Bike Company Names: 200 Great Bike Shop Names

Selecting the perfect name for your business is one of the challenging steps you have to do as an entrepreneur.

If you are starting a bike company and looking for the best bike company names then this article is for you.

Here we have suggested some catchy bike shop names and ideas on how to come up with a unique name step by step.

Bike Company Names

Here are the best bike company names of all time:

  • Black Sheep Bikes
  • Springs Bike Shop
  • Whistler Scooters
  • Spot Bikes
  • ProCycling
  • Peak Bike Tours
  • Electric Bike Company
  • Lightning Motorcycle
  • Serious Cycling
  • Big Adventures
  • Golden Gate Rides
  • EagleRider Motorcycle
  • Rocky Mountain Bicycles
  • Oxygen Bike Company
  • About the Bike
  • Wheelbase Cycles
  • Buy a Bike
  • Cycle Heaven
  • The Bike Stable
  • The Little Bike Company
  • Peak Adventures
  • Dashing Bicycles
  • The Pedal Shop
  • Flame Bicycle Tours
  • Bike Zone
  • Avenue Scooters
  • Bicycle Habitat
  • Waterfront Bicycle Shop
  • Master Bike
  • Innovation Bike Shop

Bike Shop Names

These are the great name ideas for bike shop:

  • Bike Connection
  • Hills Bike Shop
  • Wheel World Bicycles
  • Cycle Gear
  • Bike Repairs Direct
  • Leeds Bike Shop
  • Bike Workshop
  • The Custom Bike Shop
  • Climb On Bikes
  • Bicycle Doctor
  • Cycle Solutions
  • The Edge Cycleworks
  • Pedal Heaven
  • Cycle Technology
  • A Different Gear
  • Freewheel
  • Arrow Cycles
  • Discount Cycle Centre
  • Really Good Bikes
  • Heavy Metal Bike Shop
  • Busy Bee Bikes
  • Silk Road Cycles
  • Arrow Bikes Shop
  • Hobby Bikes
  • Strictly Cycling Collective

Motorcycle Business Names

Below are the catchy motorcycle business names for your inspiration:

  • The Bicycle Business
  • Zoom Scooter
  • The Motorcycling Store
  • Genuine Motorworks
  • Motorcycle Center
  • Mini Motorcycle Shop
  • Firefox Bike Station
  • Supreme Cycle Company
  • Prime Cycle store
  • Bike Studio
  • Cycling Boutique
  • The Bikestore
  • Track And Trail
  • LightSpeed Bikes
  • Happy Cycle Shop
  • Suncross Bikes
  • Just Buy Cycles
  • The Bike Clinic
  • Wild Wolf Bicycles
  • The Champion Sports

Bike Brand Names

Here is the list of top bike brand names in the world:

  • Alchemy Bicycles
  • Trek
  • Giant Bikes
  • Colnago Bikes
  • Ghost Cycles
  • Cannondale Bike.
  • Firmstrong Bikes
  • Diamondback Bikes
  • Devinci Cycles
  • Santa Cruz.
  • Cube Bikes
  • Marin
  • Eddy Merckx
  • GT
  • Salsa
  • Cervelo

How to Name your Bike Company

Below are the few steps for generating best bike company names:

Understand your business.

The first step towards naming your bike business is to make a business plan. You should have a clear idea about your business goals, future plans, and target audiences.

If you have not made a business plan yet, then make a creative plan first and know how you will grow your business in the future.

Below are the two important questions you have to keep in mind:

What are your target audiences?

What is the story behind your business?

Once you understand what to convey in your business name, coming up with a unique name will be easy.

Brainstorm catchy bike company name ideas.

The second step is to create some bike name ideas. Think about the related words and phrases that can give ideas about your business.

Think about the words that describe and differentiate your business from your competitors. And, also think about the words that describe the benefits of using your products.

For example, look at these examples of good bike company names. Hills Bike, Electric Bike Company, Tough tire Cycles, Climb on Bikes, Freewheel

Keep your name short, sweet, and memorable.

If you look at the top brand company names, you will find few things common. Such as their names are short, simple, easy to write, and easy to remember. (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, etc.)

One of the best ways to make your name memorable is to use the acronym of your company name. Such as if your bike company name is “Discount Cycle Centre” your acronym is DCC.

Do competitors analysis.

Once you come up with your favorite name, go and search all your competitors’ company names in your area to make sure your selected name is different and unique.

Ensure the business name is not trademarked.

Before making a final decision, checking the trademark database is very important. Because thousands of business names register every day.

You can check the trademark database online on

Make sure that the .com domain name and social media handles are available.

If you have the plan to market and advertise your bike business online, then have to check the domain name availability and other social media handles. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

For checking the domain name availability you can visit which is free.

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