300 Catchy Automotive Business Names and Suggestions

If you are searching names for any type of automotive business, such as auto parts business, car dealership, mechanic shop, and garage. You can find a good name here.

In this article, we have suggested some catchy automotive business names, ideas, and suggestions on how to choose a name for your automotive shop.

Let’s dive in.

Automotive Business Names

Here is the list of catchy and cool automotive business names for your new startup:

  • Discount Auto Repair
  • Easy Auto finance
  • Exhausted Auto Repair
  • Extra Mile
  • A.S.T Auto Repair
  • Final Touch Collision
  • Five Star Frame
  • Fix My Car Garage
  • Fo-Sho Auto Repair
  • Four Wheels
  • Garage Theatre
  • Glossy Car Co.
  • Go Green Auto Service
  • Grand Repair Auto
  • Green’s Garage
  • Guys Place Auto Garage
  • Hash Key
  • High Beam Body Shop
  • Hood Windshield
  • Hot Rod Restorators
  • Ideal Choice Cars

Auto Parts Store Names

These are some good auto parts store name ideas for you:

  • Auto Glimmer
  • Auto Mart
  • Auto Parts Sales
  • The Main Engine
  • The Manic Mechanic
  • The Sharpe Collection
  • The Tire Choice
  • Auto Services Gate
  • Auto Shine Customizations
  • Auto Trader Company
  • Blue Ridge Tire
  • Bob’s Motors
  • Car Care Your Way
  • Quick Car Finance
  • Quick Fix Garage
  • Quick Start Mechanix
  • Radiant Vehicles
  • King Mechanic
  • Legit Automotive
  • Lenny’s Tire & Lube

Catchy Automotive Shop Names

Below are the most creative automotive shop names to inspire you:

  • Rolling Wheels Motors
  • Roth Way Garage
  • Screwdriver Automotive Shop
  • Two Guys Auto Repair
  • Under the Dash Auto Repair
  • United Auto Repair
  • Victory Auto
  • Vision Peak
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Pavement Pros
  • Pearl Shine Auto Repair
  • Performance Imports
  • Car Surgeons
  • CarMax
  • Central Agent
  • Central Body Auto Repair
  • Motor hub
  • North Car Gleaming
  • Positive Association
  • Pro Auto Body

Good Automotive Business Names

These are the good name suggestions for automotive business you can use:

  • Pro Sound
  • Color Palette Automobiles
  • Crown Gold Auto Repair
  • Ready To Go Auto
  • Rim Repair Shop
  • ProAuto Mechanics
  • Professional Auto Dealers
  • Select Motors Repair
  • Shimmer & Polish
  • Parts Glory
  • OpenMind Vehicle
  • Street Smarts
  • Suburban Autobody
  • Super Car Guys
  • Superior Care Auto Center
  • The Car Clinic
  • Energy Parts
  • Main Auto
  • Champion Auto Clinic
  • Vehicle Talk

Automobile Shop Names

These are the catchy automobile shop names you can use:

  • The Car Guys
  • Vision Auto Solutions
  • The Carbon Hood
  • The Engine Room
  • Apex Automobiles
  • Universal Auto Group
  • Super Car Guys
  • Excel Body Works
  • Automotive Art
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • Alpha Auto Marvel
  • Any Car
  • Auto Campus
  • Car Caretakers
  • Car Locus Limited
  • Car Shapers
  • Car Supermarket
  • In the Hood Auto Specialists
  • Integrity Auto Group
  • Inwood Arch Automotive
  • Lug Nuts
  • Model T Men

Unique Automotive Business Name Ideas

Here is a list of unique names for your automotive business:

  • The Automotive Guru
  • The Honest Automotive
  • The Trusted Garage
  • The Trusty Wrench
  • Timely Auto Repair Shop
  • Tinted Windows Auto Group
  • Tire Kingdom
  • Top Car And Auto Repair
  • Toyopet Automobile
  • Trusted CarPoint
  • Turning Heads Customizations
  • Vroom Auto Repair
  • We Care Auto Stop
  • World Motors
  • Wrench King
  • Your Car World
  • Irving Ave
  • Little Red Wagon
  • Love Autos
  • Your Honest Mechanic

Car Dealership Names

Below are the funny car dealership names for your inspiration:

