500 Catchy Aerospace & Aviation Company Name Ideas

If you’re planning on starting a new aviation company, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is choosing a name. This can be a time-consuming process, so why not do it at the beginning and make things easier?

In this blog post, we’ve listed some cool and catchy aviation company names and ideas to help you choose a perfect name for your aviation company in no time.

Let’s dive in, to find a fantastic name for your aviation company!

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How to Name Your Aviation Company

The name of your aviation company is perhaps the most vital decision you can make. Choosing the wrong name can cost you precious time and money. Yet, many people neglect to do so. The aviation industry is growing at a staggering rate, and there are more and more opportunities for people to become involved.

The process of choosing a name can seem daunting, but if you follow these simple rules, you will be able to have a name that best suits your company.

1. Do some research

First of all, you need to do some research about the existing aviation company names people have already used. And, also search for the related and trending words that can be used in your company name.

Simply search for the famous existing companies in your area and get some inspiration from their names.

2. Come up with a list of potential names

The next step is to come up with a list of possible name ideas. You can do it by brainstorming catchy aviation names with your friends and family members. Or you can use an aviation company name generator for creating some unique names.

One of the best ideas to coming with some great aviation names is to ask your friends on Facebook or Instagram. They will help you come up with a list of unique names.

3. Make a shortlist of the best possibilities

Once you come up with a list of name ideas, sit with a fresh mind and shortlist some of your favorite names. When shortlisting, keep these important things in mind.

4. Get feedback on your favorite names

Getting feedback is a good idea to decide on a name for your business. After shortlisting your favorites reach out to family, friends, and anyone else you know, to ask them what they think which name is perfect for your new startup.

The more people you ask, the better. But you don’t want to pick something that someone else likes more than you, because after all, it’s your business so you should pick something you like.

5. Look at the domain name availability

Another important step is to check the availability of the domain name when deciding on a name for your company.

At some point, every business owner will need a website. If you are starting a small business, you might not need a website yet. For a larger business, the website is a vital part of your business’s marketing platform.

So, it’s important to get the domain name registered as soon as possible. Check it on GoDaddy.com.

6. Your name should differentiate your business from others

Your name is like your business card; it is your identity. It is a representation of your company and its services. Choosing a name for your company is an important decision because it gives you a chance to showcase your personality and set yourself apart from the competition.

So, it’s important that your name should be unique, one-of-a-kind, part of the essence of your business, and something you can use to distinguish your product, service, or company from others.

7. Choose a future proof name

Your business name should not limit your business growth, or prevent you from expanding geographically. If you want your business to grow, your business name should not be a barrier to entry.

When deciding on a name for your business, you should make the decision based on your goals and the direction of your business. If you decide on a name that limits the growth of your business, it will work against you. As your business grows, you will find yourself in a position where you are not as easily recognized. And you will need to change your brand name.

8. Make sure your name is easy to remember, pronounce, and spell

When it comes to naming your aviation company, you want to make sure that your name is memorable, and also says something about your business. The name should also be easy to spell, pronounce, and say aloud.

A name that is difficult to say can be a problem when people are immersed in their own conversation and misspell it.

9. Make sure your name doesn’t have any negative connotations

Your business name should not have negative connotations. It should be an absolute reminder of who you are and what you do. It should be something that people can associate with and remember, every time they use your services and products.

In business, as with life, you need to represent yourself in a positive light, rather than anything that causes negative connotations.

10. Check if the name is available as a trademark

You can trademark a business name, which means it will be easier to protect your brand name or your business identity. This will help you stop other people from using the same name or an identical version of it. It will also help you prevent other people from using the same name for other types of businesses, confusing the public.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides you with quick and easy ways to find out by simply searching its website. Other nations typically offer similar protection. If you’re not sure if your business name is available as a trademark, contact your state trademark office.


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In conclusion, it’s important to choose a name that conveys the core concept of your aviation business, who your target market is, and what makes you unique.

The name has to be memorable, easy to say, and easy to spell. A lot of aviation businesses go from their own name to the word “Aviation” to the word “Group” or “Airlines.” If it works for you, that could be the best solution. But your name should be short, one word or two, easy to remember, and fun to say.

We hope you liked this article and have found a good name for your aviation company. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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