800+ Arcade Business Names (Cool, Catchy and Funny)

If you are starting an arcade business, choosing an appropriate business name is important for your future success. The name you choose can go a long way in helping you create a great business.

In this blog post, we’ve suggested hundreds of cool and catchy arcade business names along with some useful tips for creating your own unique name.

So, without wasting time, let’s dive in to find an outstanding name for your arcade business!

Arcade Business Names

Here are some catchy and creative arcade business names that you can use right now to get started:

Cool Names for Arcades

Arcade Names Ideas

Arcade Game Names

Good Arcade Names

Funny Arcade Names

Arcade Name Generator

These are some more arcade names we’ve generated for your inspiration:

How to Choose a Good Name For Your Arcade Business

The name is important. It’s one of those things that you can’t really mess up when it comes to your business, and many businesses make the mistake of not choosing or thinking about names carefully enough.

A good name for your arcade business will help you get more customers, as well as keep them coming back for more.

But selecting an appropriate business name is not a simple task, so these are some useful tips for creating a good name for your arcade business:

1. Research

You don’t want to pick out a name just because it sounds cool, but you also don’t want to choose a name that someone else has already trademarked. Find a few names that sound the best with what your target demographic wants.

2. Pick something unique

Don’t go with “arcade business” or “arcade shop.” What sets your business apart? Make sure to create a brand identity around this unique thing. This includes your logo design. Be creative with this part of your branding, too!

3. Keep it short

Your business name should be easy to say, spell, and remember in order to attract new business. When people type your name into their search engines, they will see how to spell it and if there are any common misspellings.

If you have a long complicated name, people may just skip over your listing unless they know exactly how to find your business. Also, remember that a short and simple name works better than a longer name.

4. Don’t copy others’ ideas

If there’s another place that’s using the same name, find out why they chose to do that. Sometimes people choose that name because their current competitors did the same thing earlier. If you do decide to choose a name similar to theirs, make sure you own all rights to the name instead of copying their rights.

In other words, if you take their name then you’ll need to pay them for permission to continue calling your business by the new name. You always want to come up with your own solutions to problems.

5. Don’t choose a negative name

It’s tempting to pick something like “dirty arcades,” “video games only,” or “gambling arcades” just because you think it will fit your niche. But no matter how great a name sounds to us, most customers won’t care because they aren’t likely to visit such a location.

So choose something positive. Think about naming it after something that makes it fun. Maybe it could be called “Fun Zone,” “Party City,” or ‘Playtopia.” Or maybe a customer-friendly word might work well: “Amusement Park,” “Game World,” “Entertainment Center,” “Video Arena,” “Videopark,” or even “Disneyland.”

6. Do some brainstorming

If you’re stuck on what to call your arcade business, try doing some brainstorming with friends and family. Ask them what they would consider catchy names for you.

And write down everyone’s suggestions, including those that seem silly. Then later you can use the ones that seemed the best.


Whether you’re building an arcade online or offline, your choice of business name greatly influences sales. So don’t settle for anything less than a memorable name.

A good name doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be original or set yourself apart from others. Try these tips to get started!

We hope you liked this article and have chosen the perfect name for your arcade business. Thanks for reading and Good Luck!

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