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500 Bead Business Names That Are Just Too Cute to Handle

Beads have got to be one of the most versatile hobbies ever. You can make all sorts of jewelry, use them for crafts, or just have them around in the form of necklaces or rings, ornaments, or even just as a collectible item. Of course, if you’re planning on opening a bead business, you’re going to need a name.

When starting a bead business whether it’s an online or offline store, probably you’ll be asking yourself this question. What should I name my bead business? If yes, then this blog post can help you.

In this blog post, we’ve suggested hundreds of catchy and cute bead business names from which you can choose your favorite one. When naming your bead business, keep in mind that you should not only think about how your name sounds but also how it looks. A catchy name will help you get noticed online and increase sales.

Let’s dive in, to find a fascinating name for your new startup!

Catchy Bead Business Names

Here are some catchy bead business names you can use to get started your new business:

  • Beading Heaven
  • Crown Custom Beads
  • Beading with A Twist
  • Sticker-N-Bead
  • Your Beaded Creations
  • Feather’s Nest Creations
  • The Magic of Beading
  • Bead Plus World
  • Crystal & Glass Beads
  • The Bead Bazaar
  • Cosmic Beads
  • Tribe Style Beads
  • Little Treasures Hut
  • Glitter Me Beads
  • Beads on Parade
  • Crafted Bead
  • Bead Inspirations
  • Bead City Beads
  • The Rainbow Bead Shop
  • Creative Supplies
  • Bead Time
  • The Bronze Spark
  • Bead Art Gossip
  • Dewdrop Bead Store
  • Klassy Beads
  • Heart Shaped Beads
  • Iron me Beads
  • Red & White Beads
  • Sweet Emotion Beads
  • A Place To Bead
  • Blue Door Beads
  • Fantasy Beads
  • Ace Beads
  • The Crafty Crafter
  • Beads to Be Creative
  • Beads That Last
  • Absolute Bead Shop
  • Beading Crafters
  • Bits and Beads
  • Sunset Bead Shop
  • Let’s Bead!
  • Charms and Beads
  • Jewel Bead Depot
  • Crafty Jacks

Cute Bead Business Names Ideas

These are some cute bead business name ideas that you’ll love to use:

  • Beads Boutique
  • The Mood Beads
  • Beads N Beyond
  • Pearl Bead Boutique
  • Beadworks
  • Ornamental Beads
  • Luxurious Beads
  • Beads of Magic
  • Beadworld
  • Hometown Beads
  • Dancing Beads
  • The Beaded Garden
  • Embroidered Fancy Buttons
  • Spirit Beads
  • TheBeadTraders
  • Beads ‘N’ Crystals
  • Crown Jewels Inc
  • Big Bead Boutique
  • The Bead Gallery
  • The Embroidery Bar
  • Hands on Bead
  • Pulp-N-Bead Designs
  • Beads On A Hill
  • Wicked Princess Beads
  • Jewel of The World
  • White Fox Beads
  • Bead Lovers
  • Pretty Beads
  • Village Beads
  • Beads of Love
  • Planet Bead
  • Bead Abode
  • Bead It Up
  • The Clay Guy
  • Beads Expression
  • Coastal Treasures
  • Silk Beads Boutique
  • Thunder Lizard
  • Wholesale Beads Store
  • Krazy Crafters

Unique Bead Store Names

The following are some unique bead store names that you may like:

  • Brightstar Beads Store
  • Arrowhead Craft Bead
  • Silicone Bead Supplies
  • Cherry Tree Beads
  • The Bead Fairy
  • Beads of Paradise
  • Beads4Fashion
  • Sweetie Beadz
  • Brilliant Beads Store
  • Handmade Beaded Jewelry And Things
  • The Beadle
  • Pretty Much Beadless
  • The Epic Bead
  • Meant To Bead
  • A World of Beads
  • Crave the Results
  • Painted Pear Beads
  • Lucky D’s Beads
  • ShinyBeads
  • Luxury R Visible –
  • Baby Beads
  • Unique Bead Gallery
  • Earthen Pottery
  • Crown Beads
  • Les Perles
  • Riverside Beads
  • Pluto Beads
  • Fire Mountain Gems and Beads
  • Artful Things
  • Crafting Together
  • Heart & Stone
  • Sunkist Beads
  • Beading Oven
  • Beads In Motion
  • Goddess Beads
  • Sunburst Beads
  • Jewelry Bead Supply
  • Beads After Beads
  • The Branded Crafts
  • Beads 4 U

Cool Names for Bead Company

These are some cool names for bead companies you can consider using:

  • Poseidon Beads
  • Bling Beads
  • Beaded in Time
  • Kiss Beads
  • Beads of Wonder
  • Pretty Things Bead
  • Bead Party Shop
  • Beads To You
  • Lush Beads
  • Lion Beads
  • Blue Moon Bead
  • Bead Haven
  • Palm Beads
  • Lucky Bead Bespoke
  • Silvar Design
  • Beading on Wheels
  • Butterfly Blue
  • Quest Beads & Cast
  • Bead City Shop
  • New & Used Beads
  • Beads of Bliss
  • Only beads
  • Lucky Gems and Jewellery
  • Beads on Queen
  • Beads with Heart
  • Precious Sparkle
  • Gem Beadery
  • The BeadKeepers
  • Crystal Findings
  • Bangles & Beads
  • The Bead Connection
  • Cowboy Beads
  • Crafter’s Treasures
  • Wholesale Beading Supplies
  • Bead Solutions
  • Heart Beads Jewelry
  • Lucky Star Beads
  • Beads by Cuties
  • Beaded Bijoux
  • Holistic Bead World

Waist Bead Business Names        

These are some waist bead business names to inspire you:

  • Waist Beaded Things
  • Boosterhead Beads
  • Waist Beads R Us
  • Accents on Beads
  • Love & Bliss Beads
  • Waist Beads & Bracelets
  • Golden Waist Beads
  • Grace’s Beads
  • Iced Beads Boutique
  • Holland Bead Company
  • Pretty Bows & Things
  • Tribal Bead Designs
  • Beaded Imaginations
  • Bead Boutique
  • Beads and Crystal Dreams
  • Crafter’s Favorites
  • A Beaded City
  • Fine Beads Inc
  • MVP Beads
  • A Beady Angel
  • The Tiny Craft Hub
  • Beads And Stars
  • Barrel of Beads
  • Blush Bound
  • Pink Tite Beads
  • Beading Stars
  • Bead Power
  • Beads Forever
  • Lost Cities Beads
  • Solo Blue Diamond
  • Epic Bead Boutique
  • Beads N’ Things
  • Unique Beads
  • Simply Beads and Jewelry Accessories
  • Highly Strung
  • Beads-a-Licious
  • Needwood Beaders
  • Beading Bliss

Creative Names for Beading Business

Below is the list of some creative names for beading business that you might find interesting:

  • Create & Craft Beads
  • Piercing Pagoda
  • Wild Beads
  • My Beading Shop
  • Red Bead Boutique
  • Deluxe Beading
  • Holland Beads
  • A Bead Cute
  • House of Gems
  • Bead-O-Rama
  • Beading Buddies
  • Fine Lines
  • Fizzy Beads
  • All About Beads
  • Pearl Bridal Beads
  • Flip Flop Bead Shop
  • Pacific Beads
  • Bracey Charm
  • Momma’s Bead Shop
  • Life Stones
  • Garden of Beading
  • Bead Heaven
  • Knot Just Beads
  • Beads on The Wall
  • Bead Emporium
  • MotoGloss
  • Pearl Beadz
  • Tiny Dreams Beads
  • General Bead
  • Gems Ocean Inc
  • Exotic Treasures
  • Bead Crafters
  • Jolly Store Crafts
  • Boundless Beads
  • Glow Bead Boutique
  • Bead Queen
  • That’s Really Crafty
  • The Bead Seekers
  • Beadorama

Beads Bracelet Business Names

These are some best handmade beads bracelet business names you can use right away:

  • Beaded Necklaces
  • Creative Beaded Jewels
  • Sparkling Beaded Bracelets
  • Beaded Bracelets Emporium
  • BloomBeads Inc
  • The Pristine Pearl
  • Endless Beads Bracelets
  • Truly Unbelievable
  • Beads Necklace Galore
  • Sunshine Beads
  • Retro Beads Inc
  • Oasis Bead Bracelets
  • Magic Dots
  • BeadFire
  • Trendy Beads
  • Blissful Bead Bracelets
  • Beaded Together
  • The String Bead
  • MoonBeads
  • Ultimate Beads Bracelets
  • The Beaded Bracelets Shoppe
  • Infinite Beauties
  • Brenda’s Beads
  • Beads Bracelets 2 Share
  • OMG Beads Bracelets
  • Beauty and the Beads
  • Plenty Beads Bracelets
  • Beads-O-Plenty
  • Bead Balance
  • Beads 4 You
  • Morning Dew Bead Shop
  • The Beaded Indian
  • Beaded Treasure Shop
  • Magical Mixed Bracelets
  • Bead Keepers
  • The Bead Bracelet Shop
  • Charming Memories
  • Gems N More
  • Beads Bracelets for You
  • Exquisite Beads Bracelets

Bead Business Names


What are some good names for bead business?

  • New Bead Designs
  • The Bead Guy
  • Beads with Attitude
  • The Beads Studio
  • Angel Beads
  • Crafty Accessories Co.
  • Beadology
  • Beads in Paradise
  • Desert Bead Store
  • Fae Jewelry Art
  • New Mexico Bead Co.
  • My Beading Hearts
  • Bead Nation

What are some clever bead shop name ideas?

  • Absolutely Beads
  • The Bead Seller
  • Essential Beads
  • Beautiful Beads
  • Magnificent Beads Shop
  • Bead ‘N’ Stuff
  • Free World Bead Shop
  • Need4Bead
  • My Pretty Mystic
  • BeadCache
  • Shiny New Bead Shop
  • Stunning Beads
  • The Bead Life
  • Bead Garden
  • The Bead Centre
  • Love My Beads

What are some fun names for bead business?

