people.

But if you like the idea of a gender-neutral name, there are options like “Morgan,” which works for everyone. Just remember, the gender of a name might not be obvious to others if they aren’t familiar with Breton culture, so you might have to explain it a bit, which can actually be a cool conversation starter!

Tip #6: Future Considerations

Think about how the name will grow with you. Cool and cute names are awesome for when you’re young, but consider how they sound for an adult too. Names like “Briant” and “Denez” are timeless and work whether you’re a teenager or a grown-up. They’ve got that charm that lasts a lifetime.

When you imagine yourself in the future, as a professional maybe, or as a parent, does the name still fit? It’s a name you’ll have for job applications, social media, and milestones – it’s more than just a trendy choice, it’s a part of who you’ll become. Be like “Iseult,” a name with a beautiful story and a sound that’s elegant at any age.

Tip #7: Embrace Personal Significance

Finally, consider if the name has personal meaning to you. Maybe you have Breton ancestry, or perhaps you spent an amazing summer in Brittany. A name like “Klervi” might not just sound pretty, but also remind you of your heritage or special memories. A name with personal significance resonates on a deeper level and becomes part of your story.

If you’re into legends, you might pick “Tristan” after the famous knight of Breton folklore, or “Armelle” as a nod to Saint Armel. Go for a name that feels like it has a story you’d love to share, something that feels like it’s a part of your own legend. Your name is your tagline in the story of life, so pick one that feels like it’s truly yours.

Common Features of Breton Names

Let’s dive into these features with examples, but we’ll keep it simple so you can get the gist of it easily.

1. Based on the Breton Language

Breton is a language spoken in Brittany, and many of their names are actually words from that language. It’s like if your name meant “ocean” or “star” in Breton!


  • Alan: This common name means “little rock” or “handsome” in Breton.
  • Enora: It means “honor” – a super cool thing to be named after, right?

2. Saints’ Names

In Brittany, just like in lots of places in Europe, people love naming their kids after saints. They believe it’s a way to bring good luck and protect the kiddos.


  • Gwenael: Coming from Saint Gwenael, who was well respected.
  • Maëlys: Possibly derived from Saint Amalia, turning it into a more Breton-sounding name.

3. Nature-Inspired

Breton names are often inspired by the beautiful nature around them, like the ocean, forests, and stars. So if you love nature, these names might be right up your alley!


  • Morgane: This one’s related to the sea, much like the name “Morgan” in English.
  • Sterenn: It literally means “star” – how cool is that for a name?

4. Celtic Origins

Brittany is a Celtic region, which means their culture and language are related to places like Ireland and Scotland. Many Breton names come from old Celtic names that have been around for hundreds of years.


  • Brendan: It’s an old Celtic name meaning “prince” or “king” – pretty royal, right?
  • Iseult: This name comes from a famous Celtic legend and has a romantic ring to it!

So, there you have it, some awesome features of Breton names that show language, history, nature, and old Celtic vibes.


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