  • SmartMart Motors
  • Lucky Day Auto
  • Bargain For Wheels
  • Peterson Dealership
  • Dream Dealership
  • Automobile Gurus
  • Luxury Auto Vision
  • Deals for Wheels
  • Universal Auto Group
  • BrightSpot Autos
  • Auto Dealings
  • Wonder Automotive
  • Auto Trader Company
  • Capital Auto Auction
  • Exotic Motor World
  • World Premier Dealer
  • Greenway Automotive
  • Open Road Auto Group
  • CarMax Dealership
  • Wide World of Cars

Famous Automotive Business Names in USA:

  • America’s Best Automotive
  • Top Tech Automotive
  • Best Automotive Repair
  • Leading Edge Auto Body & Mechanical Repair
  • Addison Auto Repair & Body Shop
  • Busy Buggy Auto Repair
  • Urban Classics Auto Repair
  • Precision Imports
  • All-Star Automotive
  • German Car Repair Inc
  • Juke Auto
  • Import Performance Auto Repair
  • Automotive Instincts
  • Choice Auto Repair
  • Lancer Service
  • Tire World Auto Repair
  • The Custom Shop
  • Advanced Auto Care Center
  • Rush Automotive
  • AutoNation Collision Center Addison
  • Sunrise Auto Repair
  • Parkview Auto Repair
  • Power Window Repair
  • YourMechanic Auto Repair
  • Driver’s Auto Repair

Best Automotive Business Names in UK:

  • Best Fit Service Centre
  • Bluespark Automotive
  • TopCoat Car Body Repairs
  • Steins Garage
  • Smart Wheels
  • Pro Division Car Care
  • R S Auto Body Shop
  • Rtec Auto Design
  • Car Tuning
  • DCS AutoBody Repair
  • Auto Pitstop
  • Fix Auto Dagenham
  • Response Vehicle Lighting
  • Auto Sphere
  • CleanYourCar
  • The Underground Garage
  • Sliced Motors
  • Allparts Automotive
  • Autospray Solutions
  • Clarkins Car Accessories
  • Direct Car Parts
  • Auto Discount
  • British Parts UK
  • Engine Mart
  • York Auto Bodyshop
  • Elite Car Care
  • Performance Tyres
  • Custom Creations

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How to Name Your Automotive Business

Below are a few steps for generating unique automotive business names:

1. What type of name do you want?

Coming up with a good name for your business is an important step. The first step towards naming your automotive business is to decide on the type of business.

Such as, many people love using their personal names, some others like funny and unique names.

So, ask yourself a question that what type of name will fit your business. If you want a simple and catchy name then wordplay and a combination of words are good ideas for you.

2. Brainstorm some possible automotive business name ideas.

In brainstorming, give yourself the task of creating a list of good name ideas. Either, you can also involve your friends and family member in this creative step.

Maybe they have good pieces of information on naming an automotive business.

If you want to do some more research on name ideas, try these steps:

Research existing automotive shop names.

You will find hundreds of good existing brand names in your area for getting inspiration. But keep one thing in mind, your goal should be to create a unique name.

So, don’t copy them. Just look at their names and know the story and special words in the names that draw customers to them.

Use free online naming tools.

Shopify and Namelix are the best name generators you can try. Also, you can get some good ideas from a branding specialist, the owner of namesfrog.com.

3. Qualities of good automotive garage names.

What is actually a good business name? The below few things are the answer to this question.

Easy to pronounce.

A name will be easy to pronounce and spell if it will be short, simple, and clear. For example, Happy Auto Shop, Sparkle Automotive, etc.


If you want to stick your business name in the customer’s mind, come up with a unique name. Unique names are memorable and draw more customers’ attention.

It should not be limiting.

Avoid using a limiting and too specific name. For example, Auto Spare Parts is a good name for a startup but not for your future when you want to start other services like mechanic works, Tyre Alignment, and Car rental service.

So, the name you will choose should be future-proof.

Descriptive and catchy.

Another important thing is to make it descriptive. Choose a name that your target audiences will easily recognize your business and services. Use related words to describe your business.

4. Shortlist some good automotive business names.

Once your brainstorm a list of name ideas, then shortlist some favorite names by keeping the above steps in mind.

Getting feedback is a good idea to choose some good names.

5. Check the domain name.

Nowadays, almost every business owner wants to present a business online. Of course, you should also make your online presence.

You will need a matching domain name for this. So, check the domain name availability of your selected name. Check it on Domain.com.

6. Can you trademark your business name?

Before making a final decision, also check the trademark database. Business names can’t be registered twice, so it’s important to check it. Visit your state trademark office or check it online on USPTO.gov if you are an American firm.

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