Beauty Business Names: 400+ Best Beauty Shop Name Ideas

The beauty industry is vast. To stand in this industry you have to come up with a catchy and unique name.

However, choosing a catchy name for your beauty business is not an easy task, you have to be creative when brainstorming beauty business names.

The name is your brand identity which gives people ideas about your business. So, choosing a catchy and great name for your beauty business is very important.

Here in this article, we have suggested the best beauty shop name ideas and tips to come up with a great name.

let’s get started.

Beauty Business Names

Here is the list of catchy beauty business name ideas for your startup:

Beauty Shop Name Ideas

These are the best names for your cosmetics and beauty shop business:

Catchy Beauty Business Names

These are some cool and catchy beauty business names for you:

Mobile Beauty Business Names

Following are the creative mobile beauty business names:

Beauty Brand Names

These are the most famous beauty brand names to help you get your own name:

Beauty Page Name Ideas

Check out the below list of unique beauty page name ideas:

Glamour Business Names

Below are the good glamour business names you can use:

Beauty Group Names

These are the best beauty group names to inspire you:

How to Brainstorm Beauty Business Names?

Before you start creating name ideas for your beauty business, it’s important to think about your target audiences. For example, what are your business goals?

What message do you want to convey when people sound your business name? These are the important questions you have to keep in mind when choosing a beauty brand name.

Below are a few tips for generating beauty business names:

Research your competitor’s names.

First of all, search your competitor’s names in your area. Make a list of their names. It will help you in brainstorming name ideas and you will know the words you have to avoid.

You have to come up with a unique name and outstanding name that tell how unique and good your products are.

Pick a short and simple name.

Avoid using a brand name that is too long. If your name will be boring, long and complicated no one will like it. Also, people will feel difficulty in pronouncing and remembering.

The easiest way to create a simple name is to play with words. For example, combine two simple words related to beauty such as Skincare Beauty, Beautiful Face, Bright View, etc.

Think about your future plans.

What are your future plans? Do you want to spread your beauty business in the future?

So, you have to come up with a name that cannot limit your business growth in the future when you want to add other products related to beauty.

Consider your own name.

How it will be if you use your own name? we think it’s a good idea because many entrepreneurs prefer to use their own names.

For example, if your name is kate you can use kate’s Beauty Planet, Kate’s Beauty Cosmetics, etc.

Make it a group discussion.

Making the naming session a group discussion is another good idea. It’s not a secret that you are naming your business. Gather your friends, relatives, and family like a party and get their opinions.

May someone come up with a name that really sounds good. Also, discuss it with your company member and let know the pros and cons of the name that people have suggested.

Check the online requirements.

There are mainly two things you have to check. First, check the trademark database, because sometimes the selected name was already trademark by someone else. So, check to make sure.

Second, check the domain name availability, nowadays everyone prefers to present his/her business online. Because customers order the products online and receive them at home without going anywhere.

You can check the domain name availability on and the trademark database on USPTO.GOV.

Finalize your name.

Your business name is your brand identity and you have to live with your name for a long time until you leave it. So, before finalizing your beauty business name make sure you are personally happy with your name.

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