  • Walking on Beads
  • Shade Things Beading
  • Beadology Direct
  • Dancing Beaded Jewelry
  • Little Bead World
  • Beads that Matter
  • Sassy Beading
  • Crazy About Beads
  • Curious Art Beads
  • Kings Beads
  • Beaders Anonymous
  • The Crafter’s Dream
  • Manhole Cover Beads
  • Funky Beads

What are some memorable name ideas for a bead company?

  • Classy Art Glass
  • Zombie’s Beads
  • Beads Unlimited
  • What A Bead
  • Dazzling beads
  • Simply Beads
  • Baby Bead Design
  • Beads & Needles
  • Mama Bead Designs
  • Shipwreck Beads
  • Beads N Love
  • Cactus Locks
  • Diamond Beads

What are some famous bead company names in USA to get inspiration from?

  • Beads By the Dozen Inc
  • Bobby Bead
  • AD Beads
  • Contemporary Beads & Castings
  • Cherry Tree Beads
  • Only beads
  • PotomacBeads
  • BeadKraft
  • Bead World Scottsdale
  • Argenta Bead Company
  • Beads and More
  • BeadStuff
  • Chelsea’s Beads
  • Potomac Bead Company
  • Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, Inc.
  • Shipwreck Beads
  • Beadmaster LLC
  • Bead World Phoenix
  • JBC Beads
  • Lotus Beads and Jewelry
  • South Pacific Wholesale
  • Bead & Trim
  • Ka-Gina Beads Etc
  • Alaska Bead Company
  • Earthstone Co
  • Beadology

Guide: Tips for Naming Your Bead Business

Sometimes you might have a great idea for a business, but find yourself stuck on coming up with the perfect name. There are a few different ways to go about naming your bead business. You could go the traditional route and start out by naming it after yourself. Or, you could go with a name that coincides with a color and starts with a ‘bead’ sound. Or, you can name your business after a city you live in.

Well, here are some more important tips to help you choose a good name for your bead business.

Choose a name that reflects what you do

When it comes to naming your bead business, you should think about what kind of products you sell. Do you sell only beads? Or do you sell all jewelry accessories? Maybe you sell both. So, when naming it’s better to choose a name that your customer can easily recognize what your business is all about.

A good first step is to choose a name that reflects the type of beads you sell. For instance, if you sell glass beads, you might call your store Glass Beads. But what about a yarn store? If you sell yarn, you might call your store Yarn Beads.

Go with something short and sweet

In order to make it easier for customers to find your bead store on the internet (and therefore easier for them to find you), you should decide on a short and sweet name for your bead business. (Plus, it will make your store’s URL more memorable as well.)

Such as look at these short and cute bead shop names: Crystal Beads, Beads Lover Boutique, and Sparkle Beads Shop.

Make sure it is memorable

The name of your bead store has a great impact on your business, and it should be memorable to your target customers. You want something that describes your business, but that will also strike a chord with people you meet and something that will be easy to remember.

If you’re selling beads online, you want something that’s memorable, because people will double-click on your URL, land on your site, and buy your products without ever visiting your store location.

Make sure it is unique and different from existing bead stores

The name you choose for your bead store can be a big deal, especially so when there are many other bead stores competing for the attention of customers. So, what makes a good bead store name? First, it needs descriptive and interesting.

With that said, the name should also be unique and catchy, so customers will want to visit your store to see what you have to offer.

It should be easy to spell and understand

When naming your own bead business, you don’t want to get stuck with a name people can’t pronounce, or that confuses people when they look at your store. When you own a business, your name is a brand. It’s what people associate with you when they hear it.

In an effort to attract customers, be sure to use an understandable, easy-to-pronounce name that is easy for customers to search for on the Internet, as well as in conversation.

Avoid negative or bad words

Your name is the first thing people see when they visit your store, so it’s important to choose the right one. But before you can pick a name that’s great, you have to know why you’re doing business. The reason you’re creating a bead store is because you enjoy creating wonderful jewelry, so your store’s name should reflect that.

It’s also important to choose a name that doesn’t have negative or offensive connotations. When you name your bead business or store something that sounds negative or possibly offensive, you may have created a bad impression for your business. So, it’s better to avoid negative or offensive words.

Make sure it is available as a domain name

If you decided to sell your beads online, it’s important to choose a name for your bead store that is available as a domain name. The “domain name” is the name that is shown on your website in the browser address bar and typed into the search bar to find your site.

Before finalizing a name for your bead business, visit and check its availability.


In conclusion, the takeaway is that naming a business isn’t just a fun exercise to help you better understand your business and your customers, but a critical first step in building a brand that will last.

So, your beads business name should describe the type of business you do, the location, and the personality of your brand. Be creative and remember that there is no limit to what you can come up with, so get your team together and run through a few ideas.

Hopefully, the above bead business name suggestions will help you find a name that you like. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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