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500+ Attractive and Catchy Boutique Name Ideas

Are you looking for catchy boutique name ideas? There are many factors you have to keep in mind when starting a boutique business but coming up with a unique name is one of the important factors.

For your inspiration, here we have suggested some creative boutique names and tips on how to choose a perfect name for your boutique business.

So, without wasting time lets dive into the name ideas:

Boutique Name Ideas

These are the catchy boutique names to inspire you:

  • The Blue Dress
  • Fashion Boutique
  • Rich Hippie
  • Pink Lucy
  • Bridal Boutique
  • The Laughing Willow
  • Basket Boutique
  • Forever Boutique
  • Circle Park Boutique
  • Vintage Martini
  • Luxe Boutique
  • Lovely Bride
  • Glamour Boutique
  • Goddess Boutique
  • Lela Rose
  • Complete Looks Boutique
  • The Spot Boutique
  • Flea Style
  • Blue Planet
  • Lifestyle Boutique

Trendy Boutique Names

These are the cool and trendy boutique names for your:

  • The Hills Boutique
  • Lucy Franco
  • Trendy Threads
  • Wild Grace
  • Drastic Boutique
  • BuddyLove Clothing
  • Velvet Window
  • Luxury Consignment
  • Elegancia Formal Wear
  • Everything Boutiques
  • Beyond the Mirror
  • Fusion Boutique
  • Beacon Clothing Boutique
  • The Style Bar
  • Funky Finds Vintage
  • The Backroom
  • Southridge Boutique
  • Creative outlets
  • Elegance Clothing Bar
  • Genius Boutique
  • Family Planet

Simple Boutique Names

Here is the list of cute and simple boutique name ideas for your new startup:

  • Real Deals
  • Something Blue
  • Pure Bridal
  • Modern Dress
  • Prom Boutique
  • Riverfront Boutiques
  • Wishing Well
  • RusticThread Boutique
  • Blue Moon Boutique
  • Pinks Apparel
  • Victory Clothing
  • Cherry Creek
  • Lovely Vintage
  • The Secret Boutique
  • Brilliant Style
  • Fast Boutique
  • Sharp Luxury Outerwear
  • Plum Cartage
  • Little Boutique
  • The Perfect Petal
  • Green Boxes

Southern Boutique Names

Below are the best southern boutique names for your inspiration:

  • Mainstream Boutique
  • Traveling Chic Boutique
  • Sweet Boutique
  • Southern Sisters Boutique
  • Just the Thing
  • Come Here Boutique
  • Style Me Boutique
  • Southern Stitches
  • Pink Hanger
  • Preppy Pineapple
  • The Peacock Boutique
  • Wildflower Boutique
  • Styledwell
  • Dress Up
  • The White Dress
  • Scoot Boutique
  • Sparkle Boutique
  • Treasures of Boutique
  • Simple to Sublime
  • Butterfly Boutique
  • Sky Gift Boutique

Unique Boutique Names

Following are the attractive and unique names for your boutique:

  • Ross Flower Boutique
  • Dear Boutique
  • Pretty Roots Boutique
  • Looking Pretty
  • Simply Chic Boutique
  • Couture Boutique
  • Your Doll House
  • Cactus Designs
  • Designer’s Boutique
  • Fashion Forever
  • Branded Boutique
  • Black Scorpion Boutique
  • Special Occasions
  • Charming Boutique
  • Rainbow Shops
  • Perfect Fashion
  • Elegant Expressions
  • Simple Styles House
  • Bridal Gallery
  • Define Boutique
  • Glamour Boutique

One Word Boutique Names

Here are the most creative one-word boutique names:

  • Jewelius
  • Grace
  • Stylish
  • Freda
  • Moon
  • Blink
  • Blink
  • Ross
  • Blossom
  • Velvet
  • Pinko
  • Warm
  • Flannel
  • Gucci
  • Happy
  • Lovely

Successful Boutique Names

These are the different attractive and successful boutique names:

  • Daisy Boutique
  • Blue Tree
  • Sparkle Boutique
  • Love to Dress
  • Reformation
  • Baby Blue Line
  • Barking Brown
  • Omega Boutique
  • Nike Flatiron
  • Royal Boutique
  • Pearl and Dot Boutique
  • Red Rose Boutique
  • Deep’s Fashion
  • Sunshine Studio
  • Beauty Boutique
  • Prism Boutique
  • Coco Boutique
  • White Flower Boutique
  • Modern Boutique
  • The Beauty Box

Online Boutique Names

Look at these creative names for your online boutique:

  • Passions Boutique
  • Casual Boutique
  • Sassy Fashions
  • Essentials Boutique
  • Helping Hands Boutique
  • The Black Cat
  • Forever New
  • Stylehub
  • Elise Boutique
  • Culture Kings
  • Integrity Boutique
  • Dressed Up
  • Sweethearts
  • The Standard Store
  • Honey Bird
  • That’s Vogue
  • Pansy Pants
  • Pink Sky
  • Gourmet Boutique
  • Happy Fish Boutique

Baby Boutique Names

Below are the catchy names for baby boutique:

  • Darling Boutique
  • Kidding Around
  • Real Baby
  • Sassy Childrens Boutique
  • Sunshine Kids
  • Fresh Kids
  • Little Footprints
  • Little Heart Boutique
  • Blinged Boutique
  • Baby Bella
  • Sweet Repeats
  • Feather Baby
  • Happy Mango
  • Baby Love
  • Princess and Punks
  • Blanks Boutique
  • Stripes Children’s Boutique
  • Happy Rabbit
  • Magical Child
  • For Kids Only

How to Brainstorm Simple Boutique Names

Below are the few steps for generating boutique name ideas:

What are your target audiences?

Before starting brainstorming, you have to decide on your target audiences. If you want to target youngers, you will use the words that can attract younger people.

Or if your mind is family-friendly, then you will have to use the words that give ideas that your boutique is family-friendly.

In short, you have to give a hint about your audiences in your business names

Ask for other opinions (especially target audience)

Of course, you will have brainstorm many ideas by yourself, but getting other opinions can be very helpful. Gather your trusted friends and also invite your target audience.

You can call it a naming party. Get their suggestion one by one. May someone come up with a name that makes a home in your heart.

Add beautiful colors names.

It sounds crazy, but by adding color names you can come up with a simple and unique name easily. Such as look at the following examples.

The black Door, Yellow Window Boutique, Red Flower Boutique, Purple Pineapple Boutique, White Dresses, etc.

Use fashion-related terms.

Using fashion-related terms is another great idea of creating trendy boutique names. Everyone dreams to be a fashionable and smart. So, automatically your name will attract them.

Make it unique and different.

Many people make the same mistake they simply copy other brand names. If you want to make your own brand identity you have to come up with a different name.

Do a little industry research and make a list of common words. Then, when coming up with your name make sure the words you will use are not already used before in the industry.

Consider your own name.

If your name sounds catchy and unique you can consider using it (either first or). And if your name is common you can use the family name to give your business a personal touch.

Use Adjectives and nouns.

One of the best ways of creating attractive boutique names is to use adjectives and nouns. These are the few examples for your inspiration.

Charming Boutique, Soulful Boutique, Remarkable Boutique, Magical Boutique, Angle Boutique, Flower Boutique, Little Tiger Boutique, Small Cat Boutique, etc.

Make sure the domain name is available.

Nowadays online businesses are becoming popular day by day. If you want an online presence make sure your domain name is available. Check it easily on

We hope you will find a catchy name for your boutique. Good Luck!

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